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Regional Economic Development News

October 21, 2018

Job growth is found to be no cure for a community's poverty:

October 19, 2018

Governors from Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota talk in Billings about economic development:

October 15, 2018

LCCDC 2018 Annual Impact:

October 11, 2018

The Seven Deadly Sins of Economic Development:

October 9, 2018

Free Economic Development Webinars:

September 24, 2018

7 US cities that will pay you thousands to live there:

September 23, 2018

VCs await regulatory clarity on Opportunity Zones, the latest tactic to draw capital :

September 21, 2018

Making the Most of 'Opportunity Zones':

September 21, 2018

Aviation Way Commercial Center in Missoula will meet demand for short and long-term industrial, distribution and office space:

September 17, 2018

Everything About Tax Increment Financing - Community Voices: TIFs are a tool for revenue growth, not a raid on city revenues:

September 12, 2018

LCCDC's September E-Newsletter Back In Business:

September 9, 2018

How to Build a Stronger Economy:

September 6, 2018

Cities need to be more creative in building a tech-driven economy:

September 5, 2018

The Wit & Wisdom of an Economic Developer:

September 5, 2018

One-third of states consider creating incentives for investments in Opportunity Zones:

September 3, 2018

Branding Is The New Economic Development:

September 3, 2018

Building an economy that works for everyone:

August 30, 2018

Talent will determine the world's next tech investment hubs:

August 26, 2018

Better ways to measure the new economy:

August 17, 2018

Do you want to help businesses thrive in Polson, MT? LCCDC is hiring.:

August 11, 2018

My roadmap for the Pacific Northwest region's innovation economy :

August 11, 2018

8 ways cities can boost their startup ecosystems :

August 5, 2018

Rural America is ripe with potential, starving for capital:

August 3, 2018

LCCDC's August E-Newsletter Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer & Cherry Season! :

July 31, 2018

From albino squirrels to the world's largest mailbox: How Illinois' small towns make a name for themselves with offbeat attractions:

July 26, 2018

How 'cluster' initiatives can help cities become high-tech industry leaders:

July 24, 2018

The SBA is offering grants to build Regional Innovation Clusters. Your community, county or region should apply :

July 22, 2018

Foreign investment in the United States plunged 32% in 2017:

July 15, 2018

Seeding Rural Opportunity - Uplift America - Miles City, MT:

July 8, 2018

Networks, Clusters and Ecosystems: Taking Regions to the Next Level with Open Innovation :

July 8, 2018

How Can Cities Succeed in the 21st Century?:

July 6, 2018

Happy Independence Day from LCCDC-July E-Newsletter:

July 5, 2018

Partners For Rural America Annual Conference - 9/16-19 - Cedar City, Utah:

June 21, 2018

Cities are refocusing economic development efforts:

June 15, 2018

How to Develop A Connected, State-Wide Innovation Ecosystem:

June 9, 2018

Why Cities Can't Stop Poaching From One Another Even Though It Makes No Economic Sense:

June 8, 2018

Zoom into June with LCCDC:

June 7, 2018

US population disperses to suburbs, exurbs, rural areas, and "middle of the country" metros:

June 1, 2018

National Funders Say They Hope Rural Groups Apply for $10 Million Challenge:

June 1, 2018

Supporting Local Efforts to Create Great Jobs through Entrepreneurship: EDA Launches 2018 Regional Innovation Strategies Program Competition:

May 26, 2018

Technology has broken the barrier of geography that long shielded mountain towns from growth.:

May 23, 2018

"The Great American West." Montana, other western states change their branding for international markets:

May 14, 2018

Today's TED Talk - A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow:

May 9, 2018

New Revitalization Toolkit for Smaller Legacy Cities:

May 9, 2018

A not-so-quiet revolution in economic development :

May 8, 2018

Montana & Idaho CDC is now MoFi:

May 7, 2018

Where Talent Wants To Live:

April 29, 2018

New Scrutiny for the Federal 'Opportunity Zones' Program:

April 26, 2018

Politicians, Listen Up: Outdoor Rec Brings Big Money:

April 25, 2018

Rather than become the next Silicon Valley, cities need to be themselves:

April 18, 2018

New USDA Loan Program Helps Maine Nonprofit Invest in Community:

April 10, 2018

Local leadership is key for successful Opportunity Zones for Economic Development:

April 8, 2018

How 12 experts would end inequality if they ran America:

April 5, 2018

In small towns, a way to make remote work, work:

April 1, 2018

Dream Machine transforms abandoned retail space into the latest made-for-Instagram 'experience':

March 28, 2018

'Old becomes brand new': Opportunity zones might unlock rural America's economic potential:

March 22, 2018

Cities Don't Need More Jobs. They Need More Workers.:

March 18, 2018

"Examining the local value of economic development incentives":

March 14, 2018

National League of Cities Report Says Bridge the Urban-Rural Economic Divide to Create Local/State Economic Growth :

March 12, 2018

Where Small Town America Is Thriving:

March 7, 2018

Cities pitching diversity in efforts to lure businesses:

March 6, 2018

Panel: Affordable housing is critical to economic development:

February 24, 2018

Kansas City's struggle with the sharing economy is holding the tech community back:

February 23, 2018

Assessing your innovation district: A how-to guide:

February 22, 2018

Tax update: Many economic development grants are now taxable income:

February 19, 2018

Economic Development in Your Community - Keep Your Eye on the Prize:

February 16, 2018

Should we be measuring Scaleups instead of Startups?:

February 15, 2018

$65 Million for New Business Opportunities, Job Creation:

February 4, 2018

From Bozeman to Bend, how two cities are responding to growth:

February 1, 2018

100,000 Micro Industries Predicted for the Next 20 Years - Perfect for rural communities:

January 22, 2018

The toxic practice fueling the fierce competition over Amazon's second headquarters:

January 21, 2018

Economic Developers - Keep Your Eye on the Prize:

January 20, 2018

Cities Are Killing The Future Of Work (And The American Dream):

January 16, 2018

Formula for Rural Prosperity Is Deregulation, USDA Report Says:

January 15, 2018

The fastest growing (and shrinking) states: A closer look:

January 13, 2018

Venture Philanthropy: A People-Centered Approach to Economic Development:

January 11, 2018

SBA Announces Presidential Appointment of Jeremy Field as Regional Administrator for SBA Region X:

January 7, 2018

While One Big Sky Center plans develop in Billings, another convention center proposal is ready to strike:

December 4, 2017

Technology Is Driving Entrepreneurial Growth, And We're Not Just Talking About Silicon Valley:

December 1, 2017

Group calls investing in education 'best economic development package':

November 22, 2017

Economic Developers, are you helping your companies keep the Silver Knowledge of their Retiring Boomer Workforce?:

November 22, 2017

Blackfeet Community College secures funding for $7.5 million Health Science building:

November 20, 2017

New Maker Movement Report Helps Cities Unleash Local Creative Economy:

November 16, 2017

Recruiting Participants for National Project - "Home-based Businesses: Resources, Challenges, and Factors Influencing Success":

October 31, 2017

Should state have ownership in private companies?:

October 29, 2017

Forget Amazon. Seattle is ripe for poaching many smaller businesses:

October 24, 2017

Heartland startups finally strike back:

October 17, 2017

Infographic: Where in the West young people are moving:

October 12, 2017

Due diligence checklist for economic development incentives:

October 11, 2017

Tapping Rural America: Craft Breweries Pour New Life Into Small Towns:

October 11, 2017

Mushrooms, shopping and doctor home visits top Colorado's venture-capital deals in third quarter 2017:

October 7, 2017

Where are Millennials moving? The answer may surprise you:

October 5, 2017

The Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD):

October 5, 2017

Where is technology taking the economy?:

October 4, 2017

Advocacy Report Shows Rural Entrepreneurship Has Been Declining:

October 1, 2017

Huge Swaths Of America's Communities Are Economically Stagnant: How Can We Make Them Grow?:

September 30, 2017

Strategic use of data: Site selection & the "underemployed":

September 20, 2017

Venture-capital group sues over Trump administration's delay of foreign-entrepreneur rule :

September 13, 2017

"Hire. Buy. Live." Is 'Going Local' the Secret to Economic Development?:

September 12, 2017

Yes, It Can Be Done: A Philanthropist on Transforming Rural Communities Through the Arts:

September 11, 2017

Five Reasons Economic Developers Should Use Video on Their Websites:

September 6, 2017

This is one of the tools Pixar uses to make blockbusters, so it seems to work for communities as well::

August 29, 2017

How Professionals Choose Where To Live:

August 20, 2017

Talent: A Two-Part Series - Part I. The Currency of the 21st Century Economic Developer - Part II. Identifying, Implementing, & Funding Organizational Solutions:

August 20, 2017

Talent: A Two-Part Series - Part I. The Currency of the 21st Century Economic Developer - Part II. Identifying, Implementing, & Funding Organizational Solutions:

August 16, 2017

SBA Awards Grants to 21 State and Local Economic Development Entities, SBDCs, and Universities to Support R&D Commercialization and Small Business Innovation:

August 15, 2017

The top U.S. states best positioned for data-driven innovation:

August 11, 2017

Smaller American Cities Need to Focus on Private Sector Job Growth Downtown:

August 11, 2017

Building Strong Clusters for Strong Urban Economies: Insights for City Leaders from Four Case Studies in the U.S.:

August 1, 2017

How clusters can catalyze inner city prosperity: report and US case studies:

July 29, 2017

Redefining Economic Development Performance Indicators:

July 21, 2017

How a business improvement district helps:

July 6, 2017

Bioscience important for state growth:

July 5, 2017

Will The Third Industrial Revolution Create An Economic Boom That Saves The Planet?:

June 29, 2017

Trump election fuels tech momentum in Midwest - Global venture capitalist Paul Singh meets with Missoula startups on national tour:

June 26, 2017

Future Work: What, Where, and Why:

June 12, 2017

The Communities Winning the War for Skilled Talent :

June 2, 2017

Western states top new list of country's "most dynamic" :

May 19, 2017

5 Best Practices for Economic Developers:

May 16, 2017

The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing the Heartland:

May 11, 2017

Facing deindustrialization, smaller regions turn to innovation, workforce development:

May 11, 2017

Regional Innovation Strategies 2017 funding available:

May 10, 2017

Why the Rural West Matters:

May 8, 2017

Looking for Progress in America's Smaller Legacy Cities: A Report for Place-based Funders - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago :

May 6, 2017

In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family flogs $500,000 'investor visa' to wealthy Chinese:

May 5, 2017

Apple Announces $1 Billion Fund to Create U.S. Jobs in Manufacturing:

April 26, 2017

Tech Made Cities Too Expensive. Here's How to Fix It:

April 20, 2017

Why the Exurbs Are Poised to Take Off in the Coming Years:

April 18, 2017

Is It Time to Adopt a Less-Is-More Approach to Community Development Block Grants? :

April 17, 2017

Cuyahoga County, JumpStart's partnership to support entrepreneurs pays off:

April 1, 2017

Ready to Give the Presentation of Your Life? "ED TALKS" Nominations Are Now Open:

April 1, 2017

In Search of Rural Jobs, States Weigh Strategy With Checkered Past:

March 27, 2017

Watch Now! Creative Placemaking: Economic Development for the Next Generation:

March 24, 2017

Coal Is Losing. But Coal Country Doesn't Have to Lose, Too:

March 23, 2017

Wyoming, South Dakota budgets fund innovation initiatives:

March 22, 2017

'Hillbilly Elegy' author J.D. Vance's plan to bring Silicon Valley to middle America:

March 20, 2017

Eugene, Ore., Named 'Gigabit City' by Nonprofit Mozilla Foundation:

March 19, 2017

Creative Placemaking: Economic Development For The Next Generation, 3/23, Webinar :

February 17, 2017

Multi-state Conference Call With The Economic Deelopment Association, 2/22, Online:

February 2, 2017

Death Spiral Demographics: The Countries Shrinking The Fastest:

January 29, 2017

Midsize Cities Are Entrepreneurship's Real Test:

January 10, 2017

Program offers affordable loans for mobile home repairs :

January 5, 2017

What will happen to the economic development profession in 25 years?:

December 28, 2016

"Big Skies, Bold Partnerships: Moving Mountains Together" in Big Sky, MT. June 11-142017 CDS/NACDEP Joint Conference Call For: Pre-Conference and Ignite Sessions Due January 15th, 2017:

December 28, 2016

To Boost the Economy, Help Students First:

December 9, 2016

How some communities forge ahead: A case study in Wisconsin:

December 5, 2016

Brad Feld Joins the Kauffman Fellows Board:

December 5, 2016

How the Stars of 'Fixer Upper' Transformed a Town in Texas - Entrepreneurs across the country are shaping small cities. :

December 4, 2016

Nonprofit Montana & Idaho Community Development Corporation looking to fund projects:

December 4, 2016

Welcome to the Multimillion-Dollar Business of Selling U.S. Cities:

December 3, 2016

Dynamic Delta Leaders: Education Is the Key:

December 1, 2016

Carrier incentives stir debate over 'rewarding' offshoring:

November 20, 2016

Midwestern (and Western) community leaders need to think bigger.:

November 18, 2016

I'm not worried about Millennials taking over. Just the opposite. I'm excited about it. :

November 17, 2016

Center for Economic Development Newsletter - November 2016:

November 11, 2016

It's all about economic clusters - Understanding how some cities have transformed shows why focusing on the little things can help struggling places survive and thrive.:

November 11, 2016

These Midwest towns are starting to rival Silicon Valley:

October 28, 2016

Immigrants Fuel Innovation. Let's Not Waste Their Potential:

October 27, 2016

Growing Cities Starting to See Mixed-Use Development as a Solution:

October 26, 2016

The City as 'Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities': It's the People Thing:

October 24, 2016

Bank creates community innovation cafes:

October 21, 2016

The trap that causes states to give millions to corporations:

October 20, 2016

Announcing 5 Ingredients For Fostering A Thriving Startup Ecosystem':

October 13, 2016

Center for Economic Development Newsletter - October 2016:

October 8, 2016

Today we announce the release of our next book, Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, Volume 2.:

October 6, 2016

Mississippi's Longitudinal Analytics Project Drives Economic Development Policy:

September 20, 2016

Center for Economic Development Newsletter - September 2016:

September 4, 2016

A New Financing Tool for California: Enhanced Infrastructure Finance Districts:

August 25, 2016

The Manageable Challenge of Tax Incentives:

August 4, 2016

4 Ways to Attract New Workforce Online:

July 10, 2016

The $4.3 Billion That States and Localities Are Missing Out On:

June 23, 2016

A Practical Guide to Building the Maker City - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.:

June 23, 2016

Why economic initiatives should be focused on new entrepreneurs and small businesses.:

June 8, 2016

How to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing:

June 7, 2016

How Regions Can Create World Class Cluster Initiatives, 6/8, Webinar:

June 7, 2016

Sweetgrass Development seeking economic development input:

June 7, 2016

Steve Jenkins, President of the Fond du Lac County EDC in Wisconsin shares his economic development secrets. :

June 5, 2016

How Cities Attract Innovators, Entrepreneurs:

May 28, 2016

'Cops and Donuts' - These Cops Serve and Protect With Their Own Doughnut Shop:

May 24, 2016

8 Placemaking Principles for Innovation Districts:

May 22, 2016

Do economic developers have it wrong?:

May 9, 2016

The Next Economic Frontier: Cities - "agglomeration externality":

May 7, 2016

Fed To Host Forum On Rural Housing, Development, 5/10:

May 4, 2016

The Key to Making Economic Incentives Work for Austin is Transparency:

April 10, 2016

Explaining the purpose of economic growth:

March 30, 2016

The fourth industrial revolution:

March 26, 2016

Small but Powerful: Maximizing the Impact of Your Economic Development Website Through GIS:

March 13, 2016

Opportunity is Key Ingredient in Building Up a Local Economy:

March 11, 2016

Austin, Texas, Works on Prototype for Communities Competing in a Global Marketplace:

March 11, 2016

Brookings Institute: Times to Rethink Economic Development :

March 8, 2016

Economic Development: Do People or Places Come First? :

March 8, 2016

The perils of tax incentives for economic development :

March 5, 2016

Top Trends in State Economic Development:

March 3, 2016

'The Good Economy' - New E-Book Asks How the New Economy Could Evolve Over the Next 25 Years:

March 3, 2016

Remaking Economic Development - The markets and civics of continuous growth and prosperity :

February 27, 2016

Economic Diversification In Coal-Reliant Regions, 3/22, Webinar:

February 27, 2016

Want the Economy to Grow? It's Time to Look at Cities and Efficiency:

February 26, 2016

3 Trends of the Best Economic Development Websites:

February 24, 2016

Economic Development - Moving beyond job growth:

February 14, 2016

Education and Economic Growth:

February 9, 2016

Measuring Cities As They Race to the Top:

February 3, 2016

SBA Announces Cooperative Agreements Available for State Trade and Export Promotion:

February 3, 2016

Home-grown Entrepreneurs and Startups Create More Jobs than Tax Cuts Do:

January 8, 2016

Be Nice, It May Help Your City's Economy:

December 14, 2015

One county's sales pitch: Move here and we'll cut the cost of your student loans:

November 23, 2015

How Demographics Rule the Global Economy:

November 17, 2015

When Can Economic Advocacy Succeed in City Hall? :

November 17, 2015

Too Many Places Will Have too Few People:

November 17, 2015

Rural town aims to be "the place" for local food firms to attract millennials:

November 11, 2015

The 'Two-Body Problem' (also known as "trailing spouse") Challenges Small Town Workforces:

November 9, 2015

The A to Z of Tech Clusters:

November 9, 2015

What are American Cities Doing to Help Startups Grow?:

November 2, 2015

New Market Tax Credits help reinvent rural economies through access to capital.:

October 29, 2015

All Economic Development Can't Be About Promoting Tech Startups:

October 28, 2015

What Is a Circular Economy?:

October 24, 2015

Why Some BIDs Succeed Where Others Fail :

October 19, 2015

Regional Planning Essential to Local Community Success:

October 6, 2015

How advancing women's equality can add $12 trillion to global growth:

September 29, 2015

$1.65 Million Award Increases Affordable Housing Options for Low-Income People in Montana and Idaho:

September 13, 2015

Four Ways City Leaders Can Boost Entrepreneurship and Propel Economic Growth:

September 12, 2015

Missouri Career Opportunity - Vice President of Entrepreneurship - Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation:

September 4, 2015

The Growing Link Between Energy Efficiency and Economic Development:

August 24, 2015

Long Haul: The Crucial Link Between Freight and Economic Development:

August 12, 2015

SBA Fostering Pacific Northwest's Entrepreneurial Economy:

August 6, 2015

New Rule Will Require Local Governments to Account for Property Tax Breaks :

July 28, 2015

Big Aspirations Aren't Just for Big Cities Anymore:

July 28, 2015

Biden, Cuomo are hooked on photonics:

July 24, 2015

Small Business Program Suspends New Lending:

July 14, 2015

Tourism, trade issues on tap at regional conference in Big Sky, Montana:

July 14, 2015

Local Governments and the Challenge of Rapid Economic Change:

July 13, 2015

Great American Main Street Awards:

July 12, 2015

Retirees a growing economic force in the West:

July 8, 2015

25th Annual Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) Summit, July 12 - 16 In Big Sky, Montana:

July 7, 2015

SBA Announces $700 Thousand Grant Funding Opportunity for Small Native American Businesses for Innovative Projects to Help Small Disadvantaged Businesses:

July 3, 2015

Economic development marketing hacks you need to know:

June 15, 2015

USDA Seeks Applications for Grants to Provide Development Support to Rural Cooperatives:

June 14, 2015

Silicon Valley Then and Now: To Invent the Future, You Must Understand the Past:

June 9, 2015

Upcoming Technical Assistance Opportunity:

June 9, 2015

Regional Innovation Clusters Program - 2015 Solicitation Now Open:

June 7, 2015

Industry-focused Collaboratives:

June 5, 2015

Majority of U.S. States See Resurgence of Startup Activity in 2015, According to Annual Kauffman Foundation Report:

June 4, 2015

First Nation's challenges and economic development :

June 1, 2015

Economic development role models from other states - What is your state doing to compete?:

May 29, 2015

Underfunding of Research Offers States an Economic Opportunity:

May 28, 2015

Open Innovation: A New Strategy to Stimulate Regional Economic Development:

May 28, 2015

What's next in cloud-based analytics for regions:

May 28, 2015

USDA Seeks Applications to Expand Economic Development in Rural Communities:

May 20, 2015

USDA to Give Priority Funding for Regional Economic Development Projects:

May 14, 2015

Northwest Community Development Institute, 6/15-19, Boise, Idaho:

May 11, 2015

Massachusetts' New Economic Development Official Says Government Should Speak Up:

May 10, 2015

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Spring 2015:

May 7, 2015

Cities Chase Elusive 'Innovation Economy' :

May 6, 2015

Entrepreneurial ecosystems global summit, part 1!:

May 6, 2015

Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns:

May 5, 2015

Want to rebuild the economy? Stop obsessing over tech start-ups.:

April 29, 2015

How entrepreneurs can beat Silicon Valley:

April 14, 2015

How to Create a "Coachella" for Small Businesses:

April 4, 2015

Hello, Columbus: Cities Woo Millennials:

March 31, 2015

Increase available startup capital with an angel tax credit:

March 28, 2015

The Tricky Challenge of Measuring Entrepreneurship:

March 18, 2015

Utah's Secret Weapon for Long-Range Planning:

March 13, 2015

Free Webinar - "How Communities Can Position Themselves To Attract New Ventures Without Using Traditional Incentives", 3/31, :

February 20, 2015

Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership (IMCP) Program --Application Strategy Session--:

February 13, 2015

Vision Edina - Completion of a long term future visioning process in the City of Edina, Minnesota:

February 9, 2015

Creative Placemaking:

February 6, 2015

Where Advanced Industry Jobs Are and Why They're Crucial to Economic Growth:

February 4, 2015

Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy, a Study Finds:

February 3, 2015

Vying for Funding, Rural Counties Often Lose to Big Cities But Here's a Change - The America's Best Communities contest :

January 11, 2015

Oklahoma City's Plan to Attract and Retain Millennials :

January 10, 2015

Regional Growth and Development Strategies: Business Relocation and Recruitment:

January 9, 2015

Policies for Community Wealth Building :

December 20, 2014

SBA Launches 2015 Emerging Leaders Initiative:Entrepreneurship Training Initiative Sparks Increased Small Business:

December 16, 2014

What States Need to Do to Grow Their Advanced Industries:

December 13, 2014

Survey - How Do You Use Social Media?:

December 7, 2014

Austin's (and your community's) future economic success depends on more industry collaboration, expert says:

November 25, 2014

Jobs Boom in Cities Where People Obsessively Network:

November 19, 2014

How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality:

November 16, 2014

Labor reporting is the key to site selection :

November 15, 2014

Using Data to Improve Accountability in Economic Development Programs:

November 10, 2014

Creative-Class Counties and the Recovery:

November 10, 2014

Open Letter to a Car-Addicted City:

November 3, 2014

New Rule Could Require Governments to Report Tax Incentives as Lost Income:

October 25, 2014

Defining A City By Its Professional Skill Set with Data From LinkedIn:

October 20, 2014

State by state report on incentives given in the name of economic development. :

October 3, 2014

U.S. Cluster Mapping Tool Launched!:

October 2, 2014

Don't Judge the Economy by the Number of Start-Ups - It's all about Gazelles:

September 30, 2014

How Cities Can Transform into Hubs of Innovation:

September 23, 2014

Why innovation and start-ups are thriving in 'flyover country':

September 18, 2014

'Better Growth, Better Climate'--Guidance For Resource-Efficient Economic Development :

September 14, 2014

How much of our local food system is "local"?:

September 13, 2014

Cut! States Are Walking Back Film Tax Credits:

September 12, 2014

Are Deal Incentives Killing The Economic Development Profession?:

September 12, 2014

New grant program to support smart development around transit lines is open for business:

September 1, 2014

Focusing On Job Growth And Attraction Will Ruin Your Community:

August 28, 2014

What Cities Can Teach Marketers About Marketing:

August 10, 2014

Conference goal is to foster business opportunities on reservations:

August 5, 2014

Labor reporting is the key to site selection :

August 2, 2014

Creating Jobs in America's Cities: Three frontiers in economic development:

August 1, 2014

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Summer 2014:

July 28, 2014

White House to Begin $10 Billion Rural Investment Fund:

July 20, 2014

Do Cities Really Want Economic Development?:

July 12, 2014

Study: Job-Poaching Tax Incentives Do More Harm than Good :

July 2, 2014

Project seeking a location in the Pacific Northwest for a demonstration plant:

June 28, 2014

The Organic Entrepreneur Economy: The Entrepreneur and Community Infrastructures that Fix and Grow Economies...Immediately:

June 25, 2014

In Bid for Millennials, Cities and States Promote Cycling:

June 12, 2014

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Economic Development Funding To Create Jobs and Economic Opportunities in Rural Communities:

June 11, 2014

Cities Promote 'Innovation Districts' for Economic Development:

June 11, 2014

GIS data on website plays major role in Florida economic development success:

June 10, 2014

The Silver Bullet to a U.S. Manufacturing Revival :

May 30, 2014

Economic Incentives - State-by-State:

May 29, 2014

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Announces Designation of First 12 Manufacturing Communities Through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership Program:

May 29, 2014

Top Trends in State Economic Development:

May 27, 2014

Develop trails, develop local economy:

May 20, 2014

7 Reasons Community Development Financial Institutions Lack Investors :

May 14, 2014

SBA Launches Growth Accelerator Fund:

May 12, 2014

Tech companies, promising innovation, want cities to make way for change:

May 12, 2014

Why State Economic Development Strategies Should Be Metro-Centric:

May 8, 2014

The SBA, Office of Entrepreneurial Development, has a need for professional support of its Regional Innovation Clusters Program.:

May 8, 2014

States aspire at best to being a neutral influence on their own economy. But it's easy for them to screw things up.:

April 29, 2014

Can you help shape the future of economic development? You bet you can. :

April 22, 2014

USDA establishes $150 million rural business investment program:

April 18, 2014

Welcome to the newly redesigned U.S. Economic Development Cluster Mapping Website.:

April 16, 2014

The practice of economic development is changing! :

April 8, 2014

A Discussion Of USDA Rural Development Areas Of Focus, 4/10, Conference Call:

April 3, 2014

Leadership and the Challenge of Making a City Visible:

March 13, 2014

Economically Successful Cities Favor Space-Efficient Modes:

March 9, 2014

Bible for business-site selectors overlooks Northwest:

March 8, 2014

Small Business Development - Key to America's Cities Economic Future:

March 2, 2014

Today's TED Talk Annette Heuser: The 3 agencies with the power to make or break economies:

February 10, 2014

America's Future Cities: Where The Youth Population Is Booming:

January 31, 2014

Report on Factors that Boost Metro Startup and Growth Rates Dispels Myths, Emphasizes Importance of Education:

January 23, 2014

Bigger in Bend - Building a Regional Startup Cluster:

January 23, 2014

Fracking Jobs Come with Costs:

January 22, 2014

Why State Economic Development Strategies Should Be Metro-Centric:

January 21, 2014

Urban Road-Building Linked to Poor Statewide Economic Performance:

January 20, 2014

Cities Create Music, Cultural Festivals to Make Money:

January 16, 2014

Economic Developers - Master Your Elevator Pitch:

January 13, 2014

Corporate Entrepreneurs Are at the Heart of Downtown Revitalizations:

January 11, 2014

Tribal Government POWER Unleashed:

January 11, 2014

How Communities Can Make the Most of Their Anchor Institutions:

January 9, 2014

Can startups succeed outside Silicon Valley? - You should decide where to live your life, and then build your life around that.":

January 7, 2014

Luring Workers Back to Rural America:

January 6, 2014

Ranking the States on Policy Measures and Costs Impacting Small Business and Entrepreneurship:

January 2, 2014

Innovation Districts: The Next Big Urban Idea:

December 30, 2013

The world braces for retirement crisis:

December 25, 2013

Cities learning that parking not a necessary part of new development:

December 24, 2013

When Driving Wanes, Local Economies Gain:

December 22, 2013

Where Working-Age Americans Are Moving:

December 20, 2013

The state of economic development in America today is positively apoplectic.:

December 19, 2013

American Rural Newsletter - It's a Mystical, Magical Time:

December 17, 2013

Can public officials shape the "Maker Movement"? :

December 16, 2013

Walking the Walk: How Vo-Tech Ed Saved a Town:

December 13, 2013

The big picture: Western governors unveiling high-tech, satellite wildlife maps linking 16 states:

December 6, 2013

Reverse the curse: Maximizing the potential of resource-driven economies:

December 5, 2013

13 Ways to Kill Your Community - How is yours doing?:

December 5, 2013

How to build a successful economic "supercluster":

December 5, 2013

What Cities Can Do to Boost Entrepreneurship:

December 3, 2013

Economic development can only buy happiness up to a 'sweet spot' of $36,000 GDP per person:

November 26, 2013

How to Stop the Economic Development Wars:

November 26, 2013

Economic Development Incentives: A State Strikes Back:

November 21, 2013

Technology, Talent, and Tolerance - Is your community maximizing its creativity for economic success? :

November 20, 2013

Portland, Seattle go head-to-head in economic matchup (video):

November 12, 2013

Interview with expert Della Rucker who explains community ecosystems :

November 12, 2013

Cities Turn to Streetcars to Spur Economic Development:

November 6, 2013

States Offer Very Different Chances for Economic Advancement:

November 5, 2013

Cities, states and regions must ultimately map own routes to success :

October 31, 2013

New Report: Enterprising Cities - A Force for American Prosperity :

October 29, 2013

USDA Rural Development Accepting Applications!:

October 28, 2013

Rural Data Portal and the The Sustainable Communities Hot Report :

October 25, 2013

Three Economic Development Trends That Are Closer Than They Appear:

October 18, 2013

When Does Regional Collaboration Make Sense?:

October 13, 2013

Biobusiness innovation in a cluster:

September 26, 2013

The Difficulties of Entrepreneurship Without Rural Broadband:

September 20, 2013

The American Rural Newsletter:

September 16, 2013

Book Review: "The Fate of the States: The New Geography of American Prosperity" by Meredith Whitney:

September 13, 2013

Why Most Economic Development Efforts Fail:

September 5, 2013

Senator Tester, Senator Cantwell of Washington and Tribal Leaders Discuss Economic Challenges in Indian Country:

