Department of Commerce Announces Community Development Block Grants for 8 Montana Towns, Cities and Counties

December 6, 2017

Montana Department of Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote today announced $3.3 million in federal community development grants to assist eight local governments with projects to add or enhance important services for their communities.

Eight towns, cities and counties across the state will receive funds through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), a federally-funded program Commerce administers for Montana.

"Montana's vibrant communities are working hard to build stronger places for their residents to live and work," said Director Haxby-Cote. "It's exciting to see their plans produce tangible results across Montana, and it's a privilege for Commerce to be part of the process."

The CDBG program assists local governments with a range of community development initiatives such as affordable housing, job creation, public works, services for at-risk members of the community and plans for future growth.