What would net neutrality look like in rural America? Nationwide protests scheduled for 12/7

December 6, 2017

"If rural folks do not have net neutrality, it means that they will not be guaranteed that they can reach (an) audience, that they can reach customers if they're running a business from their home, and that they will have equal access to the news and information and things they need to survive and thrive," she explains.

Protests against the repeal of net neutrality are planned for Thursday in front of Verizon stores across the country. Pai is a former attorney for Verizon.

You can find local protests at http://www.verizonprotests.com.

The FCC also has proposed scaling back the Lifeline program, which provides phone and Internet service at a subsidized rate to low-income Americans. Gonzalez says this would hurt rural communities because many people in these communities use the program.