September 5, 2013

A Map Of America's Future: Where Growth Will Be Over The Next Decade:

September 4, 2013

The Emerging Geography of Inequality:

August 29, 2013

Only five people from west of the Mississippi River invited to the annual White House Economic Development Forum:

August 28, 2013

How To Grow A Venture Capital Ecosystem:

August 25, 2013

Want to Grow the Economy? Change Four Attitudes About Women Entrepreneurs:

August 21, 2013

Broadband's Economic Impact:

August 20, 2013

Top Trends in State Economic Development:

August 19, 2013

New Global Conference for Tech Startups "Startup Phenomenon" Lands in Unexpected U.S. City :

August 12, 2013

The top 10 best planning, design, and development websites:

August 11, 2013

How does the American Dream impact economic development in a community? Montana is #1 by the way...:

August 11, 2013

Research On Emotion In Site Selection:

August 11, 2013

"Innovation Districts" Boost Bottom Line for Cities:

July 26, 2013

Accelerate technology transfer to boost cluster development:

July 22, 2013

Leveraging Regional Assets - Insights from High-Growth Companies in Kansas City:

July 22, 2013

Starting Up the Startup Act:

July 19, 2013

State Sponsored Internship Programs to Build Relationships Between Employers, Students:

July 19, 2013

R&D Tax Credits in Many States Seek to Help Business Development, Innovation:

July 19, 2013

States Target Research, Commercialization for Economic Growth:

July 19, 2013

Pipeline Towns Hope for Tax Windfall:

July 16, 2013

recovery: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2020:

July 16, 2013

Reimagining Business Involvement - A new frontier for postsecondary education:

July 16, 2013

Economic Cluster Policy Begins to Work :

July 8, 2013

Community centers for start-ups create buzz:

June 26, 2013

U.S. Dept. of Defense Announces Federal Funding Opportunity for Community Economic Adjustment :

June 26, 2013

Study shows economic development value of historic preservation:

June 25, 2013

Do Economic Developers know what they are doing? :

June 24, 2013

HUD Hope VI Main Street Grants Notice of Funding Availability:

June 20, 2013

STEM-Based Economic Development Strategy :

June 20, 2013

How to measure the outcome of tech-oriented economic development :

June 19, 2013

How Regions Can Access Their Full Energy Potential:

June 18, 2013

Healthy sprinkling of greed can reap economic growth:

June 3, 2013

Economic Outlook for 50 States:

May 21, 2013

Sustainable Rural Downtowns Case Studies:

May 20, 2013

What's Missing from City Plans? Everything That Matters, Says Economist :

May 16, 2013

Crowdfunded Development Gets Boost from New Securities Laws:

May 16, 2013

Development Done Well Is a Community Affair:

May 13, 2013

Some Thoughts on the Economic Revitalization of Small Town Downtowns:

May 9, 2013

"Managing for Excellence- Outcome Based Performance for the Economic Development Organization" by Dr. David R. Kolzow:

May 9, 2013

Great examples of Technology-Based Economic Development (TBED) Programs - Do you have one?:

May 9, 2013

Obama Administration Launches Competition for Three New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes:

May 9, 2013

Win National Recognition for Your Efforts to Improve the Economy:

May 3, 2013

Warren Buffett says women are the future of the economy:

May 1, 2013

America's Small Business Crisis and What States Can Do About It - Is your state creating jobs and driving growth?:

May 1, 2013

America's Rural-Urban Divide is Growing:

April 23, 2013

Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity - Montana is #1:

April 20, 2013

Rural Advocates Claim President's Budget Skewers Rural Development:

April 19, 2013

What's Your Definition of Rural?:

April 18, 2013

Our Economic Engine is Human Capital:

April 4, 2013

Public Lands and Per Capita Income:

April 2, 2013

State Innovation Vital Signs 2013:

March 30, 2013

Dairies in California consider incentives to move out of state:

March 28, 2013

Science and tech economic development group will hold national convention in Portland :

March 22, 2013

Foreign citizens making big investments in U.S. in exchange for green cards:

March 22, 2013

Speak Your Piece: 'Rural' and Housing:

March 21, 2013

Jackson Hole, Wyoming may give electric car owners a place to charge their vehicles :

March 17, 2013

Regional Innovation Clusters Begin to Add Up :

March 15, 2013

'Rural sourcing' is bringing high-tech jobs to Midwest:

March 15, 2013

America's best small town comebacks:

March 8, 2013

Simplify Rural Definition:

March 8, 2013

You Won't Believe What City is Ranked Best for Business:

March 8, 2013

Chaining Bicycles to Economic Development:

February 28, 2013

How does your state rank for well-being?:

February 28, 2013

Rocky Mountain mayors urge working together to succeed in global economy :

February 28, 2013

Who Really Creates the Jobs?:

February 9, 2013

The State of the States - How is your doing?:

February 9, 2013

Oneida Nation Representative Recognizes Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer at USET Conference:

January 28, 2013

Report calls states' efforts to lure business a 'fraudulent shell game':

January 25, 2013

The Job Creation Shell Game: Ending the Wasteful Practice of Subsidizing Companies that Move Jobs From One State to Another:

January 25, 2013

10 Innovations Driving America's Cities and States Forward :

January 23, 2013

Can cash entice college students to stay after graduation?:

January 17, 2013

Internal Economic Development Marketing:

January 17, 2013

Techlandia - Bringing a Region Together for Mutual Economic Development:

January 16, 2013

"Rise of the Rest" - an emergence of entrepreneurial hubs in cities and regions:

January 15, 2013

Trends in Technology-Based Economic Development: Local, State and Federal Action in 2012 :

January 4, 2013

The 2012 State New Economy Index - How is your state doing?:

January 2, 2013

How is your county doing economically?:

January 2, 2013

Government has crucial role in economic development:

December 31, 2012

The federal government is considering new definitions for what would be a "frontier and remote area.":

December 31, 2012

Lure of Green Cards Brings Big Investments for Remote Resort in Vermont:

December 29, 2012

Looking for Investors? Try City Hall:

December 27, 2012

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region:

December 19, 2012

Are Municipal Branding Campaigns Worth the Price?:

December 14, 2012

Smart Specialisation and Precincts - ways of advancing your community:

December 14, 2012

Tax Breaks for Sale: Transferable Tax Credits Explained:

December 14, 2012

See Where Residents in Your State Are Moving To, From:

December 13, 2012

Move Your Startup to St. Louis, Get $50,000:

December 13, 2012

SBA and U.S. Labor Department Announce New Website To Help States Implement Self-Employment Assistance Programs :

December 13, 2012

How Boulder Grew Into a Hub for Start-Ups - Interview with Brad Feld:

December 12, 2012

2012 National Awards for Smart Growth Achievement:

December 12, 2012

CIOs Reveal First-Quarter Hiring Plans - Highest in Mountain States:

December 12, 2012

Community Health and the Competition for Jobs - Employers look for healthy employees:

December 11, 2012

Can Regional Cooperation Work in Economic Development?:

December 11, 2012

Community Economic Developent: Attracting Retailers and Keeping Them :

December 10, 2012

The 2012 State New Economy Index:

December 9, 2012

In relentless war to attract jobs, are we a nation and state of incentives gone wild?:

December 8, 2012

USDA chief: Rural America becoming less relevant:

December 6, 2012

Michael Shuman on-going local: creating self-reliant communities in the global age:

December 5, 2012

Are Municipal Branding Campaigns Worth the Price?:

December 5, 2012

How the Midwest Is Becoming an Entrepreneurial Hotspot :

December 4, 2012

Asset-Based Economic Development and Building Sustainable Rural Communities:

December 4, 2012

New York Times 3 Part Investigation - Do Economic Incentives Improve Economic Success in a Community? - As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price:

December 2, 2012

Global water crisis: too little, too much, or lack of a plan? - Gov. Schweitzer asks Obama not to release Fort Peck water:

November 30, 2012

Sonoran Institute - Community Builders Summit 2013, 1/30-31, Bozeman, Montana:

November 30, 2012

West Is Best: Protected Lands Promote Jobs and Higher Incomes:

November 27, 2012

Aerospace industry growth shows a promising future in flight :

November 20, 2012

Which States Are Most Innovative?:

November 20, 2012

Google's Internet Service Might Actually Bring the U.S. Up to Speed:

November 20, 2012

Executive Accelerator Training, 3/6-8/13, Monterey, CA:

November 15, 2012

Iowa Innovation Corporation Wins National Award for technology-based economic development excellence:

November 14, 2012

High-Speed Internet Spawns Prairie Startups:

November 9, 2012

MEP as an Agent of "Re-" defining, imagining and energizing regional economies.:

November 2, 2012

National Award for Improving Regional Economies Through Science, Technology and Innovation Presented to Six Organizations:

November 1, 2012

Broadband for Rural America: Economic Impacts and Economic Opportunities:

October 30, 2012

4 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Research Matters For Economic Development:

October 30, 2012

In Praise of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems..:

October 25, 2012

The Rise of the Great Plains: Regional Opportunity in the 21st Century:

October 12, 2012

Building Successful Economic Development Organizations:

October 10, 2012

Obama Administration Announces $20 Million in Grants to Support U.S. Manufacturing Clusters:

October 3, 2012

The best in the U.S. for entrepreneurship: Where does your state rank?:

October 2, 2012

Wise Towns Will Spur Young Entrepreneurs:

September 30, 2012

Kauffman Foundation refocuses after turmoil:

September 28, 2012

How Far Should Communities Go To Subsidize Companies?:

September 27, 2012

"Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City" is officially shipping.:

September 23, 2012

Duke professor has a plan to create jobs for everyone :

August 22, 2012

National Governors Association - 12 Actions for Growing State Economies:

August 16, 2012

The Connection Between Creativity and Entrepreneurship:

August 11, 2012

Brewing Economic Development:

August 8, 2012

Midwest cities get smart about economic development:

August 2, 2012

Trends in Western State Business Incentives:

August 2, 2012

White House Announces 12 Winners of Rural Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge:

July 23, 2012

USDA Announces Federal Resource Guide to Assist Rural Communities :

July 19, 2012

Student Debtors Find Much Forgiven in Move to Small Towns:

July 18, 2012

Report To The President On Capturing Domestic Competitive Advantage in Advanced Manufacturing:

July 16, 2012

Northwest Energy Angels Exceeds $1 Million Investment Milestone:

July 13, 2012

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a need for work that is considered to be Regional Innovation Cluster (RIC or "cluster") work. :

July 13, 2012

Where You'll Want to Live in 2032 :

July 12, 2012

How coal trains could choke Northwest's economic engines:

July 7, 2012

Protecting our Pathways to Prosperity - New report analyzes the Crown of the Continent's economic value:

July 3, 2012

What's to Become of Small Towns?:

July 3, 2012

How City Branding Can Go Wrong:

July 1, 2012

How place impacts entrepreneurship:

June 29, 2012

Creativity Is the New Economy:

June 18, 2012

USDA grants can help rural businesses create jobs:

June 14, 2012

Elk Grove Launches New GIS Website with Real Estate and Business Search :

June 14, 2012

U.S. cities offer to pay off student debts:

June 12, 2012

Northwest Economic Development Course, 8/20-24, Ellensburg, Washington:

June 12, 2012

An Older, Wiser SBA Makes New Run at Early-Stage VC:

June 7, 2012

Facebook's False Promise: STEM's Quieter Side Of Tech Offers More Upside For America :

June 4, 2012

Economic development requires creativity:

May 29, 2012

Conservatives for Ignorance:

May 29, 2012

$26 Million Multi-Agency Competition Launched to Strengthen Advanced Manufacturing Clusters Across the Nation:

May 24, 2012

Possible elimination of the American Community Survey and the Economic Census:

May 23, 2012

Conserving public lands helps rural counties thrive, study finds :

May 22, 2012

Small Cities Are Becoming New Engine Of Economic Growth:

May 15, 2012

New Engines of Economic Growth - Five Roles for Arts, Culture and Design:

May 14, 2012

1 in 3 autistic young adults lack jobs, education:

May 10, 2012

Millions of jobs will "reshore" back to U.S.:

May 9, 2012

Small Cities Are Becoming a New Engine Of Economic Growth:

May 4, 2012

Grant Announcement: Veterans' Workforce Investment Program DOL will award at least 10 grants in 10 states:

April 27, 2012

Boosting Grad Rates Could Mean Billions for States :

April 23, 2012

The Expensive Folly of Tax Incentives:

April 14, 2012

Evaluating State Tax Incentives for Jobs and Growth:

April 12, 2012

The Most Economically Innovative Small Communities In America:

April 12, 2012

Few states study impact of costly tax breaks:

April 12, 2012

Tech Hub Envy, or why you should stop trying to be Silicon Valley:

April 10, 2012

Western Rural Development Center - RuralConnections Monthly:

April 4, 2012

How to Make a Region Innovative:

April 4, 2012

States Race to Improve Broadband Speeds:

April 4, 2012

Why Regional Innovation Clusters Should Not be Demonized:

March 27, 2012

Growing Toward the Future: Building Capacity for Local Economic Development:

March 27, 2012

SBA Announces Second Round of Grants Under Export Promotion Program:

March 25, 2012

Tomorrow's job market, work force look too different:

March 25, 2012

USDA: Funding Available For Regional Economic Development Strategies:

March 19, 2012

States ramping up investment in start-ups:

March 17, 2012

President Obama to Announce New Efforts to Support Manufacturing Innovation, Encourage Insourcing:

March 14, 2012

Your Community as a Startup Ecosystem:

March 10, 2012

States Beginning to Say: "We Want Our Money Back":

March 9, 2012

In quest to create jobs, some states get creative:

March 8, 2012

Obama Administration Announces $15 Million Multi-Agency Challenge To Foster Job Creation and Business Innovation in Rural Communities Nationwide:

March 8, 2012

What Works in Economic Development: Innovation?:

February 23, 2012

Idaho National Laboratory Offers Streamlined Partnership Agreement to Help Industry Bring New Technologies to Market:

February 22, 2012

Rural Development: Three Views:

February 13, 2012

The Importance of Innovation Ecosystems :

February 10, 2012

Will a Liberated Workforce Still Need Cities?:

February 10, 2012

Governors' Actions Moving States Toward a Cleaner Energy Future:

February 9, 2012

JumpStart to Promote Entrepreneurship in 20 New Cities With $1 Million in Support From Knight Foundation:

January 31, 2012

TED Video: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception:

January 27, 2012

MIT sees promise in American manufacturing:

January 25, 2012

The U.S. Competitiveness Project at Harvard Business School:

January 25, 2012

S.B.A. Readying Program to Invest in Start-Ups:

January 19, 2012

Sunrise Initiative - A New Day for Global Trade and Development:

January 19, 2012

Angel groups can be counterproductive, says Atlas VC Fred Destin:

January 17, 2012

Six Steps for Inviting Alums and Young Families Home:

January 13, 2012

Keystone Pipeline Route Has Low Unemployment:

January 7, 2012

XL Pipeline's Unequal Treatment:

January 3, 2012

Real job creation lies in power plant upgrades, not Keystone XL pipeline:

December 27, 2011

Does Local Economic Development Work?:

December 23, 2011

Iowa startup registrations surge with national partnership:

December 22, 2011

Local Dollars, Local Sense How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity:

December 22, 2011

Rethinking College Towns:

December 20, 2011

States' incentives carry few strings:

December 18, 2011

In the game of tax breaks for companies to stay, states play at their risk :

December 16, 2011

An Evaluation of State Government Online Disclosure of Economic Development Subsidies:

December 16, 2011

Flyover Gets a Makeover: Small Cities in Middle America are Talking Big Game:

December 13, 2011

In scramble for new jobs, incentives play a key role - One Idaho business expert says state governments can do more.:

December 12, 2011

How startup failures drive economic success - The Startup America Partnership:

December 7, 2011

Western Governors Adopt Policies on Job Creation, Visa Reform and the Youth Conservation Corp:

December 7, 2011

Which States Are Growing More Competitive? :

December 6, 2011

Clustering Still Key for Industries:

November 29, 2011

Region turns to clusters as growth strategy:

November 28, 2011

How We Built Ord's Economy where non-farm jobs increased by 42 percent from 2000 to 2008:

November 28, 2011

The Geography of Stuck:

November 24, 2011


November 24, 2011

Economic Cluster Initiatives Around the World:

November 17, 2011

Innovation-Based Economic Development vs. State Budgets:

November 16, 2011

Cities (and States) Need Less "Recycled Income" To Thrive:

November 10, 2011

Six Organizations Win National Award from The The State Science and Technology Institute for Improving Regional Economies Through Science, Technology and Innovation:

November 9, 2011

SBA Helps Veterans Start, Grow and Expand Small Businesses - Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for Disabled Veterans Expands to Eighth School:

October 29, 2011

Native American entrepreneurs build a network of success :

October 28, 2011

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Economic Development Funding To Create Jobs in Rural Communities in 26 States Including Montana and North Dakota:

October 24, 2011

Colorado speeds up economic-development plan:

October 18, 2011

SBA's Growth Capital Program Sets New Records $2.59 Billion in Financing for Small Businesses in FY11:

October 13, 2011

Richard Florida on the Importance of Place:

October 13, 2011

Regional clusters can spark growth:

October 10, 2011

Washington State breaks ground on new medical school in Spokane:

October 6, 2011

Obama asks states to encourage entrepreneurs:

October 5, 2011

Gov. Gregoire to outdoor industry: recreation, tourism, volunteerism can boost West's economy:

October 4, 2011

The Pivotal Leaders Network - Building A Sustainable Economic Future :

October 4, 2011

Speak Your Piece: Misguided Times - Rural Economic Development Funding:

September 27, 2011

Polson and Red Lodge, Montana and Saratoga, Wyoming are Heart & Soul Award Finalist Towns:

September 23, 2011

Train the workers that are here instead of trying to recruit new business. "Linking Higher Education and Workforce Development"es:

September 22, 2011

New Obama Administration Initiative to Spur Job Creation and Accelerate Economic Growth in 20 Regions across the Country:

September 19, 2011

Coworking to Quick-Start Rural Innovation:

September 17, 2011

Economic development benefits from research:

September 14, 2011

SBA Announces Intermediary Lending Pilot Program For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses:

September 12, 2011

Investing in Early Childhood is Pro-Business:

September 12, 2011

States rethinking tax credits as job creation tool:

September 12, 2011

Global Talent Risk - Seven Responses:

September 8, 2011

SBA Advises White House On Promoting Entrepreneurship :

September 7, 2011

Thomas Friedman To United States: Innovate Or Else:

September 4, 2011

Growing companies and jobs through angel investment or venture capital:

September 2, 2011

In Higher Education, Success Follows Success:

August 30, 2011

The Role of Local Elected Officials in Economic Development - 10 Things You Should Know:

August 27, 2011

Clean energy future of Western states depends on conservation, renewables and smart grid, says report:

August 19, 2011

Economic development not a one-man job:

August 18, 2011

Commerce, USDA release online mapping tools - Measuring the impact of community development: A conversation with Paul Mattessich of Wilder Research:

August 16, 2011

SelectUSA: Facilitates U.S. Business Attraction and Retention:

August 14, 2011

Idaho and Montana among states trying to woo gun makers like Colt and Remington:

August 5, 2011

Sen. Max Baucus: Now is the Time to Pass Vets Jobs Bill:

July 20, 2011

Rural Connections Monthly July 2011:

July 14, 2011

Entrepreneurs Need Funding To Create Jobs: 3 Ways Washington Can Help:

July 13, 2011

Western Governors Accept Report on Strategies to Address Water Infrastructure Needs :

July 13, 2011

Disrupt Education. Save the World.:

July 12, 2011

Do economic development projects live up to the hype?:

July 10, 2011

Wyoming and Montana among states exploring jobs in 'green' technologies :

July 8, 2011

182 "Big Ideas" for Kansas City:

June 30, 2011

'Skills gap' leaves firms without worker pipeline:

June 29, 2011

The Future of Economic Development - "Collaborate to Innovate":

June 28, 2011

Finding a New Rural America:

June 27, 2011

Idaho Gov. Otter talks about Western Governors' goals:

June 21, 2011

Confronting the coming American worker shortage:

June 21, 2011

HUD Secretary Donovan Announces $67 Million in Grants Will Soon Be Available In Second Round of Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program:

June 21, 2011

Small Cities Feed the Knowledge Economy:

June 19, 2011

Northeast Ohio puts technology to work:

June 16, 2011

Strategies to attract &retain newcomers:

June 15, 2011

Execs stress education, training, tech transfer, immigration to Jobs Council:

June 14, 2011

America's Entrepreneurial Innovation Needs Help:

June 11, 2011

The new water wars? Study shows broad decline in Rockies snowpack.:

June 7, 2011

State-of-the-Art Measures in Economic Development:

June 7, 2011

If we want to remain a leading economy, we change on our own, or change will continue to be forced upon us.:

June 7, 2011

To Live or Die in Rural America:

June 7, 2011

Regions Hope Industry Clusters Will Attract Jobs:

June 3, 2011

The Times, the Election and Rural America Growth and Development:

June 2, 2011

Apply Now for SSTI's Excellence in TBED (technology-based economic development) Awards:

May 30, 2011

Why Johnny Can't Innovate: The American Economy's Most Surprising Deficit :

May 29, 2011

Homework Assignment: Why are people moving to your region?:

May 22, 2011

Apec's relevance:

May 22, 2011

As Indian companies grow in the U.S., outsourcing comes home:

May 21, 2011

Obama Administration Announces Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge to Promote Regional Growth and Competitiveness:

May 18, 2011

Economic Development in the 1099 Economy:

May 18, 2011

US seeks lead in crafting Asia trade vision at Montana APEC Conference:

May 15, 2011

Is creating a "college-going culture" the answer?:

May 15, 2011

States go all out with tax incentives, deals to hook firms:

May 13, 2011

Commerce's EDA Launches New Website to Accelerate Regional Innovation:

May 10, 2011

More From New West Festival Featured Speakers:

May 10, 2011

Aneesh Chopra, Obama's Chief Techie, on Building a Startup-Friendly Region and Why Now is the Best Time to be an Innovator in America:

May 5, 2011

Giving Downtown a New Look:

May 4, 2011

Survey: Site Selection Consultants Say Labor Costs and Incentives Most Important:

May 3, 2011

Rich States, Poor States - Alec-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index:

May 3, 2011

Site Selector from Missoula, Montana based GCS Research Stimulates Economic Growth:

April 29, 2011

Competitiveness of state and local business taxes on new investment Ranking states by tax burden on new investment:

April 28, 2011

EDA and Partners Commit $33M to Grow Regional Innovation Clusters:

April 26, 2011

Relocation Services an Important Part of Economic Development:

April 22, 2011

What Makes Nations Thrive? Creativity, Money, and Tolerance:

April 13, 2011

Small businesses look across borders to add markets:

April 13, 2011

Imagining an alternative to State-eat-State:

April 12, 2011

Call for Abstracts - Creating Vibrant Rural Economies through Place-Based Rural Development:

April 8, 2011

A Rupri Rural Policy Brief - Rethinking Federal Investments in Rural Transportation: Rural Considerations Regarding Reauthorization of the Surface Transportation Act:

April 7, 2011

When States Recruit Businessess From Other States - Businesses Stand to Gain Most in Rivalry of States:

April 6, 2011

How Peaceful Is Your State? - United States Peace Index:

April 6, 2011

What Can We Learn from National Innovation Metrics? France as a Case Study in Change :

April 5, 2011

Cockatoo No. 54: April 2011:

April 3, 2011

What AQT Solar tells us about economic development and the business of recruting companies to a community:

April 2, 2011

U.S. EDA Announces University Center Competition to Promote Regional Growth :

March 29, 2011

Education and the Economy: Boosting State and National Economies by Improving High School Graduation Rates:

March 28, 2011

The Future of Manufacturing is Local:

March 24, 2011

Commentary: A health care law for rural America:

March 23, 2011

Western Governors' Association Annual Meeting June 29 - July 1, 2011 in Coeur d'Alene :

March 16, 2011

Creating Rural Jobs in the Bioeconomy:

March 10, 2011

Map: The 12 States of America:

March 9, 2011

Rural Entrepreneurship Newsletter March 2011:

March 7, 2011

Career Pathways Innovation Workforce Development Fund Grant Resources:

March 7, 2011

Warnings of doctor shortage go unheeded :

March 5, 2011

Voters Living in the Rocky Mountain Region Want Stronger Economy, Environmental Protections - "Conscious Capitalism":

March 4, 2011

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Small Business Activities in Big Sky, Montana on May 13-20: Senator Baucus Requests Ideas for Summit Success From Everyone.:

March 4, 2011

Tom Brokaw and NBC Nightly News Highlights Brain-Drain of Skilled U.S. Immigrant Entrepreneurs Returning to Home Countries:

March 2, 2011

Alliance of Angels, With Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen, Get Some Airtime on "The Conversation", But Will It Spark the NW Economy? :

March 2, 2011

Governors call for large-scale forest restoration, realigning federal funding :

March 1, 2011

Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America:

February 27, 2011

Harvard's Michael Porter Addresses the National Governors Association - State Competitiveness: Creating an Economic Strategy in a Time of Austerity. Have You Read Your State's Business Plan?:

February 23, 2011

Proposal would benefit immigrant entrepreneurs - Plan would reward startup efforts with green cards:

February 22, 2011

Using Data to Improve Workforce Development Outcomes:

February 15, 2011

States Turn Toward Regional Strategies - Is your state implementing a regional economic development strategy?:

February 15, 2011

Immigration and High-Impact, High-Tech Entrepreneurship:

February 13, 2011

States' offers of tax breaks are no guarantee of jobs - Many factors go into businesses' location decision:

February 10, 2011

SBA Lending Initiatives for Underserved Communities Launch on Feb. 15:

February 9, 2011

Aroostook County Trails into the Future:

February 6, 2011

Being small shouldn't keep a business from exporting:

February 2, 2011

States Turn to Regional Economic Development Strategies:

February 2, 2011

Western Governors' Association -Drought Preparedness in the West: Findings and Recommendations:

February 1, 2011

SBA Announces Contracting Program For Women-Owned Small Businesses:

January 31, 2011

Rural Connections Monthly :

January 30, 2011

'Smart Growth' Replaced by 'Intelligent Cities':

January 29, 2011

Want more jobs? Unleash small businesses, venture capital and technology:

January 28, 2011

"Y'want Jobs? Small business? Then fund Education" - The Best Way to Promote Entrepreneurship Is Good Public Education:

January 26, 2011

Job Creation on a Budget: Regional Cluster Strategies:

January 24, 2011

States may outsource economic development - "Public-Private Power Grab: The Risks in Privatizing State Economic Development Agencies":

January 22, 2011

Clusters could raise the bar on jobs:

January 20, 2011

Economic development is mostly a 'grow your own' game:

January 20, 2011

Agglomeration Vs. Isolation for Science Based Economic Development:

January 14, 2011

Washington was 1st state to adopt such a lenient law for developers; now, sprawl dots the state :

January 13, 2011

'The Truth Behind The Jobless Recovery': Startups Can't Find Funding:

January 9, 2011

Fixing America:

January 8, 2011

Economists say higher education key to business development:

January 5, 2011

John Hart Appointed SBA Region VIII Advocate:

January 4, 2011

Business-style Planning -- A Key for Hard-pressed Metros:

December 31, 2010

The Poverty Of Ambition: Why The West Is Losing To China And India - The New World Order :

December 30, 2010

U. S. Economic Development Administration 2011 Funding Opportunities :

December 28, 2010

The Goal of Economic Development: To Create Hope, Wealth, and Choices Supporting Entrepreneurship:

December 27, 2010

West's most diverse economies weather recession best:

December 24, 2010

5 Ways Cities Are Using Social Media to Reverse Economic Downturn:

December 24, 2010

Report adds fuel to debate about state business recruitment incentive programs:

December 23, 2010

Education system helps attract doctors to St. Luke's:

December 23, 2010

Rural Innovation Fund Program - Category 1: Rural housing distress and community poverty in rural areas; and Category 2: Economic Development and Entrepreneurship for Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.:

December 17, 2010

Recruiting Companies to Relocate to a New State Aint What It Used to Be:

December 15, 2010

SBA Announces New Initiatives Aimed at Increasing Lending in Underserved Communities:

December 14, 2010

For Cities, It's Not Coolness That Matters - The issue is whether their economy is based on exports or imports.:

December 13, 2010

Michigan might struggle for years because its work force is ill-equipped to fill knowledge jobs. What are the statistics in your state? What are you doing about it?:

December 10, 2010

States to try outsourcing economic development:

December 10, 2010

Cities That Prosper, Cool or Not:

December 10, 2010

Study finds details lacking in economic development deals:

December 9, 2010

How to Bake an Economic Development Cake:

December 9, 2010

Education Wars: States Battle For Brains :

December 8, 2010

The 10 States Where Income And Quality Of Life Are Soaring :

December 8, 2010

Western Governors: Increasing Demands for Water Requires Greater Efficiency, Water Banking and New Infrastructure:

December 6, 2010

Creating Good Jobs in Our Communities - How Higher Wage Standards Affect Economic Development and Employment:

December 6, 2010

Is High-Speed Rail Becoming More Viable In The Intermountain West?:

December 2, 2010

Hottest Spots for the Entrepreneurial, Innovation Economy:

December 1, 2010

Key to American Indian Development: Self-Government:

December 1, 2010

When states poach each other's businesses, taxpayers lose :

November 22, 2010

Romancing the Smokestack: How Cities and States Pursue Prosperity :

November 21, 2010

A Better Formula for Economic Growth: Connecting Smart Risk Takers and Improving the Education System are Crucial:

November 18, 2010

Oklahoma City held as an example at creativity forum :

November 16, 2010

The Impact of Broadband Speed and Price on Small Business:

November 8, 2010

Increased funding for Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) Awards:

November 5, 2010

Economic Development Planners Often Not Aware of Child Care Gaps:

October 28, 2010

Investment partnership to assist Irish companies expand into US:

October 28, 2010

Triangulation: How Universities, Government, and Business Can Stir More Innovation:

October 27, 2010

Fast-changing economy: Collaborations essential to emerging "knowledge economy":

October 24, 2010

Hollywood special-effects wizard wants to create virtual studio in Denver:

October 18, 2010

Five Ways To Improve Your Community's Economic Development Exposure:

October 18, 2010

The B.A. Divide:

October 16, 2010

The New 'Cluster Moment": How Regional Innovation Clusters Can Foster the Next Economy:

October 13, 2010

"Nowhere" is Really "Somewhere":

