Governor Steve Bullock Reflect on the Recent Special Session of the Montana Legislature

November 16, 2017

Yesterday, legislators and I reached a reasonable and responsible compromise to balance our budget and pay for Montana's record fire season. While I'm disappointed we were not able to reach a full agreement, I would be remiss not to acknowledge all the progress we made to minimize the impacts of severe budget cuts on the most vulnerable among us.

Two months ago, Montana was facing $227 million in cuts to these essential state services. It is because of your hard work contacting legislators, sharing with them your story and ideas, and getting them to understand the impact these cuts would have on our state, that this compromise was successful and further cuts on our fellow Montanans were prevented. I thank you for all your efforts and engagement on this issue.

We've ensured most seniors will still be able to access the prescription drugs they need. We've assured most young kids with autism will continue to receive services helping them make developmental gains. We've prevented steep tuition increases. We've prevented many job losses. We've protected public safety and prevented strains on local sheriffs' offices. We've prevented financial duress on our rural hospitals.

These aren't just numbers on a balance sheet, these are real people. These are our friends, our families and our neighbors - our children, our grandchildren, our parents and grandparents. While we still have work to do, Montanans can be pleased.

I will continue to govern responsibly on behalf of all Montanans as we work together to keep this state moving forward.