October 6, 2010

Funding Opportunity under Rural Community Development Initiative:

October 6, 2010

Techlink Receives Excellence In Economic Development Award From The International Economic Development Council:

September 24, 2010

Neighbors: A Small Town's Best Investment:

September 24, 2010

Governor pushes for regional approach to economic development:

September 22, 2010

Congratulations to the 2010 Excellence in "Technology-based Economic Development" (TBED) Award Winners!:

September 22, 2010

Business Leaders for Michigan Partners with Universities to Push Innovation - Innovation and new ventures are key to recovery, experts say:

September 21, 2010

The New 'Cluster Moment': How Regional Innovation Clusters Can Foster the Next Economy.:

September 12, 2010

To Create Jobs, Nurture Start-Ups:

September 10, 2010

Economic boost in Western States awaits transmission upgrades:

September 9, 2010

The Economic Benefit of Density - Cities: Size Does Not Matter Much Anymore:

September 9, 2010

Michigan offers incubator competition:

September 7, 2010

Patent Backlog Frustrates Inventors New Products Could Jumpstart an Economic Recovery but U.S. Patent Office Hampered by Inability to Adjust Fees:

September 2, 2010

New Website Pulls Together Data Used To Monitor Health of Northwest Communities:

August 25, 2010

Wealth Creation in Rural Communities - A Project of the Ford Foundation:

August 25, 2010

Regional Clustering and Innovation Strengthens Exports, Report Finds :

August 22, 2010

Creating Smart Cities and Replicating Silicon Valley:

August 20, 2010

2010 State Economic Development Rankings:

August 17, 2010

Gov. Otter, Western Governors' Association Chairman, Working to Unite the West:

August 12, 2010

Local chambers to aid international business growth:

August 12, 2010

Cape Coral, Fla., Saves Money With Online Database for Commercial Properties:

August 10, 2010

Learning from other states about economic growth - as others learn from Wisconsin:

July 29, 2010

A Sharper Focus On Technical Workers - How to Educate and Train for the Global Economy:

July 27, 2010

Utah Needs 168,863 New Jobs Over the Next Decade:

July 26, 2010

Third Coast Cities Should Step Up Exports To Drive Economic Recovery:

July 22, 2010

Pat Williams: Time for the private sector to step up:

July 21, 2010

Idaho ranks among the worst states for job markets in Gallup index:

July 21, 2010

Close tax havens, open up small-business lending?:

July 20, 2010

Civic Tourism, and the Importance of Place:

July 19, 2010

Idaho seeks to boost tech business by learning from the Utah Tech Council:

July 14, 2010

What Makes an Effective Regional Economic Development Leader?:

July 7, 2010

Job Growth in U.S. Driven Entirely by Startups, According to Kauffman Foundation Study:

July 6, 2010

ESRI to Offer Free Location Data App:

July 2, 2010

Intel's Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs:

June 29, 2010

Fueling Local Economies: Research, Innovation and Jobs:

June 27, 2010

Civic Tourism, and the Importance of Place:

June 24, 2010

Nevada Governor Forms Task Force to Develop Plans to Diversify Economy:

June 23, 2010

Nashville mayor: Education is key to attracting tech jobs:

June 19, 2010

From the Snake River to Europe : Boatbuilders seek export markets - Snake River Boat Builders’ Export Program 2010:

June 13, 2010

Lack of venture capital stymies Colorado bioscience startups:

June 12, 2010

Spokane medical school impact detailed: Leaders urged to rally for project:

June 9, 2010

Getting Prepared: Economic Development in a Transforming Energy Economy:

June 8, 2010

20 Grassroots & Groundwork Conference Sessions Available Online:

June 7, 2010

Rural Businesses Grow Faster Together - The Power of Clusters:

June 7, 2010

The Value of Movie Tax Incentives:

June 4, 2010

Officials: Businesses not sold on Nevada - losing companies to "giveaway" states:

June 4, 2010

Deadline is less than a month away for Zion Bank’s grants for women:

June 3, 2010

Higher education is an economic development engine:

May 25, 2010

A Plan for Rural's Future Takes Shape:

May 24, 2010

Ohio's economic development plan "The Ohio Third Frontier" is a model for other states.:

May 23, 2010

It's the Jobs, Stupid: Infrastructure Matters :

May 18, 2010

Community Economic Development Projects:

May 18, 2010

Maximizing the Potential of Older Adults: Benefits to State Economies and Individual Well-Being:

May 17, 2010

The Silicon Lining - California’s innovative high-tech firms keep creating wealth, but will bad state policies drive them out? Are they considering your state?:

May 14, 2010

Rocky Mountain High-Tech:

May 14, 2010

Rich States, Poor States ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index:

May 14, 2010

How Microsoft (and Startups) Can Make Money in Health IT, Personalized Medicine Is a “Crock,” and Other Highlights from the Xconomy Forum:

May 11, 2010

Enterprising States Creating Jobs, Economic Development and Prosperity in Challenging Times:

May 3, 2010

Growing America: Demographics and Destiny :

April 30, 2010

Government efforts to lure firms called ineffective :

April 30, 2010

USDA offers Rural Business Opportunity Grants :

April 28, 2010

Strengthening The Rural Economy:

April 23, 2010

The United Regions of America - States and Cities Need To Collaborate Instead of Competing Against Each Other To Meet Global Challenges:

April 21, 2010

Why businesses relocate in Utah instead of Idaho:

April 14, 2010

Past Silos and Smokestacks: A Rural Development Proposal:

April 13, 2010

"Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future" and "Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Two Years Later":

April 11, 2010

The Heartland Will Play a Huge Role in America's Future:

April 9, 2010

There Is Such A Thing As Rural Development:

April 7, 2010

Innovation touted as a way out of recession:

April 5, 2010

Montana Association of Community Development Extension Professionals: April 2010 E-Newsletter:

April 3, 2010

Start-Ups, Not Bailouts:

April 2, 2010

Can Green Technology Propel Economic Development?:

March 25, 2010

Rebuilding Rural Communities Through Innovation In Education, Economic And Work Force Development, 5/4-6, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho:

March 23, 2010

What States and Cities are Doing to Help Small Businesses:

March 17, 2010

Mountain West output, jobs trail nation in economic recovery:

March 12, 2010

Pivotal Investments launches Pacific Northwestern networking program for clean-tech industry leaders:

March 8, 2010

Broadband Can Close the Education Loop for Rural Communities:

March 5, 2010

"The Power of Place 2.0: The Power of Innovation—10 Steps for Creating Jobs, Improving Technology Commercialization, and Building Communities of Innovation":

March 4, 2010

What States and Cities Are Doing to Help Small Businesses:

March 4, 2010

What Idaho has, Washington wants :

March 3, 2010

Changing Capital Markets and Their Implications for Community Development Finance:

February 23, 2010

Pivotal Investments Seeks to Build Northwest Regional Network of Future Cleantech Leaders:

February 19, 2010

Economic revitalization starts on the community level.:

February 16, 2010

Five RURAL-based Toolkits:

February 16, 2010

Medical Device Entrepreneurs Converge on Wings, a New Angel Investing Network:

February 14, 2010

Start-ups are key to new jobs:

February 12, 2010

New Directions for the Prairie Economy: Connecting Conservation and Rural Development in the Northern Great Plains:

February 11, 2010

Utah Schools Must Produce More Job -and College- Ready Graduates :

February 11, 2010

Wise Advantage - Now, There is an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself, affordable GIS tool for small business:

February 11, 2010

Creating jobs from bottom up - Align regional players to stimulate jobs:

February 6, 2010

Commerce Secretary pledges to help states seek export markets:

February 4, 2010

VIDEO: Education is Essential to Economic Strength:

February 2, 2010

NREDA 2010 Conference – Portland, A Kind Of Paradise "Sustainable Development In Rural America", 7/11-13, Portland, OR:

January 30, 2010

Williston participates in workforce study North Dakota Commerce Department looks at state workforce:

January 30, 2010

Pres. Vailas: "Idaho State University is in the knowledge business":

January 27, 2010

What Happens When the Economy Eats the Planet?:

January 25, 2010

More Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs through Entrepreneurship and Education:

January 23, 2010

Conservation Easements on the Rise:

January 22, 2010

U.S. Venture Partners Co-Hosting Agriculture 2.0 Conference, 3/24, Palo Alto, CA:

January 20, 2010

EDA Offers $37 Million for Trade Adjusted Communities:

January 19, 2010

Broadband Helps Create Jobs, Not Higher Wages:

January 16, 2010

Movie Production Incentives: Blockbuster Support for Lackluster Policy:

January 11, 2010

Governor Proposes Expanded Ties between the University and Govt. Research Laboratory:

January 11, 2010

Study sees little return on research tax credits:

January 7, 2010

Do Top-Ranked Cities Really Measure Up?:

January 6, 2010

Heartland Center for Leadership Development - Joint Webinar Series - "Strategies for Community Prosperity.":

January 6, 2010

Arizona Governor Brewer pushes for nuclear as key part of energy goals:

January 6, 2010

The Brain Drain - Family Can Keep Young Graduates Closer to Home:

December 26, 2009

Water Planning After the Age of Infrastructure:

December 21, 2009

Rural Collaborative Investment Program - Cluster Development in Rural America:

December 21, 2009

Mountain West Trade Mission to Mexico – Feb 22-25:

December 18, 2009

Coordination Critical to Meeting West's Future Electricity Needs :

December 18, 2009

DOE awards WGA $12 million to assist states examine best options for new transmission :

December 18, 2009

State tax credits uses debated:

December 17, 2009

Western Governors, Obama Administration Discuss Strategies, Resources for Climate Adaptation:

December 17, 2009

Western Governors push for long-term transmission planning, infrastructure for electric vehicles:

December 9, 2009

An Innovation Agenda:

December 7, 2009

Western Governors' Chairman, Gov. Brian Schweitzer To Demonstrate Montana's Decision Support System For Wildlife Tracking and Mapping at Winter Meeting:

December 7, 2009

Timber law becomes vast entitlement:

December 5, 2009

Growing Today's Green Jobs Requires Solid Economic Development Policy:

December 4, 2009

Prospects for a Rural Recovery:

December 4, 2009

Rural Entrepreneurship Newsletter:

December 3, 2009

Home / News / Montana & Regional ‘Indian Oprah’ says economic development key to creating better future on reservations:

November 20, 2009

Proof that Industrial Incentives are Poor Bet:

November 19, 2009

Small Cities Struggle Through Recession:

November 18, 2009

Dealing with Broadband's Rural Downside:

November 16, 2009

Think small and region can grow big:

November 15, 2009

Boise State, University of Idaho work together, despite the rivalry:

November 4, 2009

Getting Real About “Green” Jobs:

November 3, 2009

Rural Amenities:

October 29, 2009

Are States Outdated? - Toward an Ethic of Place: Experiments in Regional Governance - The Crown of the Continent :

October 29, 2009

'As states, we compete,' Wyoming Governor Freudenthal says:

October 27, 2009

National Award for Excellence in Tech-Based Economic Development (TBED) Presented to Six Organizations:

October 27, 2009

Western lawmakers focus on regional collaboration:

October 27, 2009

On March 16-17, 2010, the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA) will present Life Science Innovation Northwest 2010 (formerly “Invest Northwest”).:

October 26, 2009

Stay or Go? The Quandary for Rural Youth:

October 20, 2009

Stimulate Yourself!:

October 19, 2009

Giving Rural America a Competitive Edge:

October 18, 2009

North Idaho College struggling to train enough students for 'middle-skill' positions:

October 17, 2009

Worker shortage looming:

October 15, 2009

Economic Development or Poaching Business? :

October 14, 2009

Speak Your Piece: Rural Economies Must Change or Die:

October 13, 2009

Oklahoma Regents Implement Making Place Matter Project:

October 13, 2009

Empowering Rural America - A New Model Emerges:

October 13, 2009

The Rural Brain Drain:

October 7, 2009

Can Silicon Valley Attract the Right Workforce for its Next Turnaround? :

October 7, 2009

Recruit Rock Star Scientists To Make Seattle Thrive as an Innovation Hub:

October 6, 2009

Green Economies State-by-State:

October 6, 2009

Economic Competitiveness Teams in Louisiana:

October 6, 2009

Boomers Get Rural:

October 5, 2009

Breakthrough Inventions and Migrating Clusters of Innovation:

October 5, 2009

Rocky Mountain Companies Q3 Venture Capital Totals Around $340M - Pacific Northwest Venture Totals Around $270M:

September 30, 2009

Business Location Intelligence For Free:

September 30, 2009

Reshaping The Public Education System :

September 25, 2009

An Inside Look at the Decline of America's Rural Communities. The Rural Brain Drain:

September 24, 2009

Montana, Wyoming wind power sought for $3B lines - TransCanada:

September 24, 2009

If rural and urban areas don't work together, they might not work at all.:

September 24, 2009

Country-bound boomers may enhance rural economy:

September 22, 2009

Generating Local Wealth, Opportunity, and Sustainability through Rural Clusters:

September 22, 2009

Homegrown Responses to Economic Uncertainty in Rural America:

September 22, 2009

Creating Communities To Grow Old In:

September 22, 2009

Filmmaking incentives losing glamour in cash-strapped states:

September 20, 2009

Tax-Friendly Places for Retirement:

September 17, 2009

In Search Of America's Best Manufacturing Locations:

September 16, 2009

Rural America At A Glance:

September 9, 2009

Join the Discussion! 4th Annual Real Estate and Development in the Northern Rockies October 12 & 13, 2009 Missoula, Montana:

September 1, 2009

The Flipside of Brain Drain - McCook, Nebraska Gives Brain Drain New Meaning:

August 31, 2009

High Cost of Living Leaves Some States Uncompetitive :

August 27, 2009

Wanted: A Few Big Broadband Customers:

August 24, 2009

States Turn to Colleges to Help Reinvent Economies and Retrain Workers:

August 13, 2009

The Workforce And Economic Development Conference, 10/27-29, Spokane, WA:

August 13, 2009

Montana summit aims to help economic growth on reservations - "Making It Work in Indian Country" :

August 12, 2009

Tapping Youth and Older Workers to Maintain a Competitive Workforce:

August 11, 2009

Dan Hannaher named SBA regional director - Esther H. Vassar Named SBA’s National Ombudsman:

August 11, 2009

Extended Interview: Water use in Western states - Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Montana Senatirs Max Baucus and Jon Tester.:

August 9, 2009

SBA Chief: I Know 'What It Will Take':

August 7, 2009

You're Not From Around This Watershed, Are You?:

August 4, 2009

SBA Newsline Eight August 2009:

August 2, 2009

Oregon Angel Fund closes largest round ever:

July 30, 2009

New bill aims to link students with job skills - "The Providing Innovation to 21st Century Careers Act":

July 22, 2009

Treasury prepares to launch SBA bailout plan:

July 22, 2009

The Rich Home on the Range:

July 16, 2009

What's the big idea? - The West is once again the new frontier for innovation:

July 16, 2009

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Summer 2009:

July 16, 2009

Warnings: Stimulus money could swamp agencies:

July 15, 2009

Community colleges central to Obama's plan for U.S. jobs:

July 15, 2009

The Great Plains Since 1950:

July 10, 2009

Energy, water, species to highlight regional summit in Boise, Idaho:

July 7, 2009

New ideas for rural tourism:

June 22, 2009

BioFuels, Energy Research, Nukes to Propel Rural Economy:

June 18, 2009

Broadband Is Key to Economic Development - It's all about the children - Comments requested on Montana's future.:

June 18, 2009

Idaho businesses contribute over $100K for Pacific NorthWest Economic Region Conference, 7/12-16 in Boise:

June 16, 2009

Montana Governor Schweitzer takes chair of Western Governors’ Association:

June 16, 2009

Governors Schweitzer, Otter elected to lead WGA, energy and climate change high priorities:

June 15, 2009

Western governors focus on water woes:

June 14, 2009

Water, energy, climate top Western Governors' Association agenda:

June 13, 2009

Southern States Poach Businesses Amid Downturn :

May 31, 2009

Economic Gardening International Conference - June 17 - 19 in South Dakota:

May 24, 2009

Economic Development Officials look to Fairfield, Iowa for Inspiration:

May 23, 2009

Small Town Sustainability: Economic, Social, and Environmental Innovation:

May 21, 2009

Western Governors’ Association – 2009 Annual Meeting (June 14-16 in Park City, Utah) Early Registration Deadline is Friday, May 22:

May 17, 2009

'Youth Magnet' Cities Hit Midlife Crisis:

May 14, 2009

How Can Cities Create a Green Economy?:

May 14, 2009


May 13, 2009

Can small towns be cool?:

May 11, 2009

As data centers suck up energy, money, tech industry looks to turn down the heat:

May 7, 2009

New Report Shows Path to Economic Recovery for States:

May 6, 2009

SSTI Accepting Applications for Excellence in TBED Awards:

April 27, 2009

Broadband and Tech - Growth and Development - Does it Take More than Broadband? Well, Duh...:

April 23, 2009

States Need to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

April 23, 2009

The Disproportionate Costs of Resort Developments:

April 23, 2009

Creating a National Innovation Framework:

April 22, 2009

Small Town Sustainability: Prospects for Collaboration in a Global Age:

April 21, 2009

American Association of Community Colleges, Sustaining Partnerships for Regional Economic Growth:

April 21, 2009

Speakers tout Native economic strength:

April 20, 2009

Detroit's Bizdom U course builds entrepreneurs:

April 20, 2009

Energy Efficiency and Conservation block grants funds available to states and cities:

April 15, 2009

Canada's Cities Need More Creativity, Says Richard Florida:

April 9, 2009

What's 'broadband'? Billions in stimulus funds (especially in rural states) are at stake. Dream Big, Feds, Very Big!:

April 5, 2009

Inland NW Mentoring connects experience with the thirst for guidance.:

March 31, 2009

High Road or Low Road? Job Quality in the New Green Economy:

March 31, 2009

Group to study new travel network around Yellowstone National Park:

March 27, 2009

Tribes Build Portal to Tap Stimulus Funds:

March 27, 2009

Recovery effort should focus on entrepreneurs:

March 26, 2009

Municipal Broadband Efforts Succeed Despite Wi-Fi Meltdown:

March 25, 2009

Rich States, Poor States ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index:

March 24, 2009

Small Towns - BIG IDEAS - Case Studies in Small Town Community Economic Development:

March 24, 2009

10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now:

March 20, 2009

Wind Energy...and More?:

March 18, 2009

A Zooming Market - Want to make quick comparisons of potential office sites? Free help is available on the Web.

March 18, 2009

Local Economies Seek Own Revival:

March 13, 2009

USDA Announces Opening of Rural Business Opportunity Grant Program:

March 12, 2009

Alliance of Angels Invests $6.4 Million in 36 Pacific Northwest Based Companies in 2008:

March 11, 2009

Self-Employment Q & A: Cultivating Social Capital:

March 10, 2009

$150 Million Federal Funding Opportunity Available for EDA's American Recovery Program:

March 5, 2009

Taking a page from Washington, cities craft their own stimulus:

March 4, 2009

For Indian tribes, economic needs collide with tradition:

March 3, 2009

Workforce Development Essential to Obama's Health Care IT Initiative:

March 3, 2009

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Spring 2009:

February 28, 2009

Western Renewable Energy Zones:

February 28, 2009

Rural and Urban Have a Shared Fate:

February 27, 2009

Energy company looks for biomass locations in Idaho or Washington state:

February 25, 2009

How will we fit 15 more Seattles here?:

February 25, 2009

Two Inland Northwest Technology Companies Tap Sirti Technology Growth Fund for Market Acceleration:

February 24, 2009

Launch of New Health Workforce Information Center :

February 23, 2009

“Start-ups, not bailouts: nurture the next Google, don’t nurse the old G.M.’s.”:

February 23, 2009

Governors Discuss Strategies for Strengthening America's Infrastructure:

February 22, 2009

Little-known program offers loans to rural home buyers - USDA Rural Development:

February 20, 2009

Agreement between Energy Northwest and Adage could bring biomass plants to Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho:

February 18, 2009

Can America’s West stay wild?:

February 14, 2009

Richard Florida - How the Crash Will Reshape America:

February 14, 2009

States Recruit Worried Californians:

February 13, 2009

SBA Ill-Equipped to Handle Obama Stimulus Funds:

February 13, 2009

Stimulus Deal A Bonanza For Tech Industry:

February 12, 2009

New state climate report indicates coming decades will be challenging:

February 11, 2009

Watch That Stimulus:

February 8, 2009

The Western Governors' Association and U.S. Department of Energy launch the Western Renewable Energy Zones Project (WREZ):

February 7, 2009

Will broadband money stimulate?:

February 6, 2009

The Rural Broadband Challenge: Use It - E-commerce successes in rural Montana:

February 5, 2009

City or County government - The 3 C's of success - Collaboration, Cooperation and Consolidation:

February 4, 2009

Billion-Dollar Decisions Depend on Rural Broadband:

February 4, 2009

Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities:

February 3, 2009

Billions pegged to expand broadband Internet service to rural and underserved areas. (How will your company participate?):

February 2, 2009

More States Considering Tax Breaks to Woo Jobs :

February 1, 2009

World Economic Forum: Invest in girls to combat poverty:

January 30, 2009

Education chief: Schools crucial to recovery:

January 29, 2009

Innovation ‘will be the path to revive our economy’:

January 28, 2009

National parks - Perfect place for stimulus spending:

January 28, 2009

"In Your Own Backyard: How National Institute of Health (NIH) Funding Helps Your State's Economy":

January 26, 2009

Why Venture (and Angel) Capital is Key to Our Economic Recovery. It's especially important to Montana!:

January 26, 2009

Western Governors sense chance for electric grid work in stimulus package:

January 26, 2009

Technology Gets a Piece of Stimulus Package:

January 23, 2009

The Perils of 'Shovel-Ready' Projects:

January 22, 2009

Montana Senator Jon Tester: "We need more jobs, not more bailouts":

January 19, 2009

Thin the Forests, Swell the Rural Economy - Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition :

January 16, 2009

House Stimulus Proposal Contains Dollars for Rural Programs - Including $6 billion to expand broadband internet access:

January 16, 2009

New Highways 'A Catastrophic Choice':

January 14, 2009

The Future of Urban and Rural America are Linked:

January 13, 2009

Will 'Stimulus' Starve Small Towns?:

January 12, 2009

The Digital Road to Recovery: A Stimulus Plan to Create Jobs, Boost Productivity and Revitalize America:

January 10, 2009

Robots, Not RoadsThe Obama stimulus package should be spent on transformative investments, not bridges and buildings.:

January 10, 2009

A Broadband Stimulus Plan:

January 9, 2009

Broadband's a Start. But What's For Rural America in Stimulus Plans? Boosting the middle class must include rural America:

January 9, 2009

Do Film Incentive Programs Work?:

January 6, 2009

Yellowstone-Teton Region’s Prosperity Will Require Cross-Boundary Collaboration. Yellowstone Business Partnership:

January 3, 2009

USFS has $100 million in projects ready to go:

December 31, 2008

Infrasystems Build 21st Century Economies:

December 31, 2008

Stimulate Manufacturing and Production, Not Consumption and Consumerism:

December 31, 2008

Banking on the Wind in States that Produce Fossil Fuels:

December 30, 2008

Time for a 'Conservation Conversation':

December 26, 2008

The Novel That Predicted Portland - Revisiting the Future of Ecotopia:

December 26, 2008

Time to Reboot America -- "Ctrl-alt-del" :

December 24, 2008

Northern Colorado coalition pitches Angel tax credits with a work force initiative :

December 24, 2008

MTA Commentary--Broadband comparisons and economic stimulus:

December 24, 2008

Want green jobs? Watch California.:

December 20, 2008

Farm-to-Table Co-op seeks investors in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota:

December 18, 2008

IT Jobs Will Be Hot With Obama In The White House:

December 17, 2008

Investing in the Invisible Infrastructure:

December 17, 2008

Speak Your Piece: What's With This Dismissal of Rural America?:

December 15, 2008

Rural Economies Imprisoned by Prison Building:

December 15, 2008

Northwest may blaze U.S. path to green grid:

December 15, 2008

Small towns are getting smaller. "Six Myths about the Future of Small Towns,":

December 15, 2008

Reframing Northwest environmental issues:

December 15, 2008

Bloggerly Love and How Offices of Tourism are Using it.:

December 13, 2008

Obama: Transportation can get economy moving - 'Ready' Road Projects Could Create 1.8 Million Jobs:

December 11, 2008

Fastest-Growing Mid-Sized Counties Found In Iowa, South Dakota:

December 9, 2008

Gov. Schweitzer invites you to Harvesting Clean Energy:

December 9, 2008

Workforce Strategy Center (WSC) funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

December 5, 2008

Senator Olympia Snowe on Change at the SBA:

December 1, 2008

A Strategy for Regional Economic Resurgence - The Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative :

November 28, 2008

Outsiders Target Indian Land for Risky Business:

November 25, 2008

Western Governors University Offers Scholarships for Reservists and National Guard:

November 24, 2008

Blue is the New Green:

November 22, 2008

Pakistan seeking Utah business ventures - Envoy says country needs energy, ag help.:

November 21, 2008

A Web Tour of Opportunities for Rural Innovation:

November 19, 2008

Colorado Governor Outlines $12M Economic Stimulus Plan :

November 19, 2008

Alaska's First Site Selection Analysis Website:

November 18, 2008

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Winter 2008:

November 18, 2008

Speak Your Piece: Give Rural Entrepreneurs a Slice:

November 17, 2008

Guiding local incentives toward innovation:

November 13, 2008

Helping America Keep Its Innovative Edge - The Kauffman Foundation:

November 13, 2008

A conversation with Ed Gordon - "Winning the Global Talent Showdown: How Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipeline":

November 4, 2008

SBA-Backed Loans Dry Up at Crucial Time for Businesses:

November 3, 2008

Rural Connections - Western Researchers Explore Possibilities for Renewable Energy Could the West lead the nation?:

November 3, 2008

Why America Needs an Economic Strategy:

October 31, 2008

'Tough Love' for Tough Times in the Midwest. Richard Longworth’s "Caught in the Middle":

October 29, 2008

Economic development in a slowing economy:

October 23, 2008

Government expands geothermal energy leasing of 190 million acres of federal land in a dozen Western states:

October 22, 2008

SimCity for Real - Combining CAD, GIS, and gaming, CommunityViz lets planners and residents see the future in 3D.:

October 22, 2008

Population Brief - Trends in the 13 Western U.S.:

October 22, 2008

Four Organizations Receive National Award for Achievement In Building Tech-Based Economies:

October 22, 2008

National Governors Association Launches Newsletter on State Economic Issues:

October 21, 2008

U.S. solar boom to include manufacturing, too:

October 20, 2008

Note to Next President: Modern-Day WPA Will Save the Economy:

October 16, 2008

The Future of Manufacturing:

October 15, 2008

Green Collar Job Training Program Focuses on At-risk Youth:

October 15, 2008

Branding Sustainability:

October 15, 2008

Land Banks and Affordable Housing:

October 15, 2008

FALL 2008 Washington Technology Center NEWS & INFORMATION:

October 15, 2008

Cockatoo No. 30 - October 2008 :

October 13, 2008

“Tapping State College Research and Development Spending in Support of State Economic Development,”:

October 13, 2008

'Green jobs' won't be the answer for every economy:

October 8, 2008

Idaho's Mexican consulate to open this year:

October 8, 2008

A Grand Alliance: Fostering a North American Central Economic Region (3rd Coast?):

October 8, 2008

Tapping State College Research and Development Capacity in Support of State Economic Development:

October 6, 2008

Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025 - How the Northwest Can Create Jobs, Enable Energy Independence, and Be a Global Clean-Energy Leader:

October 5, 2008

Infrastructure, the Economy: Hello! — They’re Linked!:

October 3, 2008

Thank you to the advertisers on MATR for supporting our efforts to improve the regional economy. :

October 3, 2008

The O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West Newsletter - October - November 2008:

October 2, 2008

4.2 million new 'green' jobs predicted:

October 2, 2008

21st Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness - A Resource and Policy Guide:

October 2, 2008

Ebb without Flow: Water May Be the New Oil in a Thirsty Global Economy:

October 1, 2008

Rocky Mountain Investments Total $300M For Q3:

October 1, 2008

House strips measure to help rural counties:

October 1, 2008

Vietnam - US business trade development and business recruitment experts needed:

September 30, 2008

Welcome to YourEconomy!:

September 30, 2008

Using Electric Cooperatives to Build Entrepreneurship in Rural America: An Investigative Conceptual Framework:

September 29, 2008

Rural U.S. Losing Out on Innovation:

September 28, 2008

Study to gauge impact of wind projects in six states including Montana:

September 24, 2008

Hawaii venture funds exploring Seattle-area ties:

September 24, 2008

Peter Gleick: Deal With the Water Crisis Now:

September 24, 2008

Grow Utah Ventures Names Concept To Company Finalists:

September 23, 2008

Do High Technology Policies Work? High Technology Industry Employment Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 1988-1998:

September 22, 2008

Nebraska Entrepreneurship News - Volume I, Issue 4, September 2008:

September 22, 2008

Developing sustainable local economies:

September 21, 2008

Improvement District Strikes Fear in Small Businesses:

September 19, 2008

IREC Releases Renewable Energy Training: Best Practices and Recommended Guidelines :

September 19, 2008

Make use of Small Business Administration, new regional chief, Russell Smith urges:

September 17, 2008

Gov. Otter wants new system to produce Idaho doctors:

September 16, 2008

Five Keys to Effective Economic Development Marketing:

September 16, 2008

Boise tech start ups impress at Venture Capital in the Rockies Fall Conference:

September 10, 2008

"Hot, Flat, and Crowded Why We Need a Green Revolution - And How it Can Renew America" by Thomas Friedman:

August 25, 2008

The Northwest Intermountain Manufacturers’ Association (NIMA) Helps Idaho and Washington grow skilled workforce base through high school programs:

August 20, 2008

The Flood of 'Amenity Migrants' Alter Life In Resort Towns:

August 13, 2008

The Man Behind Secret Business-Recruitment Industry Corporate Tax Deals:

August 8, 2008

6 Utah plants help fuel rise in geothermal projects:

August 6, 2008

Rural America outgrows label - Communities with urbanlike woes fall through cracks of farm-driven policies:

August 5, 2008

Go eastward (from the West Coast), young Americans:

August 4, 2008

Broadband in Rural? The Campaigns Talk:

August 4, 2008

When it comes to economic strategy, talking is good:

July 30, 2008

SBA - NEWSLINE EIGHT Volume 14 Sept 2008:

July 25, 2008

The New Three-Legged Stool of American Economic Growth:

July 25, 2008

America's Dying Middle Class :

July 23, 2008

The Measure of America: American Human Development Report 2008-2009:

July 21, 2008

Study projects up to $85 billion in lost economic opportunity annually if new electricity transmission not built in Pacific Northwest:

July 20, 2008

'Megapolitans' in the West may be facing mega troubles:

July 17, 2008

Innovating Networks :

July 17, 2008

Public Libraries and Community Economic Development: Partnering for Success:

July 3, 2008

Western Governors Meet in Jackson Hole to discuss the future of the West.:

June 27, 2008

Tacoma, Washington 2020 - A thriving regional marketplace waiting to happen.:

June 24, 2008

A beautiful visit to Central Washington state to talk about developing the economic strength of rural communities:

June 20, 2008

Western Governors’ Association Annual Meeting, 6/29-7/1, Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

June 18, 2008

Alberta and Ontario Launch Tech and Venture Capital Initiatives:

June 16, 2008

U.S. cities for the 21st century - Experts call for a new federal role in metropolitan development, one with fewer strings attached.:

June 14, 2008

Western states stage China mission:

June 13, 2008

Exodus from rural America called 'slow-motion crisis':

June 11, 2008

Preparing America To Succeed:

June 10, 2008

How a Rural Economy Remade Itself:

June 9, 2008

State R&D and State K-12 STEM Education report cards. How is your state doing?:

June 9, 2008

O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West Newsletter - June/July 2008:

June 9, 2008

The Keys to Economic Progress:

June 9, 2008

Is Creativity an Effective Urban Development Tool?:

June 6, 2008

House defeats timber payments bill:

June 3, 2008

Washington asks Silicon Valley Leadership for ideas on how to reverse global warming, improve education and health care and rebuild U.S. infrastructure.:

June 2, 2008

Anyone for Investment Tie-Ups with Australia?:

May 30, 2008

SBA's 'Cookie Jar Capitalism' Still Flourishes in Wake of Scandal:

May 28, 2008

New Climate Report Foresees Big Changes. Water crucial in the West:

May 27, 2008 - Entrepreneurship and all that it implies for faster economic growth:

May 25, 2008

States strive to stop the student exodus after graduation:

May 22, 2008

States Take Action to Expand Access to Broadband Communication:

May 22, 2008

Pro-Environment Urbanites Go Rural For Real:

May 19, 2008

The Next American Frontier:

May 19, 2008

Eds, Meds and Urban Revival - In many cities, a big university is becoming the economic engine that a big corporation used to be.:

May 13, 2008

CBS: 'America in Disrepair':

May 13, 2008

Young Workers Flee Midwestern States:

May 13, 2008

National League of Cities' Green Cities Conference in Portland Next Year April 19-21:

May 8, 2008

The 2008 Colorado College State of the Rockies Report Card:

May 8, 2008

Concentration of resorts in Las Vegas is cited as economic model:

May 6, 2008

When will I get my Economic Stimulus payment and how much will I get?:

May 5, 2008

Rural cities balance character, commerce:

May 4, 2008

The Economic Development Potential Of The Local Watering Hole:

May 1, 2008

Seven (7) NEW Community-Friendly Grant Opportunities have been added to the MSU Extension Weblink:

May 1, 2008

Rural Housing and Economic Development Program:

May 1, 2008

Western Rural Development Center April 2008 Newsletter:

April 29, 2008

Expert: U.S. population to hit 1 billion by 2100:

April 28, 2008

Clusters and Competitiveness: A New Federal Role for Stimulating Regional Economies:

April 23, 2008

Farm bill: making America fat and polluted, one subsidy at a time. Let's support sustainable farming, instead.:

April 22, 2008

Western Governors: Addressing the West's aging, overburdened water infrastructure essential:

April 15, 2008

Global knowledge economy demands cooperation, not rivalry:

April 10, 2008

Where are the next Biotechnology Clusters?:

April 7, 2008

A Practitioner’s Guide for Effective Alignment of Regional Development and Higher Education:

April 2, 2008

11th annual Cyberstates report. How does your state rate in in the new technology economy and venture funding?:

April 1, 2008

Apply now for the 2008 Excellence in TBED Awards!:

March 24, 2008

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Spring 2008:

March 24, 2008

Good pay, steady work, few takers as young people spurn the trades:

March 21, 2008

The Institute for Systems Medicine Planning Authority of Spokane, Washington names star-studded advisory panel :

March 21, 2008

$5 billion power line proposed for Inland Northwest :

March 18, 2008

Where will we find the next generation of engineers?:

March 18, 2008

Entrepreneurial Sustainable Ag DVD-now available:

March 16, 2008

WIRED Offering "Green" Manufacturing Training:

March 13, 2008

The Other Energy Crisis. Bill Gates Addresses House Science and Technology Committee:

March 13, 2008

SBA Newsline Eight March 2008:

March 12, 2008

Losses Stall Affordable-Housing Projects:

March 7, 2008

Grassroots & Groundwork 2008 scholarships:

March 7, 2008

2nd Annual User Workshop For The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility, 7/22-24, Idaho Falls, Idaho:

March 7, 2008

Managing the brainpower shortage:

March 6, 2008

Initiative breeds 'magic' by linking funds, entrepreneurs and laboratory technology:

March 5, 2008

Google Earth Offers 3-D Modeling for Smaller Cities:

March 3, 2008

Grading the States '08. How does your state measure up?:

March 3, 2008

Entrepreneurship and Urban Success: Toward a Policy Consensus:

February 28, 2008

Support local startups, don't import them, study advises:

February 27, 2008

America's Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs - Education and Training Requirements in the Next Decade and Beyond:

February 27, 2008

Economic Incentives Are Often Just Putting Lipstick on a Pig:

February 26, 2008

Indian tribes exercising water rights:

February 26, 2008

Creating a Task Force on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing:

February 26, 2008

My Hometown Helper grants available for local groups interested in making a difference in their community.:

February 24, 2008

Governors Discuss Securing a Clean Energy Future and Unveil New Partnership at NGA Winter Meeting:

February 23, 2008

Western Governors agree on actions to speed development of alternative fuels, improve fuel efficiency:

February 21, 2008

Great Plains at Center of Mounting Brain Drain:

February 20, 2008

Human-Induced Changes in the Hydrology of the Western United States. "The Montana water supply is in trouble!":

February 18, 2008

WIRED Nation - A knowledge community of WIRED Grant winners:

February 15, 2008

Xigi - Mission: To increase the flow of capital to good.:

February 14, 2008

NewWest.Net Launches The New West Magazine:

February 12, 2008

Local Leaders in Sustainability: A Study of Green Building Programs in Our Nation’s Communities. :

February 12, 2008

Rural Economies As Dynamic As Suburban And Urban Areas. Rate Of Business Formation And Closure Shows Small Differences:

February 7, 2008

Four new 'community-friendly' grant opportunities:

February 7, 2008

Seattle's Alliance of Angels Reaches New Heights with placement of $3.9 million in 44 early stage companies in 2007 :

February 6, 2008

State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI) Wants to Visit Your City and Bring 400 of Our Closest Friends:

February 5, 2008

The New American Gentry. Wealthy folks are colonizing rural areas, bringing cash, culture -- and controversy:

February 4, 2008

Rural Grant Opportunity - Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant Program:

January 31, 2008

Glendive, Montana's Community GATE earns $100,000 cash award from the Northwest Area Foundation:

January 29, 2008

National Grants to Train Workers in Energy, Construction and Skilled Trades:

January 22, 2008

The Annie E. Casey Foundation - Building Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing. Peer Technical Assistance Leads to Action :

January 22, 2008

Drying of the West:

January 22, 2008

The Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit:

January 19, 2008

Medical school could bring clinical trials to Idaho:

January 7, 2008

Technology Firms Flourish in Clusters:

December 31, 2007

Making innovative places:

December 29, 2007

SIRTI Fall/Winter Spotlight 2007:

December 26, 2007

How Smart Growth Fits Into Small Towns:

December 19, 2007

2007 Metro Public Schools Quotient: Building Tomorrow's Work Force. How are the school districts in your state doing?:

December 18, 2007

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Promotes Key Public-Private Partnerships as a Catalyst for Innovation:

December 17, 2007

The John Gardner Blog - Washington State University Vice President for Economic Development (Great!) :

December 17, 2007

Acting Globally but Thinking Locally? The Influence of Local Communities on Organizations:

December 15, 2007

The Rise of Family-Friendly Cities. It's lifestyle, not lattés, that our most productive workers want.:

December 14, 2007

WestWord Fall 2007 Newsletter - The Sonoran Institute:

December 14, 2007

Selling the Northwest's global genericism:

December 12, 2007

Where You Live Could Kill You:

December 11, 2007

Small Towns Look To Keep Young Professionals By Increasing Affordable Housing:

December 10, 2007

The Tough Business of Growing Old in Rural Areas:

December 6, 2007

The Fraser Institute: U.S. States Best at Encouraging Entrepreneurs and Small Business Start Ups; Atlantic Canada the Worst:

December 5, 2007

USDA Rural Economic Development Loan Program Has Dubious Record :

December 4, 2007

O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West, The University of Montana Newsletter - December - January 2008:

December 3, 2007

Wasatch Venture changes its name to Epic Ventures:

November 28, 2007

Highest Quality Public Education Key to Community's Economic Success:

November 28, 2007

Report touts wildlife refuges:

November 20, 2007

The Pacific Northwest Region's Achilles' Heel: (Un)affordable Housing:

November 16, 2007

Missouri task force will look to expand high-speed Internet to rural areas:

November 16, 2007

Angel Investors Gain Expert Advice at Investor Summit:

November 15, 2007

Broadband Initiatives: Enhancing Lives and Transforming Communities:

November 15, 2007

'Green mortgages' taking root:

November 14, 2007

The Community Economic Development Hot Report:

November 13, 2007

Six Steps for Reinvigorating America:

November 13, 2007

FCC announces $400 million rural telehealth program:

November 13, 2007

Meeting Minimum Energy Standards May Not Be Enough In Portland:

November 12, 2007

NetWork Kansas. Does your state have one as well? :

November 8, 2007

Rural America's Most Prosperous Counties including Sweet Grass County, Montana:

November 8, 2007

Employers, Schools Team Up To Provide Training Programs:

November 7, 2007

Blueprint for American Prosperity: Unleashing the Potential of a Metropolitan Nation.:

November 6, 2007

Getting Youth Involved In PlanningDon’t Ignore What Kids Can Bring to Your Community Planning Process:

November 5, 2007

The Wage & Benefits Metric - Building Economic Engines:

November 5, 2007

Biotech startups find venture capital hard to come by:

October 31, 2007

Confab in Seattle: cities on the carbon-cutting edge - Forum focuses on energy efficiency:

October 28, 2007

Making Communities 'Fire Smart':

October 25, 2007

The Broadband Divide: Rural Access Lags Far Behind Cities:

October 25, 2007

Two of the most unlikely places in rural America to find economic success — and community colleges are at the center of the action.:

October 24, 2007

Top Economic Development Websites. How does your community stack up?:

October 23, 2007

Planning for 'Sustainable Retreat':

October 23, 2007

America's Greenest States. Vermont, Oregon, Washington Ranked Greenest :

October 23, 2007

Why some regional clusters work better than others:

October 22, 2007

Transportation Fuels for the Future from the Western Governors' Association. University of Montana Students Produce Program on Alternative Fuels:

October 22, 2007

The Future Is Drying Up. Towns to start auctioning off waste water.:

October 17, 2007

Washington Technology Center Admitted to National Angel Capital Association:

October 15, 2007

As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West:

October 15, 2007

Delay in SBA women's program drags on. Hitting the $1 million mark is tough for many female business owners:

October 15, 2007

Rural America At A Glance - October 2007:

October 12, 2007

The Future of Farming and Rural Life in Wisconsin: Findings, Recommendations, Steps to a Healthy Future:

October 12, 2007

"America's Cradle to Prison Pipeline":

October 12, 2007

Immigration and Housing in Rural America:

October 12, 2007

Measuring Your Business Incubator’s Impact:

October 10, 2007

LESSONS OF THE LAKES: Promoting Water Quality Amidst Community Growth,10/17-18, Polson, Montana:

October 8, 2007

Best Performing Cities: Where America’s Jobs are Created and Sustained:

October 8, 2007

Feds to designate Western States energy corridors:

October 7, 2007

Cockatoo - October 2007:

October 5, 2007

Director of WSU Center to Bridge the Digital Divide, Bill Gillis To Focus on Rural Economic Development:

October 2, 2007

USDA Awards More Than $22.3 Million for Telemedicine, Distance Learning Grants:

October 1, 2007

“Understanding the Regional Contribution of Higher Educational Institutions: A Literature Review,”:

September 30, 2007

9/11 Is Over:

September 29, 2007

SBA to Foster Small Business Growth in America's Heartland with New Loan Service:

September 29, 2007

SBA Newsline Eight October 2007:

September 26, 2007

the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) announces the top economic development websites:

September 25, 2007

"Education — lifelong education for everyone is best investment for society" Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:

September 25, 2007

“The Power of the Rockies: Living with Energy in the Old West, the New West, and the Next West.”:

September 25, 2007

A Big Push for Affordable Housing:

September 25, 2007

Seven States to Increase Economic Capacity and Entrepreneurship through Clusters:

September 24, 2007

Firms in Northwest Struggle to Find Workers:

September 21, 2007

Big Vision, Bold Plans for the Changing West - Sonoran Institute 2007 Strategic Plan Overview:

September 21, 2007

“The China Threat: Myth or Reality” Experts at Mansfield Conference say watch rise of China:

September 21, 2007

To Halt Climate Change, Planners Need To Help People Drive Less:

September 19, 2007

As job market advances, so can American workers:

September 16, 2007

Growing the Economy in a Region - The benchmark of success in today’s dynamic global marketplace is flexible management.:

September 15, 2007

What if Washington teamed up with Oregon to create a regional tourism program?:

September 13, 2007

2007-2008 CFED State Assets and Opportunities Scorecard. Montana Receives an "A". How well is your state doing?:

September 13, 2007

Rural Development: 'You Just Can't Get There One County At a Time':

September 12, 2007

Northwest Area Foundation Great Strides Award. Up to $100,000 available to communities that excel in reducing poverty.:

September 12, 2007

Earmark Gone, Indian Project Is One-Winged:

September 10, 2007

Rural Definitions Where does Urban end and Rural begin?:

September 10, 2007

College lab's training fits well with state bioscience jobs:

September 8, 2007

Cool v. Uncool Cities: The Battle For The Soul Of Economic Development:

September 7, 2007

Labor shortage will hurt economy:

September 7, 2007

SBA Newsline Eight -- September 2007:

September 6, 2007

EPA Funds a model job development and training program for workers in communities affected by brownfields. :

September 6, 2007

Closely Connected Northwest Cities Need To Plan Together:

September 5, 2007

Transforming Regional Economies: The Essence of Tech-Based Economic Development:

September 4, 2007

2007 WORK FORCE TRAINING: Expanding Companies Come To Depend on State Work Force Training Programs. Montana Puts Stock in Work Force Training:

September 3, 2007

Global food crisis looms as climate change and population growth strip fertile land :

August 31, 2007

Sirti Summer Spotlight:

August 29, 2007

Alaska Unveils Online Training for Workforce Development:

August 28, 2007

Proposals for Community-Based Job Training Grants Due October 10th:

August 28, 2007

"Rural Development and Natural Resources Research Mini-Grant Program":

August 27, 2007

Aging, Low Pay Leave West Short on Labor:

August 27, 2007

Higher Education, the Health Care Industry and Metropolitan Regional Economic Development: What Can “Eds & Meds” Do for the Economic Fortunes of a Metro Area’s Residents?:

August 27, 2007

"Filling America's Jobs" - How Businesses Can Implement Sector Workforce Development Strategies for Jobs and Economic Growth:

August 27, 2007

Promoting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises for Sustainable Development:

August 27, 2007

Bush Administration Declares War on Mountains and the People Who Live There:

August 25, 2007

New SBA Rules Increase Access to Bonds for Small Businesses:

August 22, 2007

"America`s Perfect Storm: Three Forces Changing our Nation`s Future":

August 22, 2007

More houses in rural areas means higher firefighting costs:

August 22, 2007

Business incentives lose luster for states:

August 20, 2007

Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts:

August 19, 2007

Will Work for Self. State doesn't offer enough help for disabled to find self-employment:

August 17, 2007

How Businesses Can Implement Sector Workforce Development Strategies for Jobs and Economic Growth:

August 16, 2007

Sustainable Rural Community Development: An Annotated Bibliography:

August 16, 2007

Northwest Angel investors spread wings with new funds:

August 16, 2007

Hawaiian Angels begin to see return on their investments:

August 15, 2007

Northwest Area Foundation Great Strides Award! 4 Communities will receive up to $100,000:

August 15, 2007

How Tucson Can Learn From Portland:

August 14, 2007

Rural Minn. brainstorms ways to lift economy:

August 14, 2007

Year Up gives young adults 18-24 a leg up on their careers:

August 14, 2007

Grants for Vulnerable Populations in Rocky Mountain Region:

August 13, 2007

The Positive Economic Impacts of Early-childhood Intervention and Education:

August 8, 2007

Marketing Western beauty. Study touts outdoor recreation as key to economic longevity:

August 7, 2007

The Large Stake of U.S. Small Business in an Expanding Global Economy:

August 7, 2007

Community-Based Funding Opportunity - 100 Best Communities for Young People:

August 5, 2007

Western Rural Development Center launches new website!:

August 4, 2007

Denver's new economic development chief a 'private-sector guy':

August 3, 2007

Sounding off about Rural Entrepreneurship in the West:

August 3, 2007

Computers may displace humans in occupations accounting for 60 percent of the current workforce by 2030:

July 31, 2007

Should Homes Be Banned From Fire-Prone Areas?:

July 31, 2007

Biofuel boom echoes in rural areas:

July 30, 2007

State sees big economic payoff in early education:

July 28, 2007

The Health And Education Benefits Of Affordable Housing:

July 26, 2007


July 25, 2007

Kid-friendly Utah fourth nationally for child well-being. Idaho 22nd, Montana 29th:

July 24, 2007

Affordable housing at 'critical level'. Cities hold key:

July 23, 2007

Developing Housing for the Workforce -- A Toolkit:

July 23, 2007

Washington State startups get $300 million for second consecutive quarter. $285 million in VC funds pours into Colorado. Cools in Bay Area:

July 20, 2007

Innovation, Education Top Meeting Agenda for Governors:

July 16, 2007

The High Cost Of Wooing Google:

July 16, 2007

Fort Collins can learn about growth from other places:

July 12, 2007

Finding common ground on land use in West - Missoula conference to explore problems, solutions. The Sopris Foundation:

July 12, 2007

A leader in business: No surprise to many: Forbes ranks Utah 2nd in nation. WA 5th, ID 6th, ND 9th, MT 42nd:

July 12, 2007

Inland Northwest Economic Developments, Summer 2007:

July 11, 2007

2007 Economic Strength Rankings Now Posted.:

July 10, 2007

Career Technical Education Critical for Success in Today's Economy. National Governor's Association Issue Brief Answers the Question: What Happened to Yesterday's Vocational Education?:

July 9, 2007

State & Local Sourcebook:

July 7, 2007

Bridging Rural America's Digital Divide. The Wiring of Rural America:

July 2, 2007

New Development In Scenic West Creates Catastrophic Fire Risk:

July 2, 2007

One County's Plan for the Future - New Report Describes Pinal County’s Choices for a Livable, Competitive Future:

July 2, 2007

Impatient to Change the No-growth State of Employment for People With Disabilities::

July 1, 2007

The Gentrification Of Rural America:

June 26, 2007

How To Handle Globalization:

June 25, 2007

Competitive Regional Clusters: National Policy Approaches:

June 22, 2007

Streetcars Seeding Economic Development Across U.S.:

June 22, 2007

Regional Competition Reigns:

June 20, 2007

The economic future of rural Pennsylvania:

June 19, 2007

Guide to Business Incubator Marketing:

June 18, 2007

High School Graduation Rate Map Tool a Key Tool in Economic Development Decisions:

June 18, 2007

Rapid start for regional plan essential for success. Rapid and frequent wins are key.:

June 17, 2007

Affordable housing vital to economic growth. 'Affordable housing' probably isn't:

June 16, 2007

Want A Strong Economy? Provide Good Child-Care:

June 16, 2007

Baltimore Passes Inclusionary Housing Bill:

June 14, 2007

Bad Odds - For Economic Development, Casinos Don't Pay:

June 13, 2007

U.S. Congress Proposes National Technology Effort Modeled After ConnectKentucky:

June 13, 2007

The Four Drivers Of Kotkin's Opportunity Urbanism:

June 12, 2007

Take the Money and Don't Run: Encouraging More Job Creation:

June 12, 2007

SSTI Awards Honor Exceptional Achievement in Technology-Based Economic Development. Are Your Economic Development Efforts Among the Best in the Nation?:

June 11, 2007

Western govs seek clean energy production:

June 9, 2007

Integrating The Farm With The City. "The food system is the base of civilization.":

June 4, 2007

Higher education vital for climbing value chain:

June 1, 2007

SBA now is focusing on rural America:

May 31, 2007

Brainpower called key to prosperity - Area must invest in learning, innovation, economic study says:

May 31, 2007

Railroads, Eastern Washington, Warren Buffet and Connecting the Dots:

May 27, 2007

Vancouver Releases Charter For Future Growth:

May 25, 2007

Finalists for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) Award in the Pacific Northwest Announced. Congratulations to Andrew Field, and Ray Thompson, SEMITOOL in Montana:

May 25, 2007

Sopris Foundation Conference -- "Innovative Ideas For A New West", 7/13-15, Missoula, Montana:

May 25, 2007

National Governor's Association (NGA) Center Eyes Increasing Employment and Volunteer Opportunities for Retirees:

May 25, 2007

$425 million for schools in timber counties retained in bill funding Iraq war:

May 23, 2007

Canada Releases New National Science and Technology Strategy:

May 22, 2007

Jobs victories start in school:

May 20, 2007

How TechStars was born:

May 18, 2007

Are Cities The Key To Success In The 21st Century?:

May 17, 2007

Educating the economy. Western towns court colleges to boost economy, culture:

May 17, 2007

Extreme sports: for some towns, a 'fiscal engine':

May 16, 2007

Ground broken for Yakima Washington medical school:

May 14, 2007

Globalization and rural America:

May 14, 2007

Economic Development Today Telecast: Now Online!:

May 14, 2007

On the Snake River, Dam’s Natural Allies Seem to Have a Change of Heart:

May 14, 2007

The Value to Banks of Small Business Lending:

May 9, 2007

Definition of Rural - Please SHARE with anyone who wishes to submit comments:

April 27, 2007

The Crisis In Affordable Housing - Conference in Montana on 5/17-18:

April 26, 2007

New Study, Online Database Released to Help Rural Communities. "Unlocking Rural Competitiveness: The Role of Regional Clusters":

April 26, 2007

An Official Measure of Innovation:

April 24, 2007

Nonprofit e-commerce website, Stone Soup, dedicated to helping rural entrepreneurs, would like your input on their website:

April 23, 2007

County Sued Because General Plan Doesn't Consider Global Warming:

April 23, 2007

The new Shape of manufacturing:

April 22, 2007

High-speed rail idea gains momentum:

April 20, 2007

A Telecast On Growing And Keeping Your Region's Businesses, 5/7, Internet:

April 20, 2007

New report weighs Rocky Mountain West’s negatives:

April 20, 2007

TechStars Selects Ten Start-ups:

April 18, 2007

Reports on Rural America - Demographic Trends in Rural and Small Town America:

April 18, 2007

Blueprint Recommends New Approach to Cluster Strategy for Tucson Region:

April 16, 2007

Western Rural Development Center - Rural Connections Spring 2007 Vol. 2 Issue 1:

April 16, 2007

"Unlocking Rural Competitiveness: The Role of Regional Clusters":

April 16, 2007

Gov. Jon Huntsman launches Utah Energy Summit, says climate changes critical challenge for planet:

April 16, 2007

Idaho cities hope to revamp downtowns with inbuilding collaborations between private and public businesses.:

April 13, 2007

Countries can strengthen themselves with business branding, BBC executive tells Montana State University crowd:

April 11, 2007

How The West Can Win: Transforming The Energy Debate:

April 10, 2007

Reports from the New Partners for Smart Growth conference:

April 10, 2007

Digital Prosperity: Understanding the Economic Benefits of the Information Technology Revolution:

April 9, 2007

Innovative local entrepreneurship programs in the Northwest including case studies of initiatives in Minnesota, Montana (The Montana Fund), North Dakota, and Iowa.:

April 9, 2007

Nearly $128 Million Available for Telemedicine and Distance Education in Rural Communities. Will the funds actually go to rural communities? Sen. Baucus thinks it's outrageous when they don't.:

April 8, 2007

Major solution to global warming - Urban planning and transit-oriented development:

April 7, 2007

Vancouver, Seattle mull joint work on tourism. Groups look to promote new high-profile events:

April 5, 2007

Digital Communities Race:

April 5, 2007

Coping with water scarcity in the West:

April 5, 2007

What Is the Digital Economy?:

April 4, 2007

Northwest Communities Invited To Host 2010 Olympic Training Teams, 4/11, Everett, WA:

April 3, 2007

Growing and Keeping Businesses in Your Region. Business Retention on a Budget: The Billings, Montana BEAR Program Leverages Volunteers. The Winter 2007 EDA Newsletter:

April 3, 2007

The Sustainable Communities Awards Program - 2007 Applications are due May 11th:

April 3, 2007

April/May 2007 Newsletter: O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West, The University of Montana :

March 31, 2007

Tucson's economic blueprint unfurled:

March 28, 2007

WEDA-MEDA-EDA Conference “Best Practices Of Regional Economic Development”, 5/9-11, Cody, Wyoming:

March 28, 2007

Green-Collar Jobs Key to Nation's Economic & Ecological Health:

March 21, 2007

Science needs venture capital, too. Conference brings together investors, biotech companies:

March 21, 2007

In US Midwest, young farmers priced out of land. Ethanol demand has pushed Midwest farmland prices through the roof.:

March 21, 2007

Venture-Backed Company Growth Surpasses Counterparts Across All Industry Sectors, Economic Impact Study Shows:

March 20, 2007

A Tool to engage leaders in a regional dialogue on growth issues.:

March 19, 2007

Rural Housing Economic Development (RHED):

March 19, 2007

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Other Asset Formation Opportunities:

March 19, 2007

CCF Targeted Capacity Building Program:

March 19, 2007

New Access Points in High Poverty Counties PI2 (NAPHPC):

March 19, 2007

Planning Grants in High Poverty Counties:

March 13, 2007

USDA Funding Opportunity - Community Outreach and Assistance Partnerships:

March 13, 2007

Best Practices in Real Estate Development :

March 13, 2007

New Guidebook Identifies 22 Policies to Increase Affordable Housing.:

March 13, 2007

Keeping it in the family: Company launching this week to bring 'localization' to Boulder County:

March 12, 2007

Students paying to find internships. As experience becomes more important to landing a job, firms offer search help for a fee:

March 9, 2007

Why Teens Aren't Finding Jobs, and Why Employers Are Paying the Price. "Without widespread teen employment opportunity, the future workforce will be compromised.":

March 9, 2007

Fed Considers Connection between Universities, Economic Growth:

March 9, 2007

The Northwest Cooperative Development Center is looking for farmers, consumers and businesses who’ve sought to create a biofuel or biopower cooperative business in the Pacific Northwest.:

March 5, 2007

Educating labor force key to economic development:

March 2, 2007

Indian Institutes of Technology alumni are at home in Seattle:

March 1, 2007

Arizona State University's transition to an economic engine humming along:

March 1, 2007

Region in transition? (Excellent discussion of recent testimony in D.C.):

March 1, 2007

Turn on charm to lure tourists. Americans could help travel industry by being friendlier:

February 28, 2007

First 'Reverse' Senior Migration Seen Since Depression. Making the Return Trip: Elderly Head Back North:

February 27, 2007

States step up push to lure innovators and investors. Increasingly, local prosperity depends on staying at the forefront of new industries and ideas.:

February 27, 2007

Feds can pay fair share to schools in rural communities:

February 27, 2007

Delta will add routes to Oregon, Washington:

February 26, 2007

National Geographic to create mega-map of region. What makes this place so special?:

February 24, 2007

Regional transportation concept gaining ground. North Idaho part of hot spot for Inland Pacific Hub:

February 24, 2007

Making a Million. Women are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling by running their own businesses:

February 23, 2007

Montana Gov. Schweitzer, Former Rep. Pat Williams to testify about West's transformation from resource based industries.:

February 21, 2007

Place-Based vs Person-Based Community Development Policies:

February 20, 2007

Planners and Child Advocates Agree: Smart Planning Should Promote Neighborhood-Centered Schools:

February 15, 2007

The Pacific Northwest Economic Development Council’s 48th Annual Meeting, 7/15-18, Helena, MT:

February 13, 2007

U.S. must boost high-tech talent:

February 13, 2007

The February issue of Intellections - Montana's Senator Baucus Supports Allocating Resources for Increased Intellectual Property Protection:

February 9, 2007

The Sopris Foundation - Innovative Ideas for a New West will again occur in May 2007. Likely in Missoula, Montana:

February 9, 2007

Knowledge Worker Quotient:

February 8, 2007

Biologist Leroy Hood to join Inventors Hall of Fame:

February 7, 2007

Should Washington state have a business plan? Oregon does... How about your state and community?:

February 7, 2007

Education, not trade bans will help narrow the economic gap between low- and high-income workers, says Bernanke:

February 5, 2007

Do Community Land Trusts Offer The Best Solution For Affordable Housing?:

February 4, 2007

Demand high for downtown housing:

February 3, 2007

Affordable housing plan takes aim at sprawl "The Terwilliger Center for Workplace Housing":

February 2, 2007

The Department of Labor has launched its Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) website:

February 2, 2007

Inland Northwest economic development specialist extraordinaire - Bob Potter:

January 31, 2007

Sirti Events Calendar - February 2007:

January 30, 2007

State Taxes Don’t Matter for Entrepreneurship:

January 30, 2007

Using the U.S. Census Bureau's Online "American Factfinder" Site to Visualize and Analyze Site Location Issues in a Retail Environment: An Assessment and Application:

January 29, 2007

Seattle based Alliance of Angels invested $5.8 million in '06:

January 29, 2007

Challenges Facing Rural Economic Development :

January 24, 2007

Housing Boom Revitalizing Small Town America:

January 23, 2007

Dreams of Californication - How a wave of migrants from the west has transformed the Rocky Mountains:

January 23, 2007

U.S. Department of Labor Commits Up to $65 Million for Workforce Innovation (WIRED):

January 22, 2007

Community Development Investment Review:

January 19, 2007

"The Future Of The Innovation Economy. How Does America Stay Competitive" 3/18-20, Arlington, VA :

January 18, 2007

Philanthropy creates economic hub in region:

January 17, 2007

Californians moving in:

January 16, 2007

Keiretsu Forum - Boise/Sun Valley Inaugural Kickoff, 1/18, Boise, Idaho:

January 12, 2007

New offering at Wal-Mart. Retailer reaches out to local small businesses:

January 9, 2007

Deep Competitiveness: new Issues in Science and Technology article:

January 9, 2007

Working Together - Aligning State Systems and Policies for Individual and Regional Prosperity:

January 8, 2007

Reporters and Editors are Invited to Apply for 2007 "Medicine in the Media" Course:

December 30, 2006

NY State Senate minority leader calls for regional approach to economic development:

December 29, 2006

Smaller House Equals Smaller Price - Affordable Housing Initiatives in the Pacific Northwest:

December 28, 2006

Denver's prospects sunny, not snowy. Regional cooperation, diverse economy, environmental sensitivity spark rebirth:

December 23, 2006

Everett, Washington to spend $250,000 on image:

December 21, 2006

Applications for the 2007 Rural People, Rural Policy Cohort are Now Being Accepted.:

December 21, 2006

Ten Principles of Post-Peak Planning. The end of plentiful and inexpensive fossil fuels is something cities need to consider in their long-term planning.:

December 19, 2006

Broadband and Economic Development: A Municipal Case Study:

December 19, 2006

FY07 Preserve America Grants Application Available:

December 19, 2006

A National Conversation on Helping Low-Skilled Workers:

December 16, 2006

Call for Papers for the Academic Summit at the 2007 Cluster Conference. “Sustainability, Clusters, and Competitiveness”:

December 16, 2006

Mapmaker puts tiny towns on road to oblivion :

December 13, 2006

Cohousing Projects Increasing Nationwide:

December 13, 2006

A Resource Guide for Technology-based Economic Development:

December 12, 2006

Cash Awards for Higher Education Students with Innovative Economic Policy Proposals:

December 8, 2006

The National Governors Association (NGA) Announces Innovation America Task Force. Governors, Business and Academic Leaders Focus on Innovation, Competitiveness:

December 7, 2006

State Sector Strategies: Regional Solutions to Worker and Employer Needs:

November 30, 2006

Volunteer think tank develops initiatives to build City's economic future:

November 30, 2006

State Taxes No Barrier to Entrepreneurship:

November 30, 2006

"Building a Statewide Culture of Innovation" :

November 27, 2006

America’s High Schools. The Front Line in the Battle for Our Economic Future. --- An Action Agenda for Improving America’s High Schools :

November 27, 2006

Missoula, Granite, Lake, Mineral, Ravalli and Sanders counties included in five-valley transportation study:

November 26, 2006

The Low Cost Housing Trade-Off: High Commuting Costs:

November 26, 2006

Missouri DED Creates Job Skill Database:

November 25, 2006

Jobs and Economic Development - Focus shifts to developing workers' skills:

November 24, 2006

Wildfire - Officials warn of converging threats that will overwhelm the nation's capacity to battle the flames. Will your home survive?:

November 22, 2006

Job creation formula: Education + innovation:

November 22, 2006

Announcing - A national directory of Main Street businesses that have an online retail component:

November 21, 2006

New Website Supports Sector Strategies to Strengthen Regional Economies:

November 21, 2006

One path to affordable housing: You own the house, but a trust owns the land:

November 21, 2006

The Art of Panels:

November 21, 2006

Improving the Quality of Healthcare Through Health Information Exchange :

November 20, 2006

Retirees head back to business:

November 16, 2006

Author offers cities planning tips to avoid big-box blues:

November 13, 2006

How Cities Compete In The Media Economy:

November 13, 2006

Will the US be competitive in 10 years?:

November 10, 2006

Entrepreneur-Friendly Governors Sail to Victory:

November 10, 2006

Plugging brain drain:

November 9, 2006

California Investment firm eyes Vancouver - Goal is to find better living conditions for employees and a business-friendly atmosphere:

November 9, 2006

Governmental excesses can stifle economy:

November 8, 2006

A Framework for Understanding How Higher Education Influences Regional Economic Growth:

November 7, 2006

Ranches near scenic Yellowstone National Park work as retreats for rich:

November 5, 2006

Governor Jeb Bush Announces $1.2 Million Grant to Empower Florida Adults and Youth with Disabilities in Coordination with Griffin-Hammis & Associates, LLC (Florence, MT):

November 3, 2006

Montanans need to enlist in war against climate change:

November 2, 2006

Powering Up the Smart Grid: A Northwest Initiative for Job Creation, Energy Security and Clean, Affordable Electricity:

November 1, 2006

How Friendly Is Your State Towards Entrepreneurship?:

November 1, 2006

Local students told to go global:

October 31, 2006

Oregon, Idaho, China sign trade memo pledging to pursue trade that involves ports in all three regions.:

October 30, 2006

Counties Band Together for Regional Business Plan Competition:

October 29, 2006

Urban Re-Renewal. Downtowns making a comeback as places to call home:

October 29, 2006

Tacoma to Portland: Let Us In!:

October 23, 2006

A West that works. New plan for school trust land:

October 18, 2006

Families Flock to Indoor Water Parks:

October 17, 2006

Rethinking Growth Strategies. How State and Local Taxes and Services Affect Economic Development:

October 17, 2006

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable form coalition to strengthen education reforms:

October 16, 2006

Building an E-Business Ready Workforce In the Northern Great Plains:

October 16, 2006

Regional Approach Needed to Compete Globally:

October 16, 2006

“Regional Economic Development in Florida” Broadcast Available On-Line:

October 13, 2006

Report offers advice on how to 'GrowSmart':

October 12, 2006

Education is key to overcoming coming jobs crisis. "The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis" by Edwin Gordon:

October 11, 2006

An upside down view of the future of the global workforce. How will you recruit the best and the brightest?:

October 11, 2006

Developers, homebuyers are bringing Western trend of planned mini-cities to wide-open spaces of rural Idaho:

October 11, 2006

Philanthropy From the Heart of America:

October 9, 2006

Are They Really Ready to Work? Employers' Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century U. S. Workforce :

October 9, 2006

Retirement Migration as an Economic Development Tool:

October 7, 2006

Report gives glimpse into West's future - “You've Come a Long Way, Cowboy: 10 Truths and Trends in the New American West” :

October 7, 2006

Got skills? Jobs await:

October 7, 2006

Throwing Cold Water?:

October 7, 2006

Retirees power a new boom - Older adults are a new catalyst for economies in the region:

October 7, 2006

Starting even a tiny company can reap big economic payoff:

October 6, 2006

Leaders push for enhancing innovation:

October 5, 2006

A Model For Regional Thinking:

October 4, 2006

20,000 Residents Help Set Regional Economic Priorities:

October 4, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight October 2006:

October 3, 2006

Rural Counties Experiencing Higher Employment Growth Than Urban Counties:

September 30, 2006

Child care touted as economic tool:

September 25, 2006

How to Build Rural Business Networks:

September 25, 2006

Tourism goes broadband - Online tours and other offerings help promoters make timely pitches for the world's destinations:

September 22, 2006

Organic Farming as Economic Development:

September 22, 2006

It's The Middle Class, Not The Creative Class:

September 20, 2006

Population Gains Eat Up Available Land in the West. Just what is sprawl, and why is it really a concern?:

September 14, 2006

City plan seeks business fairness. Women, minority owners could gain better access to funds:

September 13, 2006

Western Rural Development Center’s fall newsletter, Rural Connections:

September 12, 2006

Going for the "Big Score" or hedging your bets: Two economic development strategies:

September 11, 2006

What One Person Can Do:

September 11, 2006

Marketplace: Aerospace elevates Northwest exports:

September 11, 2006

Rural America At A Glance, 2006 Edition:

September 10, 2006

New England colleges could go high-tech to good advantage:

September 5, 2006

Ireland's Role in the Changing Nature of Manufacturing:

September 2, 2006

New SBA chief hears cheers, jeers at forum:

August 21, 2006

Rural Oregon Town Feels Pinch of Poverty:

August 21, 2006

Urban entrepreneurship:

August 20, 2006

Michelangelo of commercialization. Dinesh C. Patel, founding partner of vSpring Capital:

August 19, 2006

Real Estate And Development In The Northern Rockies, 10/5-6, Missoula, MT:

August 18, 2006

Snowy Mountain Development Corporation and Richland County Health Department Receive Funds to Foster Business Innovation And Create Or Save Rural Jobs :

August 16, 2006

Department of Commerce Addresses Need for New Ideas in Measuring Innovation:

August 15, 2006

Mayor Nickels backs 60% increase in Seattle's population by 2040:

August 15, 2006

Lack of Education Programs in U.S. Correctional System May Be Greatest Labor Threat:

August 11, 2006

Economic Gardening up and down the Front Range of Colorado/Wyoming:

August 11, 2006

Conference Works to Keep What's Best about Rocky Mountain West Towns and Cities:

August 9, 2006

2006-07 NGA Chair Gov. Janet Napolitano's Initiative. Innovation America:

August 9, 2006

Data centers on rise in rural areas. Internet firms build where power is cheaper:

August 8, 2006

Connecting Smart Growth and Economic Development. 8 Case Studies on the Connections Between Smart Growth Development and Jobs, Wealth, and Quality of Life in Communities:

August 4, 2006

Reconquering World Cities - Nine Global 'Turnaround' Cities including Portland, OR:

August 3, 2006

Need for qualified workers stressed for WIRED Grant success:

August 2, 2006

How to Promote a Region - Selling doesn't stop at city limits in the Denver Area:

August 1, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight August 2006:

July 27, 2006

Observations from the “Tech-Led Economic Development” conference in San Jose sponsored by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC):

July 27, 2006

Funding opportunities and advice await entrepreneurs at the 8th Annual Intermountain Venture Forum in Boise, ID Sept. 26-27:

July 26, 2006

Colorado State University researcher, Martin Shields recruited to boost region's economy. Businesses chip in to hire expert.:

July 26, 2006

Kodak jobs may develop in Colo. A Foreign Trade Zone, with special business benefits, extends 60 miles in all directions from Denver International Airport.:

July 25, 2006

Transformative Investments: Unleashing the Potential of American Cities:

July 24, 2006

The Most Inventive Towns in America. Small Towns Are Hubs For Innovators:

July 19, 2006

Companies may apply for annual Intermountain Venture Forum in Boise, ID in Sept.:

July 19, 2006

Youngest Learners Hold Key to U.S. Competitiveness, CED Asserts:

July 19, 2006

Idaho company seeks finances for geothermal plant:

July 18, 2006

How do regions think about an economic development 'positioning strategy'?:

July 18, 2006

Rural Entrepreneurship News June Newsletter:

July 13, 2006

Denver Mayor sketches out "Greenprint" vision. Speech touts trees, hybrids, preschool. John Hickenlooper's initiative would stretch 20 years into the area's future. The plan draws praise from industry.:

July 12, 2006

Community Wealth & Energizing Entrepreneurship NEWS:

July 9, 2006

Chancellor stresses flexibility in teaching. Links to Business Groups and Board Memberships Seen as Key in Nurturing Future Workforce:

July 7, 2006

Attracting the Young, College-Educated to Cities. Increasingly, prosperity depends on brainpower.:

July 7, 2006

North Dakota ethanol plant has Montana backers:

July 5, 2006

ETA Announces Availability of $125 Million in Grant Funds for Community-Based Job Training Grants; Emphasizes Objective of Building Capacity for Community Colleges to Train for High-Growth and High-Demand Industries:

July 1, 2006

The New Megalopolis. Our focus on cities is wrong. Growth and innovation come from new urban corridors.:

July 1, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight July 2006:

June 25, 2006

US Businesses, Educators Team Up to Boost Language Skills "The World is Flat":

June 23, 2006

Connect Northwest Q2 Newsletter:

June 19, 2006

Mountain States Lead in IT Hiring Plans:

June 17, 2006

Branding Oregon. Leaders dream of bringing more businesses to state:

June 15, 2006

Economic Boom in the Northern Great Plains-How long can it last?:

June 14, 2006

8th annual Expansion Management Magazine rankings compare quality of life factors among all 362 metro areas in categories that will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.:

May 25, 2006

Northwest Community Development Institute May Newsletter:

May 23, 2006

Report focuses on economies of Yellowstone National Park gateway towns:

May 21, 2006

Governors Focused on Boosting State Competitiveness. New Issue Brief Reviews Recent State Economic Development Initiatives:

May 19, 2006

$207 million for OVP's latest VC fund. Amount is largest raised in firm's 23-year history:

May 19, 2006

Economic Gardening:

May 17, 2006

Finalists Announced for EDA Excellence in Economic Development Awards 2006 - Congratulations to the Ravalli County Economic Development Authority :

May 16, 2006

Supreme Court OKs use of incentives to lure business:

May 13, 2006

City staked future on industry. Chandler's leaders worked out plan to build housing close to companies:

May 5, 2006

Business recruitment effort moves ahead in the Inland Northwest Region:

May 2, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight May 2006:

May 1, 2006

Teamwork changes small towns' fortunes:

April 25, 2006

New Metric Model for Economic Development Unveiled:

April 20, 2006

San Francisco Mayor -- Technology and the Global Economy:

April 18, 2006

Telemedicine and Distance Learning grants:

April 14, 2006

Seattle VC funds busy fueling up. Dan Rosen leaves Frazier:

April 11, 2006

Download a tour, then tour downtown. Let the podcast be your guide.:

April 11, 2006

Rockies’ population rises 3 times more than nation’s:

April 8, 2006

'State of the Rockies' report to be released:

April 6, 2006

Main Street makes a comeback:

April 3, 2006

Why Salem, Oregon, is poised to succeed in the emerging 'knowledge economy'.:

April 1, 2006

Boomtown Institute Launched - Goal is to help small communities succeed economically:

April 1, 2006

The MATR model is available to other states who wish to increase the visibility and level of their economic success:

March 31, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight April 2006:

March 29, 2006

The New West, New Retirement Destination:

March 28, 2006

South Dakota Sees Progress As Clock Ticks on 2010 Economic Development Initiative:

March 27, 2006

Saylor's Soldiers. How to build a company that produces entrepreneurs and indirectly jobs for the region.:

March 27, 2006

Money for small businesses on Indian reservations in three states OK'd:

March 26, 2006

Defense contract may boost South Dakota tribe:

March 16, 2006

Angel tax credit idea picks up local investor support in Oregon but needs to educate its entrepreneurs first:

March 16, 2006

USDA Announces Funding Opportunities under Community Connect Grant Program; Investments Designed to Benefit Economic Growth and Education in Rural Areas:

March 9, 2006

Fledgling businesses rely on SCORE:

March 9, 2006

States urged to curb senior tax breaks:

March 8, 2006

Retirees boosting states' rural economies:

March 5, 2006

Best Performing Cities 2005. Where America’s Jobs Are Created and Sustained:

March 2, 2006

Microsoft, Department of Labor Team Up to Train Technology Workers:

March 1, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight March 2006:

February 28, 2006

Pacific Northwest Angel investment group targets energy startups from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.:

February 27, 2006

Venture capital blockbusters at Colorado VC Conference:

February 22, 2006

EDPro Weblog - Outstanding!:

February 22, 2006

Small towns can succeed. Boomtowns need leadership and support:

February 21, 2006

2006 HEALTHCARE COST QUOTIENT™: Healthcare Costs for Business Vary From State to State. Montana Ranks 42nd, Idaho 47th and Wyoming 48th:

February 21, 2006

Oversize homes wear out welcome in the West. Here kitty, kitty, kitty...:

February 20, 2006

Farmer Entrepreneurship: Problems and Prospects of Growing a Business on the Farm:

February 14, 2006

Where the Money Comes From, State Rural Initiatives. A Preliminary Report:

February 13, 2006

Under secretary of Rural Development Dorr speaks on rural development. "It would be grevious to let finance in biodiesel, ethanol and wind energy come from outside the state,":

February 13, 2006

Videos of local attractions for visitors in hotel rooms idea taking off:

February 7, 2006

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Business Location?:

February 3, 2006

Western Rural Development Center Winter 2006 Newsletter:

February 1, 2006

TBED Resource Center February 2006 Newsletter includes stories highlighting state and local S&T strategic plans, indices or impact analyses. :

January 31, 2006

Op-ed: Foreign Students Who Study Engineering Deserve Citizenship:

January 29, 2006

Business women. Women-owned business accounted for 28 percent of private companies:

January 28, 2006

Can Rural America Support a Knowledge Economy?:

January 28, 2006

New technology may help builders. Sewage system may spur rural development:

January 26, 2006

Sen. Max Baucus of Montana develops bills that target energy, education:

January 24, 2006

Irvine Foundation Study Confirms Collaborative Regional Initiatives Work:

January 24, 2006

Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg vows to continue CDBG funding:

January 23, 2006

Best places to live. How life in Western suburbia is changing:

January 18, 2006

Arizona Budget from Gov. Napolitano offers tech support. Small firms also benefit heavily:

January 15, 2006

Moving toward an idea economy:

January 13, 2006

Montana Senator Max Baucus endorses outsourcing of white-collar jobs:

January 11, 2006

Oregon's bottom line: education. Business - Leaders at the economic summit say improving schools is crucial for the state to prosper. :

January 9, 2006

EntreWorks Insights, January 2006:

January 6, 2006

Bizfind: new tool for attracting, developing, retaining, and transitioning small business:

January 6, 2006

SBA Newsline Eight January 2006:

January 5, 2006

Future is in globally distributed work, not offshoring:

January 5, 2006

Innovate or perish:

January 2, 2006

New Web site helps travelers explore smaller communities in New Mexico:

December 30, 2005

States rushing to lure retirees. The oldest boomers (next week) will be turning 60. That's the tip of the iceberg.:

December 28, 2005

Regionalism is job 1 for Economic Development Professionals and Business Leaders:

December 27, 2005

Economic Gardening List Serve. "How does your economic garden grow?":

December 26, 2005

Workforce Development and Smart Growth:

December 23, 2005

Cities must cooperate to develop jobs:

December 13, 2005

The Celtic Tiger to be emulated in Arizona - Because the World is Flat, the State must think global & The other side of the story: "Sunset on the Liffey?":

December 13, 2005

Spreading the Word, Not Necessarily the Growth:

December 6, 2005

Business of art: It takes creativity:

December 5, 2005

USDA Awards $2.4 Million for Rural Development Research:

December 2, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight December 2005:

December 1, 2005

Clean-energy potential touted - Bill Clinton urges Nevada to blaze trail:

November 29, 2005

Online entrepreneurs compete with big-boxes as they revive downtowns across the country.:

November 28, 2005

Education is key to overcoming coming jobs crisis. "The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis" by Edwin Gordon:

November 28, 2005

Portland, Oregon builds reputation as software revolution hub. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but too many programmers just makes software better.:

November 28, 2005

Southern Arizona region lays out plan for region's economic future - TREO:

November 27, 2005

There's more than one way to measure city's prosperity:

November 23, 2005

Plan to be a part of the InterMountain Regional economic success of the Vancouver, B.C. 2010 Olympics:

November 22, 2005

DOL Launches New Initiative Called Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development:

November 22, 2005

Referendum 'C' puts Denver on the map for companies looking at doing business in Colorado:

November 12, 2005

Forbes publisher, Rich Karlgaard hypes Boise's perks in "Life 2.0: How People Across America are Transforming Their Lives by Finding The Where Of Their Happiness":

November 1, 2005

Oregon Governor Announces New Open Source Technology Initiative by Oregon Universities to "enhance aggressive efforts to bring jobs and investment to Oregon's burgeoning open technology cluster.":

November 1, 2005

SBA Newsline EightNovember 2005:

October 26, 2005

A rapid warm-up for the Northwest:

October 26, 2005

The October edition of the SBA Solutions Newsletter:

October 26, 2005

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship - A Rural Policy Research Institute National Research and Policy Center:

October 26, 2005

Cities' focus on technology 'not always a good thing' - New study quantifies shortcomings of New Economy high-tech clusters:

October 24, 2005

America’s Coming Innovation Crash? "Rising Above The Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future (2005)":

October 20, 2005

Plains' high-tech potential hailed:

October 18, 2005

Archer Daniels Midland Co. Announces Plans to Build Biodiesel plant in Velva, North Dakota:

October 18, 2005

Small plant, large potential in North Dakota- Have you had your Cuphea today?:

October 17, 2005

Turning on the Tap: Is Water the Next Oil?:

October 17, 2005

Turning on the Tap: Is Water the Next Oil?:

October 14, 2005

Work Force Training Is Critical for Expanding Companies:

October 13, 2005

Magazine pushes businesses - Rez Biz encourages entrepreneurs on Indian reservations:

October 13, 2005

Tech executives push for digital medical records - CEOs urge greater use of tech in health care:

October 12, 2005

The Coming Age Wave: What Does it Mean for Economic Development?:

October 10, 2005

Spokane County, Other Supporters Realize Early Return on Connect Northwest Investment:

October 7, 2005

"Gauging a Region's Entrepreneurial Potential":

October 5, 2005

Clusters and Competitive Advantage:

September 27, 2005

Education can elevate Colorado's economy:

September 22, 2005

Thinking like a region:

September 22, 2005

N. Dakota town tries to re-invent itself with land giveaway, Crosby, North Dakota:

September 21, 2005

Higher Education as ED Strategy:

September 16, 2005

Entrepreneurial Rural Communities National Case Studies Series:

September 12, 2005

The goal: A strong regional economy - 7 counties launch joint effort to brand, sell 'Milwaukee':

September 12, 2005

Brownsville resembles Austin two decades ago - What developing communities can learn from those who've faced the same challenges. Education is key!:

September 10, 2005

Micron's (Idaho) expansion doesn't include Lehi (Utah):

September 7, 2005

Secret Capitals of Small Business - Clusters that Work:

September 6, 2005

Northern Irish tech group to visit Colorado:

September 2, 2005

The Northwest Area Foundation is pleased to announce the 2006 Great Strides Award Application Process. Up to four communities in the Northwest region will receive up to $100,000 each:

September 2, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight -September 2005:

September 1, 2005

Oregon Increases Protections For Small Business:

August 25, 2005

Renewable fuels join forces - Yuma ethanol plant to burn gas from manure - "Where's the beef?":

August 24, 2005

Recreation, Tourism, and Rural Well-Being:

August 24, 2005

Black Hills Vision - N2TEC networks innovators, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial communities to develop new technology-based businesses and expand existing businesses in rural regions.:

August 24, 2005

High-speed Internet critical for rural areas, official says:

August 22, 2005

What Is an Economic Cluster Anyway?:

August 21, 2005

Education, Skilled Workers, & the Future of Cold-Weather Cities:

August 18, 2005

Education key to jobs, Microsoft CEO says:

August 16, 2005

The Economic Compass Points Back to the Core:

August 15, 2005

New venture capital program eyed for small firms:

August 14, 2005

Amtrak steps up Empire Builder service in bid to save itself in Montana and the West:

August 12, 2005

2005 Cost of Doing Business Index - Montana 47th, Idaho 46th - (That means costs are low):

August 11, 2005

The August edition of the SBA Solutions newsletter:

August 11, 2005

For Indian tribe, diversifying pays:

August 5, 2005

Bank will cater to venture capital:

August 4, 2005

Defining a sustainability economic development strategy for Eugene, OR:

August 2, 2005

Send us your baby boomers, states plead:

August 1, 2005

The Flight of the Creative Class A Policy Forum on The Intangible Economy with Richard Florida - The Recipe for Entrepreneurship — Three “Ts:”:

August 1, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight August 2005:

July 28, 2005

Cluster Action:

July 25, 2005

Outsourcing seen as boon to reservations - American Indians bring work to their lands:

July 19, 2005

EDA Announces Funding Opportunity for Addressing Competitiveness and Innovation in Rural Regions:

July 18, 2005

High Country's $25M is attracting interest in Colorado - State-founded venture firm sifts startup candidates:

July 14, 2005

Special Report: Best Cities for Entrepreneurs - Five Easy Places - From Oregon to Vermont, here are some cities and towns with that special something that's so attractive to entrepreneurs including Provo, Utah and Medford, Oregon:

July 14, 2005

SBA Solutions Newsletter - July 2005:

July 13, 2005

INL (Idaho) wants to double its revenue revenue, increase research - Success linked in part to collaboration with businesses:

July 13, 2005

Declining Rural Towns Offer Free Land:

July 13, 2005

Report ranks Denver 2nd in climates for business:

July 12, 2005

Economic Imperative - Medicaid expenditures take center state in economic development:

July 12, 2005

Meridian, Idaho makes Money's top 100 places to live list:

July 11, 2005

The Santa Fe Plan: The Cluster Approach to Economic Gardening:

July 9, 2005

Cross-border group, The Pacific Northwest Economic Region, covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon has bold agenda - Forum will tackle power, security, disease:

July 4, 2005

Tourism can help reshape image of U.S.:

July 2, 2005

New venture capital program could help more rural companies in Colorado:

July 1, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight July 2005 :

June 30, 2005

Journalists given 'study tour' of South Dakota biotechnology:

June 23, 2005

Spokane – leveraging alumni:

June 23, 2005

Seattle venture capitalists establish Portland offices:

June 22, 2005

Colorado to invest $25 million in startup firms:

June 21, 2005

India-bound jobs may detour to areas such as North Dakota:

June 20, 2005

The New Architecture of Rural Prosperity:

June 20, 2005

Cities tout tech corridor:

June 18, 2005

Leaders move closer on plan to attract growth across 7-county region - We cannot simply focus on the immediate problems, we need to do assess long-term challenges.:

June 17, 2005

The June edition of the SBA Solutions newsletter:

June 16, 2005

Western Governors work on economy:

June 14, 2005

Development Report Card For The States - promising practices:

June 14, 2005

Solutions for America - Inventing Civic Solutions - A how-to guide on launching and sustaining successful community programs :

June 14, 2005

Business booms as wind farm construction begins at Judith Gap, Montana:

June 14, 2005

Trade alliance of West states? Utah and other Western states may work together to increase economic clout:

June 13, 2005

Western governors focus on internationalization, immigration and ways to build their regional economies:

June 13, 2005

Regions Respond to Economic Challenges - Results are Impressive:

June 13, 2005

Colleges' small-biz centers aid entrepreneurs:

June 13, 2005

Wyoming Legislators call for new approach to economic development grants:

June 12, 2005

What about Wamsutter, Wyoming? Many boomtowns in the West face same woes as this Wyoming outpost:

June 10, 2005

Knowledge Economy Growing in Rural Areas:

June 9, 2005

Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories:

June 9, 2005

Trying to sell Spokane amid the scandal:

June 8, 2005

India faces outsourcing labor shortage:

June 6, 2005

Leaders look beyond front yard - Alliance oversees creation of Regional Business Plan:

June 5, 2005

Manufacturing labor pool said to lack skills:

May 30, 2005

The Marriage of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A New Model for High-Growth Economic Development:

May 30, 2005

Rural Entrepreneurship Sites Selected in W.K. Kellogg Foundation Competition:

May 27, 2005

Protecting Washington From Oregon's Fate - What's the cost of growth in Montana?:

May 26, 2005

Ireland president visits Seattle on trade mission "We had no natural resources but the brainpower of our people. That's where the investment was made.":

May 26, 2005

Celebrating 50 Companies Building the Oregon Community:

May 25, 2005

Best Practices In State Initiatives Spurring Market-Based Economic Development Now Available:

May 25, 2005

Firms throw capital pitch - 8 products showcased at Colorado venture-funding conference:

May 24, 2005

Rural America's Emerging Knowledge Economy:

May 24, 2005

Seattle is told it must rewire - Advanced broadband network needed to stay ahead, task force says:

May 24, 2005

A series of article on northeastern Montana in the Billings Gazette::

May 21, 2005

'We're one community' now: Cass, Clay counties join development efforts - "Can't we all just get along?":

May 21, 2005

Task Force Urges Measures to Strengthen North American Competitiveness, Expand Trade, Ensure Border Security:

May 19, 2005

Oregon State $100 Million Fund of Funds Venture Investment Allocations Stay Local:

May 19, 2005

Washington State Law Encourages Locally Manufactured Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Equipment:

May 18, 2005

Bragging about Utah - Eager tourism officials armed with $10 million:

May 17, 2005

Arizona Angel Capital Tax Credit Passes - Two new laws promote state's high-tech economy:

May 17, 2005

The Status of Rural America - "Crafting a Competitive Future", a new report from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines:

May 17, 2005

Education Is the Key to Success in the Knowledge Economy:

May 17, 2005

$500M Rural Capital Advance Launched to support business expansion, start-ups, and small business retention. :

May 17, 2005

Washington State Creates $350M Life Science Fund:

May 17, 2005

Northern Minnesota launches a sophisticated site for a rural region:

May 17, 2005

Location Quotient Tool Provides Industry Clusters Information:

May 16, 2005

S.C. leaders promote regional and cluster development partnerships:

May 15, 2005

We no longer compete only with ourselves:

May 15, 2005

Energy crisis could unplug growth in Utah:

May 15, 2005

Junto gives businesses a kick-start - vSpring Managing Director Greg Warnock Seeks Candidates for Entrepreneurship Program:

May 13, 2005

Boise flexes muscle; N. Idaho won't forget:

May 13, 2005

New Opportunities for Workers (NOW) Program:

May 12, 2005

Boise-area Tech startup group invites new members tonight (Thursday) - Kickstand:

May 12, 2005

Jerome, Idaho processor expands ... City's economic development director says more growth is on the way:

May 12, 2005

SBA Solutions Newsletter - May 2005:

May 10, 2005

Our View: There's no single solution for rural Idaho:

May 10, 2005

Tax system in Utah may be overhauled:

May 10, 2005

Funding Resources for Workforce Development Initiatives:

May 9, 2005

The Power of Networking: New Evidence from Britain:

May 7, 2005

S. Dakota Is Bullish on Idea Of Carving Luxury Beef Niche ~ Officials Hope to Improve Declining Rural Economy:

May 6, 2005

'The secret is out' and Forbes agrees: Boise is No. 1:

May 5, 2005

Rural Idaho still lags behind cities....Counties close to urban areas are thriving, plus quality of country life is good:

May 5, 2005

New task force hopes to bring Hollywood to Idaho:

May 4, 2005

The Innovation-Entrepreneurship NEXUS: A National Assessment of Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Growth and Development:

May 4, 2005

Jobs created by small businesses may save small-town main streets:

May 4, 2005

Idaho Office of Science & Technology May 2005:

May 4, 2005

Southern Task Force on Venture Capital to Build Investments in Region:

May 3, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight May 2005 :

May 3, 2005

A Skilled Workforce: If you Build IT, Business will Come:

May 3, 2005

The buzz about Bend, Oregon is drawing a high-tech crowd:

May 3, 2005

North Dakota Legislature Commits $50M for Centers of Excellence:

May 3, 2005

The Best Places For Doing Business in America 2005 - Boise, ID one of the best:

May 3, 2005

In an increasingly 'flat' world, Wisconsin must adapt to compete:

April 21, 2005

2030 forecast: Mostly gray...including Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota:

April 21, 2005

Idaho spreads word on tax breaks - Governor signs bills designed to draw businesses:

April 20, 2005

Birthplace of ideas - Fort Collins, CO tops SBA list of hot spots for entrepreneurs - Colorado No. 1 in entrepreneurship:

April 19, 2005

Which Metro Areas Have The Best Public Education Systems? Spokane and Boise rated high in small metro category.:

April 19, 2005

Is the CDBG Program America's Worst Urban Initiative? Is the Bush administration right to put the community-development block grant out of its misery?:

April 16, 2005

It's the Guys' Turn Northwest Men in Business created:

April 15, 2005

Venture Capital: Startup financing rebounds in Washington State:

April 14, 2005

Wyoming gets positive response to tourism ads:

April 13, 2005

The Art And Secret Of Economic Development - William Fulton offers the inside story on economic development secrets and the policy process.:

April 12, 2005

Littleton, CO now avoids financial incentives altogether. Can you spell Economic Gardening?:

April 12, 2005

Global Advantages Of Industrial Clustering:

April 12, 2005

Arizona's tech game plan:

April 12, 2005

Pilot for Perservation-Based Economic Development in Rural Regions:

April 11, 2005

Labor, not location - "The State with the Best Education Wins!" - (that includes best trained teachers too!):

April 10, 2005

Missionaries make Utah, Idaho unlikely hotbed for international business:

April 9, 2005

It's a Flat World, After All... countries like India are now able to compete equally for global knowledge work as never before and America had better get ready for this.:

April 8, 2005

The Utah Information Technology Association reveals ambitious agenda with 3 main focus areas:

April 8, 2005

Venture Capital: Ignition Partners may try hand at buyouts:

April 7, 2005

Take the Bait As the competition to attract new business sharpens, small Iowa towns look for creative ways to get corporations to pay attention and . . .:

April 6, 2005

Washington Technology Center Spring 2005 Newsletter - Tech-Based Economic Development is Key to State's Future :

April 5, 2005

Idaho Office of Science & Technology April 2005 Newsletter:

April 3, 2005

Wyoming hopes ad campaign will lure tourists:

April 1, 2005

Help for all farms who participate in direct marketing and agritourism to attract tourists.:

April 1, 2005

Congressional probe an attack on economic future :

April 1, 2005

'Home-Ownership Society' Not Necessarily Best for Community:

March 30, 2005

New town in South Dakota plans a mix of Europe, practicality:

March 30, 2005

Homegrown - IT outsourcing options sprout up across rural America.:

March 28, 2005

Will Nanotech Be the Next Seed of Technology Growth?:

March 27, 2005

Rural living's 'great divide' - Where tourism is king, but capital is scarce:

March 26, 2005

Business gets top billing from Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.:

March 25, 2005

Study shows problems with Wyoming's workforce:

March 25, 2005

Michigan Website Connects Student Interns to Jobs:

March 24, 2005

Utah needs to regain 'edge' in high tech, Gov. Huntsman says:

March 23, 2005

Small shops marketing uniqueness:

March 21, 2005

Wyoming invests in business school plans:

March 19, 2005

Understanding Sustainability In 60 Minutes / How would you explain the concept of sustainability to college students in an hour?:

March 19, 2005

Regionalism important for economic growth:

March 18, 2005

Utah moves to identify economic 'clusters' / Goal is to become 'best in class' in some industries:

March 18, 2005

Utah venture deals jump:

March 17, 2005

Early education called business asset:

March 17, 2005

U.S. News & World Report touts Idaho as good for startups:

March 16, 2005

The Orton Family Foundation Makes CommunityViz® Planning Software Available to Communities at New, Reduced Cost:

March 11, 2005

Utah Gov. Huntsman has grand plans for June economic summit:

March 9, 2005

South Dakota governor signs law creating beef marketing program:

March 9, 2005

SBA to honor Idaho efforts to aid tech - TechConnect a winner:

March 9, 2005

Idaho promotes interactive online job listing service:

March 7, 2005

Small town wants to grow - Wants to offer lots for $100 to new residents:

March 7, 2005

Why the region matters / Nothing else stops at the county line, so economic development can’t, either.:

March 6, 2005

University towns: hot job markets / Low jobless rates in college towns may have contributed to strong jobs growth nationwide.:

March 6, 2005

Developer provides essential key for Coeur d'Alene education corridor:

March 5, 2005

North Dakota visits Chicago to lure business:

March 3, 2005

Pattern Map: Building A Sustainable Economy / An interactive graphic maps the complex relationship between equity, ecology, and the economy.:

March 2, 2005

Manufacturing's Next Generation / Paradigm Lasers, Inc. sees the light in Spokane :

March 1, 2005

City and County Planners matter in economic development : Collaboration is a must:

February 27, 2005

Are College Towns The Antedote To Offshore Outsourcing? A new company matches hometown information technology talent with corporate needs.:

February 25, 2005

Utah Technology group sets a 'cluster' of priorities : Council will work to concentrate efforts for economic development:

February 24, 2005

Washington, Oregon partner on economic development:

February 24, 2005

Now Available: Starting a Business in Idaho 2005:

February 24, 2005

Idaho Identifies its Strengths in Science & Technology:

February 23, 2005

Washington State offers a study in higher ed success "The region that doesn't support research institutions, is destined to become someone else's colony." David Frohnmayer, president of the University of Oregon:

February 22, 2005

States Finding Innovative Approaches to Stem 'Brain Drain':

February 19, 2005

Oregon food processors cook up cluster strategy - Several initiatives would promote $28B sector - Demand for Idaho organic products increases:

February 17, 2005

Hamstrung Governors Look Small to Nurture Big Job Growth - States' governors look to small business to help jumpstart sagging local economies.:

February 16, 2005

Idaho firms buy Wall Street Journal ad - Companies tout science and tech 'landscape':

February 15, 2005

Learn how to do business in Ireland:

February 15, 2005

Strategies for Creating a Skilled Workforce - “Building Skills, Increasing Economic Vitality: A Handbook of Innovative State Policies,” :

February 14, 2005

Entrepreneurial State Management Report Card Shows Virginia & Utah At Top of the Class:

February 14, 2005

Taking Off - Cd'A Airport developing into commercial hub:

February 14, 2005

Made in lower-cost America - Is your community "Homeshoring":

February 14, 2005

Enhancing Competitiveness: A Review of Recent State Economic Development Initiatives:

February 14, 2005

Outsourcing Hi-Tech Jobs to Rural America:

February 12, 2005

Spokane aims to put itself on map:

February 10, 2005

Three cities in Washington compete for possible Airbus plant:

February 10, 2005

Legislature: Amended Utah Venture Capital Act likely to pass - to create a privately funded, state-backed $100 million "fund of funds":

February 9, 2005

10 Best Stategies to Create a Truly Entrepreneurial Environment in South Dakota:

February 9, 2005

The Innovator - The Inland Northwest Technology Education Center (INTEC) Newsletter February 2005:

February 9, 2005

Weighing in on Water - Will there be enough?:

February 6, 2005

Economic adviser to Utah Gov. Huntsman is all business - As Huntsman's economic chief, Roybal ready to make tough changes:

February 6, 2005

Real Estate to the Rescue for Ski Resorts :

February 6, 2005

College of Southern Idaho's technical programs adapt to market changes ... Welding program could provide training to new employers:

February 5, 2005

Business groups pull together - Idaho and Washington Chambers see benefits in collaboration:

February 4, 2005

New Report Examines Recent State Economic Development Initiatives :

February 4, 2005

Promoters get $12.5 million funding to lure jobs to Denver:

February 3, 2005

Cabinetmaker, KraftMaid Cabinetry Inc. picks Utah for new plant - $100 million West Jordan plant to hire up to 1,300:

February 3, 2005

OVP taps into B.C. with $5 million deal:

February 2, 2005

Sprawl's Impact on Dependable Agricultural Land - Parking lots bad for crops:

February 2, 2005

Washington Gov. Gregoire seeks $350 million biotech fund:

February 2, 2005

Farmers get money upfront; shareholders get veggies:

February 1, 2005

Report emphasizes Idaho's focus on science, technology - University presidents, government, private firms working together:

February 1, 2005

The Washington Economic Development Association February Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 7:

February 1, 2005

21 firms to court venture capitalists at Wayne Brown Institute funding conference in Salt Lake City:

February 1, 2005

Wyoming System will help job seekers:

January 31, 2005

Kauffman Foundation Launches 'Giving Back' Website:

January 31, 2005

SBA Newsline Eight January/February 2005 - Congratulations to Robert Much in Montana as well as the other state winners:

January 30, 2005

Charting Idaho's Economy: Cranes lift Idaho's economic spirits:

January 29, 2005

More colleges buying food from local farmers:

January 28, 2005

Spokane will attempt to land Airbus plant - Aircraft giant requests facts about potential sites for $600 million facility:

January 27, 2005

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE Number 61 – January 2005:

January 26, 2005

Colorado No. 3 in the nation for Nanotech:

January 22, 2005

Drillers want to train 5,000 new workers:

January 22, 2005

Biotech center in Colorado faces obstacles, moves on:

January 20, 2005

Are jobs the right measure of success?:

January 20, 2005

Arizona Governor, Phoenix mayor hope to start tech fund without Legislature:

January 19, 2005

Gooding, ID receives Community Development Block Grant for Kiefer Built plant:

January 18, 2005

Small Business Research, Statistics Easier To Find:

January 18, 2005

New Paper Outlines Five Elements for Manufacturing Productivity:

January 17, 2005

Tougher Challenges Ahead for Local and State Governments:

January 16, 2005

Northern Ky. looking to 2020 with regional economic development concensus:

January 16, 2005

Say Goodbye to Community Development Funding - Bush plans to reduce and cut crucial HUD programs. Comments from Tony Preite, Director, Montana Department Of Commerce:

January 16, 2005

Oklahoma State Regents Look Ahead To State Economic Future WIth New Agenda:

January 15, 2005

OPINION: Why Not Locate Your Next Plant in a Smaller Town?:

January 14, 2005

Utah to 'revitalize' - State must pay bills looming for education, Huntsman warns:

January 13, 2005

$400 million for research? - Chamber study urges funds for 2 Utah schools:

January 13, 2005

TechIdaho: Helping get ready for the future:

January 11, 2005

Governments' attempts to goose the economy fall flat:

January 10, 2005

Expert offers ideas on creating tech jobs:

January 7, 2005

Shopkeepers Are Antidote To Big Boxes - Spending at neighbors’ stores changes the world.:

January 7, 2005

Wyoming NxLevel Entrepreneurial Training registration deadline 1/11:

January 6, 2005

The Washington Economic Development Association January 2005 Newsletter:

January 6, 2005

North Dakota Gov. Hoeven's Centers of Excellence initiative questioned:

January 5, 2005

The two-tier economy seems more of a reality in the America of today than it has in almost a century.:

January 5, 2005

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum will play angel with investment award:

December 30, 2004

Escape From Silicon Valley - Broadband is inspiring refugees from tech's meccas to build businesses where the living is easy and startup costs are low.:

December 30, 2004

Ten resolutions that could produce a happy new (tech) year in Wisconsin. What about your state?:

December 29, 2004

Forget OPEC. The next cartel may export drinking water.:

December 27, 2004

Economic Development, Fresh Food, and Charity - A new program provide better nutrition and increases profits for farms.:

December 27, 2004

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano order calls for more state contracts for women, minority firms:

December 27, 2004

Seeing the Future: How to Talk About Your Local Economy toolkit:

December 26, 2004

Amid Northwest recovery ... Oregon's still toughing it out:

December 26, 2004

Walla Walla: A little Napa in 'nowhere' - How a town reinvented itself:

December 24, 2004

Building Better Rural Places: Federal Programs for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, Conservation and Community Development.:

December 24, 2004

Virginia Program to Boost Rural Development :

December 24, 2004

Tech group to push for venture capital, R&D tax credits:

December 23, 2004

SBA Newsline Eight December 2004 - -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

December 22, 2004

Is it Christmas already? The calendar waits for no one in North Dakota apparently.:

December 22, 2004

USDA Rural Development and EPA sign partnership agreement for advancing renewable energy and energy efficieny systems in rural areas:

December 21, 2004

Gov. Perdue of Georgia gets down to business - It pays to focus on what you've got instead of coveting thy neighbors':

December 21, 2004

Education's Role in Promoting Economic Vitality in Rural Communities:

December 20, 2004

Summit puts spotlight on region's changing economy, 12/21, Great Falls:

December 19, 2004

China market a growing dynasty - Brisk business helps resurrect Colorado's export market:

December 18, 2004

Tamarack banks on real-estate buyers to finance ski resort expansion - economic ripples splash over County:

December 17, 2004

Spokane on the Couch - Last week's Spokane Regional Economic Development Summit was, according to many, a genuine success.:

December 17, 2004

Winter 2005 Edition of Economic Development America to Focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

December 17, 2004

Push for innovation - Leaders tell how to make 'era of prosperity':

December 15, 2004

Entrepreneurship Support in Pend Oreille County, Washington - The Arts and Creative Enterprises:

December 15, 2004

Our View: Rural towns need a variety of economic solutions:

December 13, 2004

Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas Database:

December 13, 2004

Entrepreneurship Sustains Innovation and Boosts Growth:

December 13, 2004

Oregon Gov. Recommends $9M for Investments in Commercialized Research:

December 13, 2004

North Dakota Gov. Includes $50M for Centers of Excellence in Budget Request:

December 11, 2004

Spreading Like Wi-Fi -- SPOKANE — It's about time that the national media recognized the technological paradise that is Spokane. :

December 10, 2004

Startup Funding available in Spokane County, WA:

December 9, 2004

Native American Business Center opens in Albuquerque:

December 9, 2004

Idaho scores a B for employment, A for lifestyle, Wyoming gets an A for development capacity, F for vitality:

December 7, 2004

Washington Economic Development Association Monthly Newsletter - December 2004:

December 7, 2004

Officials look into money for Wyoming cities, town, counties:

December 6, 2004

Economic Action Plan in Spokane Dec. 8:

December 6, 2004

Rural Community Development Initiative Seeks Grant Applications:

December 6, 2004

Expert: Idaho lags in business incentives:

December 5, 2004

The Internet Transforms the Site Location Process:

December 5, 2004

Northwest economy emerging from funk:

December 2, 2004

Washington State's tech leaders look ahead:

November 30, 2004

Trends in Successful Rural Economies :

November 28, 2004

Boulder, CO weighs manufacturer help - Tax rebate raised as way to protect city's employment base:

November 28, 2004

She's the reel deal The Utah Film Commission director puts her state in the spotlight:

November 27, 2004

States Improve Services for Rural Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Recipients :

November 25, 2004

Utah starts new Web site to help rural businesses:

November 23, 2004

Group tries to lure doctors to Idaho:

November 22, 2004

Small Business and Exporting:

November 21, 2004

Better Business Bureau looking to sign up business members:

November 19, 2004

Amgen and venture fund boost Seattle biotech group by $11.8 million:

November 19, 2004

Utah urged to set up a world trade center:

November 17, 2004

Battelle has plan to raise cash for INEEL research - Contractor says strategy involves private industry:

November 16, 2004

New Oregon program aims to help with tech worker training, networking statewide:

November 16, 2004

Low Skill Jobs Shrinking in Rural America:

November 14, 2004

West braces for elderly explosion:

November 6, 2004

Idaho already science and technology savvy:

November 4, 2004

Creating Economic Superclusters - Powerful urban universities are reshaping metropolitan culture and character.:

November 4, 2004

Small Businesses May Not Have Time And Money To Invest In Exporting, Study Suggests:

November 4, 2004

Small Wineries Unite In Marketing Efforts:

November 2, 2004

South Dakota Enhances its Economic Development Web site:

November 2, 2004

Idaho vintners ready to take next step:

October 31, 2004

Charting Idaho's Economy: Our Economy: On the road again ...:

October 28, 2004

Idaho stateline park lots going fast - Location gives chance for businesses to avoid Washington regulations:

October 27, 2004

Seattle: The New Biotech Hub:

October 27, 2004

High-end Home magazine focuses on Rockies:

October 26, 2004

High-Tech Connections - site selection process is centered on the workforce - Arizona Looks to Make History:

October 25, 2004

The age of small business - Wyoming rated highly (3rd) for its small business climate. Montana ranks 38th.:

October 24, 2004

Venture Capital: Up, and down - More deals than 2003; amount falls from last quarter:

October 21, 2004

Anger Over Tax Cuts as Jobs Leave Towns:

October 19, 2004

Teamwork venture aids high-tech associations in Colorado:

October 19, 2004

New Governance for a New Rural Economy: Reinventing Public and Private Institutions:

October 19, 2004

Experts: Infrastructure, labor pool keys to attracting firms to rural areas:

October 16, 2004

New Seattle group seeks to help create 100,000 new jobs:

October 15, 2004

Is Your State Tax-Friendly? Montana Ranked #17:

October 15, 2004

Inland Northwest Economic Development Happenings:

October 15, 2004

Inland Northwest area tourism ads up:

October 15, 2004

Utah wooing 1,300 jobs - State is offering incentives to firm based in Midwest:

October 15, 2004

Government doles out nearly $140M in health care information infrastructure tech grants:

October 14, 2004

Hatching businesses takes patience - U of I incubator invites applications:

October 14, 2004

UW to study med school in Spokane:

October 13, 2004

Economic development is more than making more jobs:

October 13, 2004

Colorado poised as hub for biotech research - Drug innovations putting Utah on industry's map:

October 11, 2004

The Washington Technology Center (WTC) Releases 2004 Annual Report with many excellent examples of success:

October 11, 2004

Why can't Spokane be more like Boise? - Study finds city's attitudes either help or hamper the prospects for economic growth:

October 11, 2004

New spills and thrills await in Reno - Boise among cities looking to build whitewater parks:

October 11, 2004

Port directors favor joining forces; Portland, Vancouver facilities could share projects, marketing:

October 10, 2004

Report Finds Innovations Growing in Southern States :

October 9, 2004

Exec to advise BIA on tribal economic development:

October 6, 2004

SBA Newsline Eight Volume 10 – Issue 10 - -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

October 6, 2004

Economic 'Gardening' Seen as Job Growth Key:

October 4, 2004

Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) Makes $14.4 million FY2004 Awards:

October 3, 2004

An Impending Water Shortage In The West:

October 3, 2004

IAF helps companies targeting Utah for job growth:

October 2, 2004

Prosperity in the 21st Century West - Public Lands Conservation and Economic Well-Being from the Sonoran Institute:

October 1, 2004

Interest in Spokane area growing - EDC agency now targets six industry clusters:

September 30, 2004

Kentucky Has Much Ground to Make Up in Tech Race - How's your state doing?:

September 30, 2004

San Diego success stories become a challenge for the Midwest:

September 30, 2004

Breaking down the rural West - Western planning organization studies rural town challenges:

September 30, 2004

Idaho Tourism Council battles potato image ... Marketing plan parcels out $2.8 million for 2004-05:

September 28, 2004

A timber town learns to care for the forest:

September 28, 2004

Exploring the Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of the Governing of Metropolitan Regions - Governance affects the long-term competitiveness of the metropolitan economy.:

September 24, 2004

Denver study spotlights hurdles for businesses:

September 24, 2004

NWETC Newsletter - What’s New? - September 2004:

September 24, 2004

AEO Training Manual: Rural Microenterprise Development Organizations:

September 24, 2004

Economist: Wyoming looks 'fabulous':

September 23, 2004

Angel Investors an Alternative for Fueling Economic Growth:

September 21, 2004

Salt Lake City again tops list for entrepreneurs:

September 20, 2004

Food-Focused Entrepreneurs:

September 17, 2004

U.S. Land of Potatoes (Idaho) Aims to Be High-Tech Hotbed:

September 16, 2004

Salt Lake a good fit for tech - Study shows city is cost-competitive for I.T. firms expanding:

September 16, 2004

North Dakota TBED Efforts Receive $1.2M from EDA:

September 16, 2004

There's Gold in the Spills * Reno's gamble seems to be paying off as kayakers flock to its man-made rapids in the casino-adjacent Truckee River.:

September 16, 2004

Portland Angel Network Seeks New Spark As Economy Rebounds:

September 14, 2004

Marketing firm uses new slogan to rebrand state as 'techno-savvy':

September 10, 2004

Idaho creating new tech proposals:

September 9, 2004

Idaho becomes leery of assisting some call center operators:

September 8, 2004

How the West is being lost - Ketchum, Idaho, struggles to preserve its century-old heritage:

September 7, 2004

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE - Number 57 – September 2004:

September 6, 2004

CraigsList opens its Boise Web site:

September 6, 2004

Double the Service - Idaho Labor, Commerce merge into single state department:

September 5, 2004

Oregon tries to lure natural foods companies from Calif.:

September 3, 2004

Rural Entrepreneurship News Vol. 3 No. 11 – September 3, 2004 - Center for Rural Entrepreneurship - A Rural Policy Research Institute National Research and Policy Center:

September 2, 2004

Are Rural Prisons A Good Economic Development Strategy? - A columnist explains how the small Texas town of Eden grew to love its private prison.:

September 1, 2004

SBA Newsline Eight - Volume 10 – Issue 9 -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

September 1, 2004

Utah State's film fund is almost dried up:

August 31, 2004

New Directions in Rural Economic Development:

August 31, 2004

Industry Cluster Hubs at Community Colleges:

August 31, 2004

Drought In The West May Mean The End Of Growth - Historical trends in rainfall may mean cities in the West are living beyond their means:

August 30, 2004

Work Force Training: Providing a Competitive Advantage For Expanding Companies and Bridging the Budget Gap for Colleges:

August 30, 2004

Boise group helps women in rural Idaho expand their reach, sell handcrafted products at fair prices:

August 30, 2004

Case Studies Examine Workforce Investment Act Implementation :

August 27, 2004

Idaho economy to click right along - Expert: New jobs to stimulate housing market:

August 26, 2004

Group seeks to designate Glacial Lake Missoula flood route - The Ice Age Floods Institute will hold its annual meeting in Missoula on Sept. 17 and 18.:

August 24, 2004

Knowledge mined from Silverton hills - How a town is guiding its economic focus:

August 23, 2004

Ending Economic Development Turf Wars?:

August 22, 2004

Recruiting difficult for rural hospitals:

August 22, 2004

SBA downsizing has silver lining - Outreach to AHANA will serve small businesses well, Bert Caldwell says.:

August 22, 2004

Small-town dreams - Despite problems of big cities, mass exodus to heartland is unlikely:

August 21, 2004

Spokane won't get call center - Royal Caribbean picks Oregon town for 1,000-job facility:

August 21, 2004

Spokane lands 'porch-swing' honor - Forbes Magazine cites towns that evoke Norman Rockwell feeling:

August 11, 2004

Breaking: Nebraska governor seeks 10-state alliance for bioterrorism:

August 11, 2004

Major Research Papers on Entrepreneurial Economic Development:

August 9, 2004

SBA report urges new policies that aid entrepreneurs:

August 4, 2004

Highway 12 invests in Colorado firm - Pete Gombert joins Highway 12:

August 2, 2004

Western Magic Valley, Idaho adds thousands of jobs:

August 2, 2004

Intermountain Venture Forum Issues Call for Presenters 2004 Forum scheduled October 6-7 at the Boise Centre on the Grove:

July 31, 2004

Economic report: Idaho expects 45,000 new jobs by 2007:

July 29, 2004

Ones and Zeros -High Tech in Nevada Gets Mixed Reviews:

July 28, 2004

Meridian, ID business plan gets pointers:

July 27, 2004

Report Offers Strategies to Create Market Responsive Workforce Programs:

July 26, 2004

New U.S. Entrepreneurship Monitor Report :

July 26, 2004

Mon-Dak Tour 8/3-5 gears toward ag processors:

July 26, 2004

Venture capital can't get enough of Washington State startups - $272 million in second quarter:

July 25, 2004

It takes time for tech startups to hit stride - SIRTI's nurturing starts to pay dividends, writes Patrick Tam.:

July 25, 2004

Business barriers? ... Group aims to help Hispanic entrepreneurs succeed:

July 24, 2004

Report Links Public Education, Economic Development :

July 24, 2004

Small Towns With Creative Strategies - By adopting creative strategies, small towns revitalize spaces left behind by empty big boxes.:

July 24, 2004

How Gilroy got it right:

July 22, 2004

Technology magazine to debut this fall - Inland Catalyst will focus on area's business and technology issues in the Inland Northwest:

July 21, 2004

Kern EDC looking to aid growing businesses - Economic Gardening at its best:

July 19, 2004

Washington State finally gets around to marketing:

July 16, 2004

Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit:

July 14, 2004

State CIO's Role in Economic Development:

July 12, 2004

A strategy for growing new jobs:

July 11, 2004

Sparking interest in the Spokane region - Business recruiters looking to attract small companies:

July 9, 2004

FDIC offers more evidence of rural plight:

July 9, 2004

Lessons learned from the failed recruitment of Hydro Fitting to Twin Falls, ID:

July 7, 2004

Colorado metros set income pace for the U.S.:

July 6, 2004

Tech Launch forum in Sun Valley, ID advances S&T business proposals - ECO Research wins $5K prize:

July 6, 2004

More states using pension money to lure biotech start-ups:

July 4, 2004

New American Ruralism - Technology and telecommuting are fueling the new migration from urban areas to rural areas.:

July 3, 2004

Expert says Idaho must change for new suburban residents - Immigrant population growth to accelerate:

July 2, 2004

Texas charity, State of Wyoming end dispute over rights to the bucking-horse-and-rider logo :

July 1, 2004

Oregon, Thinking Big, Goes Small With Nanotechnology :

June 30, 2004

Cost of the scenery Businesses can't continue to bet the region's beauty will attract workers despite bargain-basement wages:

June 30, 2004

Thinking SMALL - Tiny things may mean big business for the state's (New Mexico- why not Montana?) tech future:

June 28, 2004

Healthy Prospects Ahead - The life sciences industry continues to revolutionize the country's economic development climate. Find out what some locations are doing to support the skyrocketing industry. :

June 26, 2004

Cascade sees a bright future for land where mill once stood:

June 25, 2004

Jack Schultz, author of "Boomtown USA: The 7 1/2 Keys to Big Success in Small Towns," will speak on small-city success:

June 25, 2004

Building for the People - Coeur d'Alene Chamber of Commerce president offers ideas for membership growth:

June 25, 2004

Defense appropriations R&D bill would benefit big Idaho area employers:

June 25, 2004

Torrington, WY hopes to learn from Powell, WY community owned mercantile store development success:

June 23, 2004

Renewable energy production gets backing of Western guvs:

June 22, 2004

Idaho hopes to gain foothold in biotechnology - Idaho Biotech Organized:

June 21, 2004

Student paint crew leaders brush up on their business skills (Is there one in your community?):

June 20, 2004

Update & Action Alert on Inland Northwest Economic Adjustment Strategy (INEAS):

June 18, 2004

Approximately $13.2 million is available for Value-Added Producer Grants:

June 14, 2004

Mentoring program helps single moms succeed in the work force:

June 13, 2004

The Inland Northwest Economic Adjustment Executive Summary:

June 13, 2004

A Network Of Networks In San Diego - The Envision San Diego initiative hopes to shape a vision for the future of San Diego.:

June 13, 2004

Main Street’s Back in Wyoming !:

June 13, 2004

Spokane nabs bragging rights with All-America city status:

June 13, 2004

Utah striving to lure moviemakers back:

June 12, 2004

Not Your Typical Tourism "What Tourism Destination Can Mean for Your Business":

June 10, 2004

States, cities court biotech, but is it worth it?:

June 9, 2004

SBA Solutions June edition:

June 9, 2004

Jerome, Idaho's new economic development director, Marlin Eldred believes in 'smart growth':

June 8, 2004

Best Places To Get Rich:

June 8, 2004

Hispanic business group gives entrepreneurs a leg up in Idaho:

June 7, 2004

Nurturing Local Economic Resilience:How Communities Can Develop Entrepreneurial Potential:

June 7, 2004

New BIO Report Profiles States' Life Science Initiatives:

June 7, 2004

Alternative vacation: City slickers, suburbanites head to farms:

June 6, 2004

Newsline 8 - Volume 10 – Issue 6SBA’s Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

June 5, 2004

Gonzaga University exploring run at bio-tech research - Top scientists, including chief of Human Genome Project, part of pact to take steps toward Institute of Systems Biology:

June 5, 2004

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE Number 54 – June 2004:

June 4, 2004

Learn to teach Entrepreneurship:

June 3, 2004

State Taxes and Business Migration:

June 3, 2004

Dairy Farm Successful- Washington State Family Moves Dairy to North Dakota:

June 2, 2004

Coeur d'Alene Tribe to build technical center in Plummer, ID:

May 30, 2004

Spokane city leaders on a mission for money - Trade missions headed for Ireland, Japan and South Korea this fall could help turn sisters into business partners.:

May 30, 2004

Taking on terrorists is mission one for local coalition:

May 28, 2004

Summit reaches Cd'A - Businessmen meet to discuss new ideas for regional economic growth - :

May 28, 2004

The Role of Universities in Industry Cluster Development :

May 28, 2004

Missouri Enacts Innovative Jobs Legislation:

May 25, 2004

Health care is big business in Spokane - Study shows industry employs 1 of every 5 workers:

May 22, 2004

New project aims to capture more tourist dollars on Navajo Nation - tourism academies to educate Navajo entrepreneurs:

May 22, 2004

Colorado No. 2 in job growth:

May 21, 2004

States Building R&D Capacity through Endowed Faculty Positions:

May 21, 2004

Buck Knives facility in the works in Post Falls, ID:

May 21, 2004

Attracting Aging Baby Boomers May Help State Economies :

May 21, 2004

Gov. Walker salutes six Utah firms for their creations:

May 20, 2004

Statewide Colorado initiative will encourage entrepreneurship:

May 19, 2004

Bringing in the buckaroos - New Mexico ranchers and farmers open their spreads to tourists to supplement their income in drought-strapped times - Farmers strike pay dirt with Web:

May 19, 2004

Hispanic business group gives Idaho entrepreneurs a leg up:

May 19, 2004

Higher costs kill company's relocation plan ... Manufacturer won't bring its three dozen jobs to Twin Falls:

May 18, 2004

Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute (Is this a program that your state might emulate?):

May 18, 2004

Governor vows Arizona to create global strategy:

May 18, 2004

Rural Competition in a Global Economy Focus of Commentary:

May 17, 2004

The best last place: Wyoming wants to capitalize on baby boomer potential:

May 16, 2004

Utah is the place for free enterprise:

May 15, 2004

Difficult destination resort project finally under way in central Idaho:

May 15, 2004

Job-retraining could be lost - Labor Department change went largely unnoticed:

May 14, 2004

LaunchPad to focus on new program - Connect Northwest comes to Spokane 5/20:

May 13, 2004

Pocatello, Idaho - Fun and Fortune in the Friendly City:

May 13, 2004

SBA Solutions - May Newsletter:

May 13, 2004

New group, The Yellowstone Business Partnership focuses on environment and business:

May 12, 2004

Our economic garden - Three areas to concentrate on to attract the creative class and nurture innovators.:

May 12, 2004

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE Number 53 – May 2004:

May 11, 2004

Cool Cities Program Is Hot - State of Michigan grant program aims to spur redevelopment.:

May 10, 2004

Technology Economy Still in Washington State's Future:

May 10, 2004

Web businesses must know how to ship overseas:

May 9, 2004

Rich ambitions - Tri-Cities lab has a huge list of high-tech research projects, and Spokane economic development groups hope to land a piece of the action:

May 8, 2004

Spokane climbing up Forbes list - City moves up to No. 91, bypassing Seattle and Tacoma - Boise came in seventh-// among smaller cities, Missoula this year was 12th, Billings 17th and Great Falls 115th out of 168:

May 8, 2004

The Vroom in the Prairie's Boom:

May 7, 2004

Group puts efforts into The Inland Northwest organic meat processing plant:

May 7, 2004

Program seeks to provide lower cost rental housing in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota:

May 7, 2004

The Spokane Area Economic Development Council to get new ideas for economic growth - to devise ways to get the most out of four “community assets” here: the health-care industry, technology, Spokane International Airport, and higher education.:

May 6, 2004

MEP Finalist for Innovations in American Government Award - Cutbacks in service loom after 63 percent budget reduction:

May 5, 2004

U.S. Bank calls on Idaho - Regional center to employ up to 500 at Mill River facility:

May 5, 2004

The Challenges of Place Branding:

May 5, 2004

SBA’s Monthly News Update Newsline Eight Volume 10 – Issue 5:

May 4, 2004

The eight states of the Mountain West from Arizona to Montana make up the fastest-growing, fastest-changing region in the United States. 'Phenomenal growth' creating tough choices:

May 4, 2004

The Worried (DRY) West:

May 3, 2004

Female-owned firms proliferate in Idaho - ranked fourth in the nation for women-owned business growth :

May 1, 2004

New Buy Idaho directory available:

May 1, 2004

Education Department Announces Grants for Community Technology Centers :

April 30, 2004

Idaho Governor's technology council prepares a new state strategy:

April 29, 2004

Baseball inspires Asheville entrepreneurial development :

April 28, 2004

In Defense of the 'Creative Class' - Author Richard Florida responds to criticisms of "The Rise of the Creative Class.":

April 28, 2004

Wyoming continues to lose young people, census shows:

April 26, 2004

Kansas Economic Growth Act focuses on 6 key components to assist the entrepreneurial economy:

April 24, 2004

Community Development Must Begin With Schools:

April 24, 2004

Environ Inc. plans super-efficient 'green energy' plant in Idaho:

April 22, 2004

Supporting Entrepreneurial Visions- How well is your commuity doing?:

April 22, 2004

Women's Economic Status in the States: earnings highest in District of Columbia - lowest in Montana and South Dakota:

April 22, 2004

Should Regional Policies Try To Promote Clustering?:

April 21, 2004

Economist: Wyoming tax structure inadequate:

April 19, 2004

How Ventra, CA Became One Of The Nation's Most Livable Cities:

April 19, 2004

Study: Santa Fe should build a new economy:

April 18, 2004

Teton County Wyoming is wealthiest in America:

April 18, 2004

The Treasure Valley (Boise, ID) ranks 21st out of 276 cities nationwide for attracting newcomers. Why are we a magnet for migration?:

April 14, 2004

Superior Grains expands in Williston, ND:

April 9, 2004

Idaho Prepares to Merge Departments of Commerce and Labor :

April 8, 2004

Idaho's new entrepreneurs plan for growth, say seminar organizers:

April 6, 2004

Coming into our own - Idaho Falls ID. gets top 10 'emerging cities' listing:

April 6, 2004

Positioning the Northwest as a Biotechnology Leader:

April 6, 2004

Washington State's small communities poised for growth in technology jobs, investment:

April 6, 2004

VSpring asking for technology's rising stars in Utah:

April 4, 2004

Economy, workforce, education all one system:

April 4, 2004

Mining company to build New Urban towns - One of the largest landholders in the Salt Lake Valley is switching from mining to community building.:

April 4, 2004

Community colleges play a key role in job training:

April 2, 2004

The Entrepreneurial League System in West Virginia & A Rural Success Story:

April 2, 2004

Richard Florida says small towns can't go it alone anymore:

April 2, 2004

Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne joins Empire moment:

April 1, 2004

The Clustering Alliance Number 52 - April 2004:

April 1, 2004

Supporting Entrepreneurial Visions:

March 31, 2004

Outsourcing remark trips job hot button - Finding Lessons Of Outsourcing In 4 Historical Tales:

March 31, 2004

South Dakota Regents OK centers at Tech for nanotechnology research:

March 31, 2004

Idaho slips in national tech ranking -study builds case for higher ed, research funding - Montana slips 4 places to 38th:

March 31, 2004

City reaches for the top - Coeur d'Alene hits No. 5 in USA Today's top emerging cities:

March 30, 2004

Controversy delays Idaho high-tech corridor plans:

March 29, 2004

New Data Source on Science and Technology Development by State:

March 29, 2004

Silicon Valley View: Warming to North Dakota's business climate:

March 27, 2004

Midwest looks to biotech boom to replace high-tech bust:

March 27, 2004

Utah Governor Walker focuses on home-grown firms - wants to support companies already in Utah:

March 26, 2004

How Taxes And Services Affect Economic Development:

March 25, 2004

A Tale of Two Cities - Group meets to discuss economic redevelopment:

March 25, 2004

Doctors moving in - Physicians drawn to areas where they can work, live:

March 20, 2004

Study: Boise ideal for businesses - City among best in terms of cost of doing business :

March 19, 2004

Senator Crapo of Idaho shares revitalization vision during lumber tour - says communities in the Inland Northwest Region need improved infrastructure to diversify:

March 19, 2004

Arizona Establishes 'Aging 2020 Plan' - State agencies must prepare for influx of baby boomer retirees.:

March 19, 2004

Small businesses boost Colorado 1 job at a time - Entrepreneurs gather, learn about challenges:

March 17, 2004

Cascadia Scorecard: Seven Key Trends Shaping the Northwest:

March 17, 2004

Economic development division proposed for Spokane:

March 16, 2004

California business climate weakening- Nearly 40 percent of the California decision-makers plan to relocate jobs to other Western states :

March 16, 2004

Report cites fiscal advantages of Smart Growth on public infrastructure and economic performance - What about Montana?:

March 15, 2004

The Road to Boomtown -The time has never been riper for small communities to prosper:

March 15, 2004

Dell plans to upgrade Twin Falls call center:

March 15, 2004

Ag Department makes $325 million in loans and grants available to rural communities to strengthen distance learning and telemedicine programs that serve rural America.:

March 14, 2004

Score! Gonzaga University was struggling financially. Then it started winning basketball games.:

March 13, 2004

Washington State economist takes a different view - King County skews state economic picture, Smith says:

March 12, 2004

The state of North Dakota has charged higher education to become more entrepreneurial and more supportive of entrepreneurs.:

March 12, 2004

Innovations in Rural Governance:

March 12, 2004

Denver development groups puts out welcome mat with Web site:

March 12, 2004

Sandpoint basks in spotlight - National magazine stories prompt mountain of calls about homes in North Idaho ski city:

March 11, 2004

Wyoming basks in $1.2 billion budget surplus -- State expanding prisons, building 30 new schools:

March 11, 2004

Women spearhead publication - Press pair major players in launch of new women's business periodical:

March 11, 2004

Have a plan? This is your man:

March 10, 2004

Boise sprawls the most in the Pacific Northwest - Once again, Boise tops a list.- What about Montana??:

March 10, 2004

Fargo Hip? You Betcha:

March 10, 2004

Cheap Housing Lures Retirees To Some Chillier Western States:

March 8, 2004

Connect Northwest works because it’s inclusive. Program coming to Spokane:

March 8, 2004

Capital ideas - Northwest Venture Associates manager Tom Simpson invests his time - and his clients’ hopes - in the future:

March 8, 2004

South Dakota Supports Small Business - Gives Voice To Small Business In State Regulatory Process:

March 6, 2004

Sponsors Needed for next TECHNET Event- "Business Intelligence-- For the Cutting Edge Advantage":

March 6, 2004

Arizona Business execs push education - Group set to take on bigger policy role:

March 5, 2004

Governor's Guide to Strengthening State Entrepreneurship:

March 5, 2004

The next job for Spokane: become visible - Attracting new businesses isn’t getting easier, Bert Caldwell says.:

March 2, 2004

Newsline Eight Volume 10 – Issue 3 SBA’s Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

March 2, 2004

A Recipe for Sustainable Job Growth Requires The Long-View :

March 2, 2004

The potential of SBDC to focus resources on Native American Tribes. - Rep. Tom Udall:

February 29, 2004

Oregon seeks to improve its rainy image with new branding campaign:

February 29, 2004

Children's letters at forefront of North Dakota tourism campaign:

February 29, 2004

Economic Outlook looks at sectors that make Spokane region tick:

February 29, 2004

In Alaska, Help for Logging Comes Late:

February 27, 2004

Reversing Rural America's Economic Decline: The Case for a National Balanced Growth Strategy:

February 27, 2004

California company Datatic Technologies and native North Dakotan announce location in Langdon:

February 27, 2004

Oregon Releases Forestry Strategic Plan :

February 26, 2004

Empire Air lands in CdA - County lures firm from Spokane with promise of fast-built hangar:

February 25, 2004

Utah Senate acts to boost tourism:

February 25, 2004

New Study Present ASU's "Year Two" Results of Public Investments in Science and Technology:

February 24, 2004

Big cities lure away North Dakota youth :

February 24, 2004

End of the farm program as we know it?:

February 24, 2004

Jobs moving out of California - Cost, complex regulations cited by firms:

February 23, 2004

Technet bridges gap between business, education in the Inland Northwest:

February 23, 2004

City of Trees - Once an oasis for pioneers, Boise, Idaho, now serves the same role for retirees:

February 23, 2004

Transforming Rural Development:

February 23, 2004

PacifiCorp wants more green megawatts:

February 22, 2004

In Utah, strategy means business:

February 22, 2004

'Ridin' the Rez': the trials of Indian tourism:

February 22, 2004

Victory on ice: Spokane lands '07 U.S. Figure Skating championships -Ice skating event expected to carry $30 million punch:

February 21, 2004

Businesses in Utah are among the least taxed- How does your state rate?:

February 19, 2004

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship A Rural Policy Research Institute National Research and Policy Center - Rural Entrepreneurship News:

February 19, 2004

SIRTI gets its moment in the sun - Federal officials give $3 million grant as three Cabinet secretaries look on:

February 18, 2004

Mile High City? Not distinctive enough for city marketer - Denver branded as 'energizing place':

February 17, 2004

Networking the Land: Rural America in the Information Age:

February 17, 2004

TOP Announces FY2004 Grant Round; Technical Assistance Workshops; TOP Seeks Reviewers:

February 17, 2004

Kansas and Idaho Merge Economic and Workforce Programs :

February 16, 2004

Does 'Utah' get some credit for's success? - Understanding what it takes to conceive, grow and sustain a successful Utah technology company is critical to the long-term health and viability of the state's economic future.:

February 15, 2004

Grant set to help bring 20 high-tech jobs back to the Gem State:

February 14, 2004

Native American Heritage Can Spur Economic Development (Tulsa):

February 14, 2004

High tech still dominates Oregon economy - Software, computer spending doubled in recent quarter:

February 14, 2004

Rich partnership - Area residents from Spokane and North Idaho join mission to aid Ethiopian farmers through business partnership:

February 14, 2004

Tourism conference showcases Magic Valley May 5-7:

February 13, 2004

Prolific recruiter, Bob Potter to create leads for ‘Great Inland Northwest’ program in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho:

February 11, 2004

Arizona Gov. Napolitano seeking changes in economy - :

February 11, 2004

SBA Solutions February Newsletter:

February 11, 2004

Spokane based startup, Signature Genomics Laboratories receives a big hand - Funding is Sacred Heart Medical Center's first in a startup firm:

February 11, 2004

Untangling the Web of Clusters:

February 10, 2004

New Guide Available for Creating a Technology Cluster Policy:

February 10, 2004

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA , selected as national model for economic development:

February 10, 2004

2003 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Finds Uptick in U.S. Entrepreneurial Activity - More than 80 Percent of Entrepreneurs Worldwide Expect to Create Jobs:

February 8, 2004

Study may aid efforts to lure high-pay jobs to Phoenix - Quality of workforce receiving greater consideration than many other factors:

February 8, 2004

The Clustering Alliance Number 50 – February 2004:

February 7, 2004

Hidden tech - Move over Silicon Valley. Places like Grand Forks, North Dakota, Wenatchee, Washington, Bozeman, Montana, and Amherst, Massachusetts are about to steal your thunder.:

February 7, 2004

Wyoming Lawmakers look for best uses of $1.2 billion surplus:

February 7, 2004

Grant boosts drive to restore $3 million a year Idaho Rural Initiative:

February 7, 2004

Historic preservationists to tout economic impact in Colorado:

February 6, 2004

The Next Silicon Valley? - Portland's Linux geeks are digging in for a battle against Seattle's Microsoft.:

February 5, 2004

Research Around the World Links Religion to Economic Development - What really stimulates economic growth is whether you believe in an afterlife — especially hell.:

February 4, 2004

Not your average bums - ‘‘That is our main economic mode right now: creating the culture of entrepreneurialism,'' says Sandra Evans-Hall, executive vice president of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association.:

February 3, 2004

Stingers: The 2004 State Tax Survey:

February 3, 2004

Rural Housing and Economic Development Gatweay Launched:

February 3, 2004

Newsline Eight Volume 10 – Issue 2 - SBA’s Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

February 3, 2004

Local businesses are waiting for their city to hook them and help them grow. And Albuquerque is realizing it is too often casting out of state.:

February 2, 2004

Inland Northwest Economic Adjustment Strategy Meeting Information :

February 1, 2004

Work-force development efforts expand in south-central Idaho:

February 1, 2004

Boom(er) towns - Affluent second-home owners changing face of mountain counties:

January 31, 2004

Colorado develops an appetite for culinary tourism - Groups to tempt more visitors with top-notch dining:

January 30, 2004

Daring to Invest in Tomorrow - The Morrison Institute explores a burgeoning state strategy of investing in the knowledge economy. Is the payoff worth the investment?:

January 29, 2004

Budget Cutbacks and Neglect Could Turn California's High-Tech Industry Into an Also-Ran - (What is your state doing?):

January 29, 2004

Agribusiness joins State of Idaho in reaching out to Mexico - Catalog gives Idaho firms foot in the door at Expo Agro-Sinaloa :

January 28, 2004

Colorado economic freedom ranks high - Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Oregon ratings mixed. (How does your state rank?):

January 28, 2004

Rural Entrepreneurship News - Vol. 3 No. 2 –January 28, 2004:

January 27, 2004

North Dakota Ag Department promoting farmers markets:

January 27, 2004

Venture capital in Colo. on rise:

January 26, 2004

From urban Chicago to tribal Idaho - Police chief brings extensive city experience to the reservation:

January 26, 2004

Washington State Business leaders put future first - It's never too early to plan ahead, Bert Caldwell says.:

January 25, 2004

Rez Biz - Growing Native Economies:

January 25, 2004

Firms seek new angles - States also trying to innovate - "Every city, every state has fairly similar capabilities," he said. "It is innovation on all levels that now differentiates you from the competition.":

January 25, 2004

Guide to the Successful Creation of Private-Public Partnerships :

January 24, 2004

Spokane is no Seattle, and that's just fine:

January 24, 2004

Does Your City Attract Corporate Relocations?:

January 24, 2004

Chief marketer working to sell Denver to visitors and entrepreneurs:

January 23, 2004

A design for saving industry - Give more emphasis to art and design in our education systems:

January 22, 2004

It's time to turn over a new maple leaf - Strained relations with Canada go against the tide of history, Bert Caldwell says.:

January 21, 2004

Sounds of synergy - Hustle and bustle of people at work and play help make Carnegie Square model for Spokane:

January 21, 2004

Oregon's Development Efforts Yield Positive Business Climate :

January 20, 2004

Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's State of the State and Budget Address:

January 20, 2004

Main Street Niches In A Mass Sales World - Saving Main Street takes patience, but it's worth it say Neal Peirce - Bill would help Wyoming communities revive downtowns:

January 20, 2004

Washington Technology Center and the Washington State Investment Board join forces to promote investment in Washington companies:

January 19, 2004

2004 North Dakota State of the State Address:

January 19, 2004

Lawmakers Envision South Dakota Research Triangle:

January 19, 2004

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your World:

January 19, 2004

High Tech Leaders and Competitiveness Fears:

January 18, 2004

T-Mobile's new call center in Idaho plans to hire 600:

January 18, 2004

Business leaders remain cautiously optimistic - New state office could benefit Idaho’s high-tech community:

January 17, 2004

Tech entrepreneurs seek state support - Lack of funding and support can stall young companies with no assets:

January 17, 2004

Steamboat Colorado's economic engine - Small businesses chugging along despite decline in skier visits:

January 10, 2004

Legislative forum to focus on Idaho’s technology needs:

January 9, 2004

Appalachian Regional Commission - ARC’s Entrepreneurship Initiative:

January 8, 2004

NCSC Profiles Leaders for Rural Entrepreneurship:

January 8, 2004

Arizona Governor Receives Tech-based Economic Development Recommendations:

January 8, 2004

Washington companies receive more than $400,000 from :

January 8, 2004

Northwest Energy Technology Collaborative update:

January 7, 2004

Slew of screw-ups scrap proposed tourism promotion in Spokane, Washington:

January 7, 2004

Bringing the jobs home to Colorado - Study finds local input key to state's revival:

January 7, 2004

Optimum panel to seek public input: Committee investigating uses for FMC site in Pocatello, Idaho:

January 7, 2004

New focus on tribal tourism in Arizona:

January 7, 2004

Guide to Successful Public-Private Partnerships Released:

January 6, 2004

Don't look now, but E-commerce -- and E-commerce companies -- are staging a comeback.:

January 5, 2004

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE - Number 49 – January 2004:

January 5, 2004

Utah's Workforce Services a model:

December 30, 2003

SBA’s Monthly News Update Volume 10 – Issue 1:

December 30, 2003

Spokane poised for economic growth in upturn:

December 29, 2003

We Need Techo-Savy Leaders - Don’t just blame government and education for economic problems:

December 29, 2003

Wyoming eyes future in tech - State gains jobs, funds in 'new era':

December 29, 2003

With eye to future, Spokane community leaders share common vision. Economic development initiatives will continue to move forward:

December 29, 2003

Hire learning - Could a 'knowledge-based economy' drive the region? Residency program will give us a high-tech boost:

December 29, 2003

Wooing the cool - It's a theory: Cities with creative climates have healthier futures:

December 28, 2003

Revamping our resume - Effort aims to convince companies that `The Great Inland Northwest' is the place to be:

December 26, 2003

HUBZone status helps snag federal contracts:

December 26, 2003

The Heart Institute of Spokane and the Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute, (SIRTI) form marketing pact:

December 24, 2003

Rural hospitals in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana create insurance company:

December 24, 2003

Wallace, ID may be ready to gamble - Town, state senator hope legalized gaming would help boost economy, attract tourists:

December 23, 2003

North Dakota: Is This Near-Shore Enough?:

December 23, 2003

North Idaho wants to build an Empire:

December 22, 2003

State Economies Can Benefit from Broadband Deployment:

December 21, 2003

Success story: Community-owned Wyoming mercantiles lead the way:

December 21, 2003

To protect farms, grow cities sensibly:

December 19, 2003

Tech entrepreneurs seek state support in Idaho - Lack of funding and support can stall young companies with no assets:

December 19, 2003

"We need to create companies, not just jobs." - High-tech leaders unveil Arizona economic development plan - It focuses on tax credits, firms' growth:

December 19, 2003

Agency considers expanding taxing district to entice new businesses to Pocatello, Idaho:

December 17, 2003

Army abuzz over WSU research on sleep - Pentagon awards $1.5 million for cooperative research program in Spokane:

December 17, 2003

Tribe formed company to bid on contracts with government and the private sector:

December 16, 2003

Special Report: Jobs in an evolving economy: Ex-textile workers try to weave new life - But most options are in low-paying service sector:

December 15, 2003

In Kansas, a Growing Phone Company Helps Keep a Small Prairie Town Alive & Bucking Trend, They Stay on the Plains, Held by Family and Friends:

December 15, 2003

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship News Vol. 2 No. 14 –December 15, 2003:

December 11, 2003

Site offering virtual tours of Arizona:

December 10, 2003

Montana and Idaho Regional Centers Selected for 10-Year Partnerships to Reduce Poverty Long Term - Northwest Area Foundation to Provide at Least $11 Million to Each Partnership:

December 10, 2003

Saving Manufacturing Jobs:

December 5, 2003

Community Partnerships for Older Adults - New Call for Proposals:

December 5, 2003

Free Resource for Rural Small Business:

December 3, 2003

Population Growth Doesn't Ensure A City's Prosperity - - "Even in an Internet age, place matters" says Neal Peirce.:

December 3, 2003

New report backs proposed Seattle biotech hub - South Lake Union's future in the balance:

December 3, 2003

Hewlett-Packard Company launches Microenterprise Development Grant Program ($150,000 to $250,000 per grant) for nonprofit microenterprise development agencies and programs operating in underserved communities.:

December 1, 2003

Wyoming Debates Economics of Courting Even More Retirees:

November 29, 2003

Economic Development Quarterly Articles Tackle Higher Education Return Rates:

November 26, 2003

Montana organization helps Alaska start-ups:

November 26, 2003

SBA Newsline Eight December 2003:

November 26, 2003

North East Colorado willing to work - Study of potential job-seekers will be used to lure employers:

November 22, 2003

A new kind of neighborhood: Weyerhaeuser blends homes and harvest:

November 21, 2003

Sysco Corp. will set up new $25 million center which will likely employ between 150 and 200 people in Post Falls, ID:

November 20, 2003

Idaho leaders gauge success of rural initiative - Speakers say at plan's halfway mark, state showing incremental progress:

November 20, 2003

Hot Towns - If your burg's on the skids, places like Reno are beckoning:

November 20, 2003

Summit: Key to revitalizing rural areas is education - It all comes down to education.:

November 20, 2003

Campaign sells Idaho:

November 19, 2003

Advocates try to set agenda for Idaho's rural areas - Summit will try to balance goals, resources -What’s today?:

November 18, 2003

Oregon economic group endorses 'smart growth' and a long-term economic development strategy based on "people, place, clusters and leadership:

November 17, 2003

Idaho Sets Its Sights on Smaller Manufacturers :

November 17, 2003

The Business of Life- Quite a few communities and states are spending millions of dollars to support their claims that excellent quality of life opportunities are awaiting you and your employees. Find out how to enjoy them.:

November 17, 2003

North Dakota Gov. JohnHoeven Announces Energy Education And Career Awareness Partnership:

November 16, 2003

For various reasons, more Wyoming businesses are going green:

November 14, 2003

Wyoming Manufacturers seek tax relief:

November 14, 2003

278-acre Commercial center wins initial nod - Sysco Corp. named as possible tenant in Post Falls, ID proposed subdivision:

November 13, 2003

Governor issues an invitation - Ted Kulongoski, reversing the late Gov. Tom McCall's stance, says Oregon is open to new residents and businesses:

November 13, 2003

National parks are key players in region:

November 13, 2003

Tribal corporation combines fish waste, sawdust to make compost:

November 12, 2003

Economic Gardening - An Entrepreneurial Approach to Economic Development:

November 12, 2003

Rules Change Entrepreneurial Activity:

November 12, 2003

Economy, environment called keys to the other in Wyoming:

November 12, 2003

Commerce Website Shows Flow of U.S. Exports by State:

November 12, 2003

Idaho State University building relationships with Mexican universities:

November 12, 2003

Creativity focus of Expo - Colorado Finance event draws investors, entrepreneurs:

November 11, 2003

Fargo's newest pioneers - North Dakota as a haven for refugees? Diversity arrives, too quickly for some, at doorstep of a homogeneous state.:

November 11, 2003

The Inland Northwest Economic Adjustment Strategy (INEAS) Update:

November 11, 2003

America's Top 'Brain-Gain' Cities - Pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, vibrant streets, and a healthy community life are the hallmarks of cities that are attracting young educated talent.:

November 9, 2003

When Subsidies to Lure Business Don't Pan Out:

November 6, 2003

Idaho tries to lure California firms - State campaign touts potential savings:

November 5, 2003

Genesis of Innovation for South Dakota Newsletters -- October 2003 Helping Entrepreneurs through business development, startup capital, and other assistance.:

November 5, 2003

The CLUSTERING ALLIANCE We connect the dots! Number 47 – November 2003:

November 5, 2003

Three Oregon Communities Chosen for Horizons Leadership Program:

November 4, 2003

As California businesses make an exodus, Idaho is hoping to lure the firms with the promise of low business operating costs:

November 4, 2003

Portland Drives Oregon - Withouth Portland, Oregon would be a conservative, rural Western state. But now, Portland is in trouble.:

November 4, 2003

Initiative may send Washington companies to Idaho:

November 3, 2003

Backers of medical school in Spokane say UW can no longer meet needs- Second school proposed:

November 3, 2003

SBA Newsline Eight:

November 2, 2003

Utah: outdoor capital? "Our objective is to make Utah the outdoor recreation capital of the world," said Gov. Leavitt.:

October 31, 2003

Utah's Smart Sites Initiative Bringing About Fundamental Change in Rural Business Communities:

October 31, 2003

Rural Entrepreneurship News Vol. 2 No. 12 –October 31, 2003:

October 31, 2003

South Dakota Governor Sets Aggressive Targets In 7-year Economic Development Plan:

October 31, 2003

Best Performing Cities: Where America's Jobs Are Created - Billings #4, Cheyenne #8 , Bizmark #10 in the Smaller Metro Rankings :

October 31, 2003

Improving Access to Good Jobs :

October 30, 2003

Working with Angel Investors for Community Development:

October 30, 2003

Wyoming Builds its Local Infrastructure with well funded program:

October 29, 2003

Speaking Entrepreneur in Montana and beyond:

October 29, 2003

Idaho economy may be on cusp of recovery:

October 28, 2003

Commissioner says he'll keep close tabs on Colorado's first foreign capital depository :

October 26, 2003

Charting Idaho´s Economy: Service job growth key to Idaho’s economic recovery:

October 25, 2003

Boise Valley brand name in the works - Goal is to bring more business to Treasure Valley:

October 25, 2003

VC Guru on Coming of the 'Next Big Thing':

October 23, 2003

Speakers address economic concerns:

October 23, 2003

Broadband to the boonies - Can high-speed Net connections prevent the heartland from emptying out?:

October 23, 2003

States see California ripe for picking:

October 22, 2003

Delta Angel Group capital matchmaker:

October 21, 2003

'Iowa, come home!' One state fights its brain drain:

October 21, 2003

What Does an Entrepreneurial Village Look Like?:

October 21, 2003

Intel CEO says California has lost its luster- Arizona now has more Intel employees than Silicon Valley:

October 21, 2003

Technology driving Interior's economy in British Columbia - More than 200 high-tech firms call the affordable region home:

October 20, 2003

Wyoming becomming one of the nation's oldest states:

October 18, 2003

Some retired execs skip traditional life of ease:

October 18, 2003

A Fistful of Dollars - Downtown outdoor movies are growing in popularity nationwide, helping to spark economic revitalization efforts.:

October 18, 2003

Idaho trade mission to Mexico draws a crowd:

October 16, 2003

Spreading the Wealth: Building a Tech Economy in Small and Medium-Sized Regions:

October 16, 2003

Governor: Wyoming Business council must include private sector:

October 16, 2003

Wyoming State Workforce Service program among best in the nation:

October 15, 2003

Local farmers, (Snohomish, WA) reap benefits of tourism business:

October 15, 2003

Deals signed during Locke's China trip:

October 14, 2003

Business report gives Washington state high marks - Pardon me, but do "we suck?":

October 13, 2003

The Attraction of Work Force Training Programs:

October 13, 2003

The tangible side of biotech: Small Northwest companies take a practical approach:

October 12, 2003

Mineral-rich land keeps Gillette, Wyoming prosperous:

October 11, 2003

Smorgasbord of Oregon state firms loses entree but the successful cluster focus continues to excel:

October 11, 2003

Idaho and Wyoming tied for top spot for women entrepreneurs:

October 10, 2003

The Business of Sustainability:

October 10, 2003

Residents can be voice for tourism, promoter says:

October 10, 2003

Wanted: Downtown housing to fill the gap- ‘Middle-income is the piece that’s missing’ in Boise:

October 9, 2003

Small firms may get a big hand - General Services Administration is reaching out:

October 8, 2003

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship News:

October 8, 2003

Washington State Competitiveness Council's focus: higher-ed:

October 8, 2003

Wyo. touted for Mexican visitors:

October 7, 2003

Want Idaho to stay High-Tech? Idaho’s tech industry depends on research - Experts say state needs beefed-up university R&D:

October 7, 2003

New Report Examines the Effectiveness of One-Stop Workforce Support Centers:

October 7, 2003

New Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development Available On-Line:

October 6, 2003

Regional recognition brings global awareness:

October 4, 2003

Verizon gives $100,000 in job, tech grants:

October 3, 2003

Competitiveness study offers ideas for change for Region:

October 3, 2003

Cluster Stage Critical To Policy, Paper Shows:

October 3, 2003

USDA Awards $53.7M for Rural Tech-based Economic Development:

October 2, 2003

Boise labeled good startup city- Venture capital forum continues:

September 30, 2003

Road to big science requires big money- Missoula native Dr. Leroy Hood one of the great scientists of the past quarter century comes to Spokane.:

September 27, 2003

Regional Governance Key To Remaining Competitive In A Globalized Economy:

September 26, 2003

Expert lauds Montana level of social life:

September 25, 2003

Highway 12 Ventures Leads $4.7M Series B Funding for First Choice Solutions:

September 25, 2003

Small Business Survival Index 2003 Ranks the States According to How Friendly Their Policies Are For Entrepreneurship :

September 25, 2003

Fall In Love With Idaho:

September 23, 2003

Courting clusters:

September 23, 2003

Big bang biotech?- Clusters of Excellence:

September 23, 2003

USDA pledges to listen to Idaho concerns:

September 22, 2003

Idaho Statesman recognized for Environmental Reporting:

September 21, 2003

Tough times inspire Utah entrepreneurs:

September 21, 2003

A Catalyst For Civic Entrepreneurship- (Why not in your community?):

September 20, 2003

Denver area wins praise for tactics to woo firms:

September 19, 2003

Spokane's CONNECT Program Development Formally Begins This Week with San Diego Trip:

September 18, 2003

The Coming Collapse of the Economic Frontier:

September 18, 2003

Colorado Predicts Bullish Technology Future:

September 17, 2003

How Radio Can Organize A Community:

September 17, 2003

Idaho Rural development group might get further state funding:

September 16, 2003

Clusters of Innovation:

September 16, 2003

Idaho State fund helps Kraft train workers:

September 16, 2003

States Are “Missing the Bus” by Failing to Connect Economic Development with Job Access to Public Transportation:

September 16, 2003

With a ‘why-not’ attitude, rural Idaho can rebound economically - Firth, ID benefits from rural initiative:

September 13, 2003

High-end jobs key to Arizona economy:

September 13, 2003

Colorado Tech Summit touts state as job 'magnet':

September 13, 2003

City Web site opens on economic development in Spokane:

September 13, 2003

Hector Barreto faced with local concerns when he become first SBA administrator to visit Spokane:

September 9, 2003

Rural Community Development Initiative Accepting Grant Applications:

September 8, 2003

Signs of life - Colorado's tech sector starts to stabilize as battered firms slowly begin hiring:

September 7, 2003

Cascade: Town has hope two years after the mill closed:

September 5, 2003

Database being formed to bring graduates to rural community:

September 3, 2003

Bankroller for Biotech industry, Alan Frazier has formula for success:

September 1, 2003

Loss of logging leaves few options in Oregon timber town:

August 30, 2003

Canada takes steps to form Denver consulate- - a move that reflects the opening up of economic lines with the United States' northern neighbor.:

August 29, 2003

Another mill closes - Future Sierra economics: Diversify or die:

August 27, 2003

Nebraska Creates Strategy for Smaller Rural Communities.:

August 27, 2003

Global Digital Solutions moving to Cd'A, ID:

August 27, 2003

Lobbyists for tech industry hit Boise - TechNet says Idaho needs national voice:

August 26, 2003

Oregon Governor Announces $15 Billion Affordable Housing Partnership:

August 25, 2003

Utah Delivers Online Technology Training to Rural Low-Income Families :

August 25, 2003

Ag commercialization center gains steam in Spokane, WA:

August 25, 2003

Sysco said eyeing big facility in Post Falls, Idaho:

August 25, 2003

Idaho higher ed crucial to tech industry growth:

August 25, 2003

Wyoming economy, population to grow slowly:

August 24, 2003

Area pioneer of medical research enthusiastic about Spokane region's future:

August 21, 2003

How Small Town USA Becomes An Entrepreneurial Magnet:

August 21, 2003

China sees in Utah a high-tech success:

August 17, 2003

Triangle can help shape our high-tech future:

August 14, 2003

Cluster Development News from New Zealand:

August 14, 2003

Oregon Hopes Venture Capital Will Jump-Start State Economy:

August 14, 2003

South Dakota Governor says biotech future is bright:

August 13, 2003

New perspective: Universities seen more now as economic engines:

August 13, 2003

The Economic Importance of Agriculture:

August 13, 2003

States hope to lure businesses away from California turmoil:

August 12, 2003

Lemhi County, Idaho will house new business incubator:

August 12, 2003

Utah Rewards Small Town Smart Growth - Utah plans to direct funds to rural areas that plan ahead.:

August 11, 2003

Rural Entrepreneurship News- Vol. 2 No. 9 –August 11, 2003 - A Rural Policy Research Institute National Research and Policy Center:

August 10, 2003

Getting a return on growth dollars - Reviews are mixed on how well development agencies are doing their job in Spokane and North Idaho:

August 10, 2003

Economic metamorphosis - Spokane tries to reform development strategy to captialize on economy in new millennium:

August 10, 2003

Raising North Dakota - Horrible winters. A dwindling, aging population. Abandoned farms reverting to prairie grass... Perfect!!:

August 10, 2003

Yellowstone Park lake hints at buildup to huge blast -(How will this news affect regional economic development?):

August 10, 2003

Agency to launch job network - Idaho Works plan will help pave road to local employment:

August 9, 2003

California's message to business: 'Get lost!':

August 7, 2003

Venture capitalist Trevor Loy of Flywheel Ventures sets sights on Colorado:

August 6, 2003

Utah off the business radar:

August 6, 2003

INTEC deal will give young companies a business boost:

August 6, 2003

Ray Murphy resigns Post Falls Chamber post:

August 5, 2003

Tribal leaders say there's more to tourism than slots:

August 5, 2003

New Report Looks at Traditional Arts Role in Economic Development:

August 5, 2003

New Paper Provides Clues to Optimal Environment for Growing Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurship : Can The Touch Be Taught?:

August 5, 2003

Jobs Plus (Kootenai County, Idaho economic development agency) again in hunt for new president:

August 5, 2003

Grants given to study area development - Institute awards four grants to EWU faculty:

August 4, 2003

When Change Is Not Graceful - A district attorney symbolizes a battle between new and old visions of economic development in rural Humboldt County, California.:

August 4, 2003

State Business Tax Climate Index: An Executive Summary:

August 4, 2003

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will join forces to try to persuade Silicon Valley companies to expand their operations in Colorado.... How did they do??:

August 4, 2003

Idaho's Silver Valley seeks renewal after a century of destructive mining:

August 2, 2003

Guide to Rural Economic Development- Excellent Publication Now Available:

August 2, 2003

Technet soliciting nominations for its 2003 Catalyst Awards that recognize outstanding commitment and dedication to technology-related initiatives in the greater Inland Northwest by organizations, businesses and individuals.:

August 2, 2003

Universities, capital, locale keys to biotech - Regions can surmount barriers if basic research is strong, Amgen co-founder and Missoula Native Leroy Hood says:

August 2, 2003

Technology Grants Fuel Appalachia's Future- Regional Effort is Crucial:

August 2, 2003

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Support Technology Entrepreneurship:

August 2, 2003

Spokane Authors Strategic Plan for Innovation Economy:

August 2, 2003

USDA Offers $6 Million for Rural ED:

August 1, 2003

Newsline Eight- SBA’s Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

July 31, 2003

SIRTI director works to draw tech investors- Patrick Tam plans a technology road show to Seattle:

July 30, 2003

TechRanch on the Radio Thursday 7/31 morning- "Berg in the Morning":

July 30, 2003

Range revival - South Dakota, other states recruit dairy farmers from Europe:

July 29, 2003

Fee needed now for top grant writer for the Spokane Neighborhood Economic Development Alliance:

July 28, 2003

Experts Urge Strong Education Rather Than Big Tariffs:

July 26, 2003

Boise receives $536,300 to help promote tourism:

July 25, 2003

New Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper plans series of city and regional economic summits:

July 25, 2003

Manufacturer, Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. intends to add up to 25 Twin Falls jobs:

July 24, 2003

The State Creativity Index - Where does your state rank? It's a major aspect of economic success:

July 24, 2003

Best Places To Retire- AARP's 15 best places to 'reinvent your life.'- Spokane is #14.:

July 24, 2003

Hoteliers in Spokane support fees for tourism:

July 24, 2003

Ethanol plant ends up in Oregon - Idaho fails to keep $80 million project in state:

July 23, 2003

Western states urged to diversify tax bases:

July 20, 2003

Turnarounds start with a community's capabilities- UCSD's CONNECT shows the way:

July 17, 2003

Tax funds may help lure tourists to Utah:

July 16, 2003

Colorado offers $50M in loans - Small businesses are likely recipients:

July 15, 2003

Uncertain Future for Tech-Based Economic Development:

July 14, 2003

Is Idaho losing its technology edge? (This is an excellent analysis that all states can learn from- Russ):

July 13, 2003

Colorado urged to think small - Group foresees windfall in molecule-size products:

July 11, 2003

Study: Wyoming work force less diversified:

July 11, 2003

Wine education grows in Washington State-Cluster includes 240 wineries, WSU, four community colleges in the state:

July 10, 2003

Idyllic aura has faded in the Pacific Northwest:

July 9, 2003

Why We Need Startups:

July 6, 2003

A Spokane University District could give region boost by bringing together tech transfer and commercial development:

July 4, 2003

Spokane could have what it takes to be cargo center-Region has potential to be distribution hub, speaker says:

July 3, 2003

New Blueprint for Rural Prosperity in the 21st Century- Sierra Business Council publishes new guide to innovations for rural economic and community development:

July 3, 2003

Group urges help for technology firms- Idaho’s future may be as hub for nanotechnology:

July 2, 2003

Idaho softens recession blow - New report confirms state's strong economy:

July 1, 2003

High-tech chief wants to keep tech jobs in Colorado:

July 1, 2003

Micron CEO: Engineers key to tech future- Micron CEO: Engineers key to tech future - Steve Appleton stresses need for research dollars:

June 30, 2003

Blueprint for Excellence: Implementing Best Practices-Economic development gardening:

June 28, 2003

Oregon's Far From the Trail-Oregon's Fall- Portland used to be routinely named one of the best places to live. Now it's considered one of the nation's least functional places. What happened?:

June 28, 2003

Nanotech could be big force in economy- Boise forum to focus on possibilities:

June 27, 2003

Leaders push arts for economy- Group hopes to lure high-end workers to Arizona:

June 27, 2003

SBA's Region 8 Monthly News Update- -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

June 27, 2003

Alaska and Montana Team Up for Tech-onomic Development:

June 27, 2003

Turner to leave post as president of Spokane Economic Development Council:

June 26, 2003

Spokane takes economic hit, study says- Loss of high-paying jobs pushes city down in Milken survey:

June 25, 2003

Boise takes a dive in ranking of ‘best performing cities’- from 6th to 72nd- Billings moves to 4th best- Great Falls 35th in Smaller Metro Study :

June 24, 2003

High-Tech Firms Look Beyond The Buildings:

June 23, 2003

Spokane area shines on world's stage- Attracting international travelers could offer an economic boost:

June 21, 2003

"Developing an Innovation Economy for Spokane and the Inland Northwest":

June 20, 2003

Directory assists Spokane area startups:

June 20, 2003

INEEL fields questions on contracts from more than 100 companies- Space research among DOE's hopes for possible contractors:

June 20, 2003

Public resources (World Trade Center Tacoma) help man become global entrepreneur:

June 20, 2003

Building a Better Work Force - Idaho Business leaders push for professional, technical training:

June 19, 2003

The Aesthetic Imperative - Why the creative shall inherit the economy. & The Memphis Manifesto: How To Attract The Creative Class:

June 19, 2003

Small rural towns get new name - and new attention - Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area Definitions-- :

June 17, 2003

Washington Technology Center addresses lack of seed capital in Washington State :

June 14, 2003

Spokane told economic boom within its reach:

June 10, 2003

Outmoded industries aren't spurring economic growth in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming - Regional businesses are organizing for the future:

June 8, 2003

Missoula to host forest health summit for governors- June 17-19:

June 7, 2003

Work on new airplane would create 800-1,200 jobs in Washington State:

June 6, 2003

Innovative State Policy Options to Promote Rural Economic:

June 5, 2003

Former Austin, Texas, Mayor Kirk Watson to advise Spokane on how some cities can pull off impressive economic growth without sacrificing high quality of life.:

June 3, 2003

SBA: Empowering Entrepreneurs for over 50 Years-- Region 8 June Newsletter:

May 31, 2003

Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne: Handouts don't work-State needs flexibility from federal government:

May 30, 2003

Idaho awards Workforce Development Training grant to AMI Semiconductor:

May 30, 2003

Bonners Ferry may buy two L-P sawmills-Leaders explore idea as a way to save jobs, help economy:

May 30, 2003

Officials bridge regional business gap- About 60 area economic leaders meet to discuss tri-state (IA, WI, IL) development:

May 29, 2003

ITA trots globe for local trade-Many businesses don't know about trade group:

May 26, 2003

Northwest economies: Different approaches, same problems for Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon:

May 23, 2003

$15 million set to support launching of biotech ideas in Seattle:

May 23, 2003

Economic Development Legislation Signed in North Dakota, Washington :

May 23, 2003

SIRTI (Spokane) eyes business loan fund:

May 22, 2003

EDA Reauthorization Would Support Tech-based ED Initiatives:

May 22, 2003

Attorney Thelma Stiffarm appointed assistant administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Native American Affairs.:

May 21, 2003

New York Lawmakers Eye Culture Zones -Bill Includes Tax Incentives for Low Rents to Artists :

May 21, 2003

New Study Finds Roads Just Redistribute Growth-Changes in Transit-Oriented Development Could Balance Disparities:

May 21, 2003

Idaho receives 3 broadband grants-N. Idaho tribe gets $2.8 million, the most in U.S.:

May 21, 2003

N. Dakota population loss benefits smelly hog farms:

May 20, 2003

EWU sponsors regional economic conference this week.- Spokane:

May 18, 2003

Theorist sees Economic Development distance learning going a long way:

May 16, 2003

Idaho funds technology in tight budget year:

May 15, 2003

How States Are Using Arts and Culture to Strengthen Their Global Trade Development :

May 14, 2003

Utahns to share their secrets of success:

May 13, 2003

Edmonton mayor, Bill Smith, talks of partnership with Spokane- Both can benefit:

May 13, 2003

Wyoming Employers OK with community college grads:

May 11, 2003

North Idaho's natural strengths offering boost to recreational equipment economic growth with Cascade Toboggan, Ski Doctor Designs, Buck Knives, Hyde Drift Boats, and Mac's Custom Tie-Downs among others:

May 9, 2003

TechSoup, Gifts In Kind Are Useful Resources for Nonprofits:

May 9, 2003

Boeing CEO Mulally: Washington State must do more for businesses:

May 9, 2003

Energy park eyed for former FMC site - Businessman envisions thousands of new jobs in Pocatello, ID:

May 8, 2003

Wyoming Officials Craft Economic Plan:

May 8, 2003

Startup Off-road vehicle company, Extreme Machines 2000, rolling into Spokane:

May 7, 2003

Colleges in Washington State Face Cuts in Information-Technology Programs Possibly Causing More Problems for the State Economy.:

May 7, 2003

Washington State Governor losing grip on economic monster:

May 7, 2003

Spokane Valley ponders Huntwood perks - Retaining company has city leaders feeling pressure:

May 3, 2003

Developer sees opportunity in old Idaho sugar factory in Rigby, ID:

April 30, 2003

SBA's Monthly News Update-Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

April 25, 2003

Counties try to preserve quiet life Developing rural areas are 'test cases for smart growth':

April 25, 2003

Idaho Governor Kempthorne appoints boat maker, LaMoyne Hyde as new commerce director:

April 23, 2003

WSU center opens Center to Bridge the Digital Divide office in Spokane - Agency aims to use technology to bridge gaps, find answers:

April 22, 2003

Lab could spawn high-paying jobs in Spokane- Federal grant for biomedical research wet lab looks promising. :

April 19, 2003

Washington State Gov. Locke OKs local tax ban for R&D firms:

April 17, 2003

EDA Offers $228M for State & Local Economic Development:

April 17, 2003

Proposals Aim to Bring More Technology, Knowledge-based Businesses to Midwest:

April 16, 2003

Region feeling pain of higher-priced power- BPA price hikes causing economic hardship, speakers contend:

April 15, 2003

The Role of Regional Development Organizations in Federal Economic Development Policies:

April 15, 2003

How To Measure A City's Success- Communities across the nation have launched formal "indicators" projects.:

April 13, 2003

High-tech center for women urged - Colo.-based group would attempt to widen females' role:

April 13, 2003

Spokane area hopes to carve its own niche in the competitive biotechnology industry:

April 11, 2003

Home on the range, Square-mile minimum for lots enacted in Carbon County, Wyoming:

April 9, 2003

Community economic development-What Works, What Doesn't, and Why - Remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan:

April 9, 2003

Caldwell ID puts up a Web site to attract jobs-Companies use the Internet to find perfect spot:

April 8, 2003

Sustainable Development Supported- Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation: Sustainable Forests and Communities Initiative Grants Available:

April 8, 2003

Everybody Wants Biotech Pie, but Few Pieces to Go Around:

April 8, 2003

Spokane to hire own economic adviser:

April 8, 2003

Youth as Regional Catalysts?:

April 8, 2003

Arts serve as a catalyst for economic development :

April 8, 2003

Building Social Capital: An Important Role of the Arts:

April 8, 2003

Analysis of Early-State Technology Development Funding and Clusters in Innovation and Development :

April 7, 2003

Common Ground for Alaska, Jamaica, and Rural Idaho-What can we show and do to motivate our people to embrace the potential of the Internet?:

April 7, 2003

New Denver Mayor's top task will be to aid failing economy:

April 6, 2003

Business Plus III aims to raise $1.44 million to invest in Magic Valley Idaho's economic health over five years.:

April 5, 2003

Manufacturing Despair:

April 4, 2003

High-tech firms get a call to increase public policy input:

April 3, 2003

Business leaders in Minnesota Seeking to make Regional Economic Development a Priority:

April 3, 2003

Illinois Metropolis Plan Looks to Regionalism :

April 2, 2003

Spokane's Regional Chamber of Commerce putting out welcome mat for former residents:

April 2, 2003

A Washington State Rural Technology Loan Fund has been established-Financing tool available for rural technology companies:

April 2, 2003

The New Metropolitan Alliances: Regional Collaboration for Economic Development:

April 2, 2003

The Geographic Concentration of New Firm Formation and Human Capital: Evidence from the Cities:

April 2, 2003


March 29, 2003

Nuclear engineer gives glimpse of bright INEEL future:

March 28, 2003

SBA Newsline Eight-SBA's Monthly News Update -Serving Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming-:

March 27, 2003

The 2002 State New Economy Index :

March 26, 2003

Casinos And Economic Development- Gambling calculations must take into account all benefits:

March 26, 2003

Developer grows on Spirit Lake, and vice versa-Sempre has big plans for little town:

March 26, 2003

Bechtel Corp. plans to give Buck Knives $100,000 in Post Falls, ID:

March 25, 2003

Columbia Basin study will stop short of plan:

March 24, 2003

Spokane leaders to visit survey of the federal landscape to find solutions to regional economic issues.:

March 23, 2003

Economic leader in Phoenix paid in top tier nationally:

March 22, 2003

University students compete for start-up money in Boise, ID in Northwest Venture Championship:

March 22, 2003

Airline magazine features Twin Falls:

March 21, 2003

Southern Growth Policies Board Offering Knowledge Economy Toolkit:

March 21, 2003

Culture, arts vital to Economic Development- Regional Focus Crucial to Success:

March 20, 2003

South Dakota is ahead in Economic Development- For more than 20 years, the state has been recruiting new and expanding high-tech businesses, by building information technology capability and offering incentives other than cash handouts.:

March 19, 2003

Jobs Plus enjoys banner year; future looks bright in North Idaho:

March 18, 2003

Sen. Conrad Burns Announces New Homestead Act to attract new residents and businesses to rural areas suffering from high out-migration. :

March 18, 2003

Colorado Institute of Technology (CIT) receives $10 million gift to develop local workforce:

March 17, 2003

Leaders divided over port in Pocatello, ID- Some question benefits; others tout advantages:

March 15, 2003

Good ideas can spur economic development:

March 13, 2003

Port's prospects hinge on public's perception in Pocatello, ID:

March 13, 2003

Idaho ranks seventh in population growth:

March 13, 2003

California companies packing up, moving out-Political missteps in that state already paying dividends in Northwest:

March 13, 2003

Idaho farmers may try teff Gluten-free grain touted as cure for celiac disease:

March 13, 2003

Leaders in Gillette and Campbell County WY are expected to unveil a five-year, $1.4 million economic development plan meant to diversify the local economy.:

March 12, 2003

Planting economic seeds-Littleton's 'garden' strategy for growth nurtures innovators:

March 12, 2003

Twin Cities getting better, still too smug:

March 11, 2003

No money for Spokane economic adviser-Some on council think post backed by mayor not needed:

March 10, 2003

Ports can fuel growth - Two cities (Butte, MT and Lewiston, ID) cite benefits from having port district:

March 10, 2003

Cities court development via Internet:

March 9, 2003

Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Economic Growth Linked:

March 9, 2003

Downtown Boise projects come to screeching halt:

March 8, 2003

Eastern Oregon town went more than halfway for Web stunt:

March 8, 2003

$397,000 Grant will help launch a business development project in East Central Spokane area:

March 4, 2003

“CRISIS IN RURAL ALABAMA” Report Proposes Strategies for Rural Communities:

March 4, 2003

Owens taps CU educator to lead Colorado Institute of Technology Institute:

March 3, 2003

New Economy Recedes in Pacific Northwest:

March 3, 2003

New Cheese Plant Sends South Dakota On Quest for Farmers- To the British, Faraway State Proves Tough Sell; What about the Volcano?:

March 2, 2003

Does N. Dakota mean business? Ya betcha:

March 1, 2003

Post Falls, ID gets boost from Buck Knives:

February 28, 2003

SBA: 50 Years as America's Small Business Resource- State Updates:

February 28, 2003

Washington State erred badly by not boosting economy:

February 27, 2003

A Silicon Valley feel is growing on the Silicon Prairie. More technology companies call Sioux Falls home:

February 27, 2003

Committee guts $135 Million economic development bill in Wyoming:

February 26, 2003

Workshop Announcement and Link to Rocky Mountain Trade Corridor Activities:

February 25, 2003

Washington State must lift barriers to business:

February 24, 2003

What the IT Revolution Means for Regional Economic Development:

February 24, 2003

Digital Development- A Framework for applying Information Technology to Community Socioeconomic Development:

February 22, 2003

Eastern Idaho Technology corridor director, Chris Hertz pushes for unified regional development (You can get involved):

February 20, 2003

Business Recruitment tax breaks still alive and well despite Washington's budget woes:

February 20, 2003

Business Recruitment Tax Incentives Don't Ensure Jobs in Nebraska:

February 20, 2003

Council pushing high-tech stimulus in Oregon:

February 19, 2003

Cash to Recruit Companies Low in Utah:

February 19, 2003

Denver dangles unconventional lure - Trip, gifts offered for visitor referrals :

February 19, 2003

Gourmet food business workshops- "How to Start and Grow a Specialty Foods Business in Idaho" set for cities throughout Idaho:

February 18, 2003

Thriving Hometowns Network- Great resource for successful economic development studies:

February 15, 2003

Officials tell council tech corridor key to future of Eastern Idaho:

February 15, 2003

Reuteman: Colorado in position to gain after dust settles:

February 15, 2003

Grant will build Web sites for 200 Spokane regional firms:

February 15, 2003

Tiny technologies could help Oregon make it big:

February 14, 2003

High praise for biotech industry in Colorado-CU's Fitzsimons campus 'on its way' to top 10 in research:

February 14, 2003

Company still pursuing big strawboard plant in Washington State:

February 14, 2003

Un-plain ways to reinvent the Plains-Part 4 of a 4 part series.:

February 14, 2003

Town government ... when there's not much town to govern-The Great Plains frontier is faced with shrinking populations and mounting poverty Part 3 of a 4 part series:

February 13, 2003

Little farms on the prairie bow to a Wal-Mart era 'Promised land' struggles to diversify - and survive: Part 2 in the 4 Part Series:

February 12, 2003

Business fair ready to roll in Coeur d'Alene Feb. 19-Annual chamber event attracts 106 participants:

February 10, 2003

Job-creation efforts intensify in the Magic Valley- Idaho- Dell Computers a welcome addition:

February 8, 2003

Global push to tout the 'Utah brand':

February 8, 2003

USCO Logistics to Hire 300 for Spanish Fork, UT Site:

February 8, 2003

Utah Companies Courted by World:

February 8, 2003

High Biomedical potential in Spokane- Dr. Fred Silverstein of Frazier Healthcare Ventures says High-impact firms have plenty of reasons to grow here.:

February 7, 2003

T. Rex 'Sue' Makes a Splash in Idaho Falls:

February 6, 2003

Wyoming- No State Income Tax and $1.8 Billion Socked Away:

February 2, 2003

Intel's Stalled Dream in Utah:

February 1, 2003

Downtown Boise Association promotion plan leaves some leery-Merchants say it’s a bad time to increase fees:

January 30, 2003

More incentives sought for business in WA:

January 28, 2003

Investors banking on Colo. firms Venture capital up in 4th quarter :

January 24, 2003

Salt Lake Chamber, Downtown Alliance Explore Merger:

January 24, 2003

The lessons of PAXIS- How Europeon regions are cooperating and supporting innovative start-ups, :

January 23, 2003

Among 4 States, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, a Great Divide in Fortunes:

January 23, 2003

The New Continental Divide:

January 22, 2003

Rural businesses strain country calm:

January 21, 2003

Canada considers Denver for consulate Ally to the north is state's top trading partner :

January 17, 2003

Training program paying off in Idaho:

January 16, 2003

Idaho Agrees to Allow Out of State Timber Sale Bids:

January 16, 2003

Plugging the brain drain-States fret over losing their young, educated workers, and many are scrambling for ways to stop the outward flow:

January 16, 2003

Designing a brain drain plug:

January 16, 2003

Town sees economic salvation in huge lava lamp:

January 14, 2003

Business leaders say that addressing New Mexico's economic woes in the 2003 Legislature will provide the impetus to remedying the state's other top concerns:

January 14, 2003

2003 North Dakota State of the State Address-Gov. Hoeven Asks North Dakota to Invest in Smart Growth :

January 13, 2003

Colorado Cities seek to keep workers near home Regional planners target 'jobs/housing balance' :

January 9, 2003

Next challenge for (North Dakota) lawmakers:

January 9, 2003

Plan offers old name, new twist in North Dakota- a contemporary homestead act – offering tax credits and venture capital instead of free land to attract adventuresome souls to repopulate the Great Plains. :

January 3, 2003

SBA Newsline Eight- Volume 9 - Issue 1 :

January 3, 2003

Sheridan WY revamps economic development efforts:

January 2, 2003

South Dakota town has cheapest homes-Affordable Yankton South Dakota's housing prices worlds away from Palo Alto's:

January 1, 2003

Expert: North Dakota should shift from subsidies:

December 27, 2002

Bison industry looks to beef up consumption :

December 27, 2002

Spokane Chamber, EDC want new tax:

December 19, 2002

Businesses, State Launch Buy-Utah Campaign:

December 17, 2002

Update on the Inland Northwest Economic Adjustment Strategy November 2002:

December 17, 2002

Growing engineers initiative in Utah making a difference:

December 17, 2002

Depressed towns' money best spent on leadership :

December 14, 2002

Spokane promotion uses high-tech pitch - CD-ROM production uses multimedia to showcase region :

December 8, 2002

Western governors OK a strategic plan for '03 -Group stresses tourism, security and economics:

December 8, 2002

Tech Showcase II will highlight energy innovations-Region's companies to have products on display :

December 5, 2002

North Dakota Governor Proposes State Venture Fund and Other Programs to Improve the Economy:

December 5, 2002

Utah's Chief Information Officer Leaves Post :

December 2, 2002

Spokane Area's tech talent has energy to succeed:

December 1, 2002

Bank Fosters Economic Development for Alaska Indians:

November 30, 2002

Cluster of biotech businesses in Colorado should grow naturally:

November 27, 2002

High hopes for high tech-New organization hopes to establish technology corridor in southeast Idaho:

November 26, 2002

Spo-d’Alene? Feds want to settle regional economic development question:

November 25, 2002

A tale of taters and techies -A remote corner of Idaho (Ida-who?) may give Silicon Valley a run for its money:

November 24, 2002

Economic Memo: The state of the region-Only Montana shows hope:

November 23, 2002

Ranchers still dream of beef processing plant, with new approach:

November 21, 2002

Yah, Marge, It Gets Cold Here,But Growth Has Been Pretty Hot-Experiencing an Unlikely Boom, Workers in Fargo Are a Bit Scarce:

November 21, 2002

Oregon Group suggests initiatives to spur Oregon's economy-Budget crisis or not, Oregon needs to invest in the foundations of its high-tech economy -- or risk watching it wither.:

November 20, 2002

Chips to drive next Internet boom, says National Semi CEO:

November 11, 2002

The Idaho Science and Technology Advisory Council:

November 9, 2002

Intec finds second role in economy:

November 8, 2002

Editorial:Business leaders on the right track in Idaho- Sprucing up our regional economy must start with proper education funding :

November 6, 2002

Lakota Fund makes Pine Ridge business grow:

November 4, 2002

INTEC (Inland Northwest Technology Education Center) helps define economic prosperity:

November 4, 2002

Looking to the future-Leaders give Pocatello’s economy mixed marks:

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