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Funding and Building your Business News

Recruiters overrate these job skills, screwing over everyone:

A hot startup raised $66 million in 5 days using these 24 slides:

Tech investors are throwing money at Front, a five-year-old startup that aims to change the way teams get work done. The startup makes a shared-inbox app that lets teams handle messages from email, texts, ...

7 ways in which blockchain is defining entrepreneurship:

3 Ways Your Business Can Attract New Grads:

As colleges wrap up the academic year, a new wave of talent enters the job market. While job hunting may cause anxiety for recent graduates, there's plenty of pressure on businesses looking to add the ...

Welcome To The Missoula Mastermind - Every Thursday Morning - Missoula:

In Master Key to Riches, Napoleon Hill says, "Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth." Here in Missoula Montana like-minded entrepreneurs come together ...
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This Secret 1930s Tradition Is Suddenly All the Rage With CEOs - Welcome To The Missoula Mastermind - Every Thursday Morning:

Mastermind groups are quietly gaining steam. Can peer mentoring solve your problems? By Kate Rockwood *** Welcome ...

Confessions of an In-Demand Developer: How Too Many Job Offers Helped Me Craft My Own Coding Consultancy Company:

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Naming Your New Business:

Congratulations! You've decided to start your own business. One of the most important decisions you will make is what to call your new business. Entrepreneurs often overlook the importance of selecting ...

What if we killed the job interview?:

All I Know About Marketing I Learned From Margaritas:

6 Reasons Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs:

Motherhood and entrepreneurship have a lot in common, meaning raising kids can do wonders in preparing you to run a business. To all women who have raised kids, if you are new to entrepreneurship, ...

How to Ensure More Women Succeed in the C-Suite: Start Grooming Them Now:

7 'Best Practices' Have To Change For Survival Today:

Most companies today claim they are embarked on a transformation to ensure their long-term survival in this era of disruption and rapid change. But in their day-to-day practices, many of their leaders ...

This CEO Says data and A.I. are at the center of the modern business:

Design your next meeting backwards--here's how:

Harvard's New Data Science Program Signals a Big Shift for Businesses:

The fact that elite universities are now investing in -- and seeing results from -- data science programs should send a signal to entrepreneurs: It's time to start seriously considering the implications ...

Can't Find Great Talent in Your Backyard? How Great Bosses Hire From Any ZIP Code or Country:

Businesses seek to expand opportunities for disabled workers:

Why Building a Company to Last and Building a Company to Sell Are the Same Thing:

These are the three things to invest in to build employee loyalty:

Valuing a business: a guide for small business owners:

How Disney is turning women from across the company into coders:

"You're about to learn what it means to be a software engineer. You're about to learn a lot about this company, and how technology is used to make the magic. But I think the biggest part is, you're going ...

27 Tech Entrepreneurs and How They Grow Their Companies:

Pick one and put it to work on your idea. At IdeaMensch, we hear from entrepreneurs from all walks of life - and we love it. Over the last several months, we received tons of groundbreaking interviews ...

Why You Need An Advisory Board Before A Business Plan:

How to Position Your Business for a Strategic Acquisition:

8 Ways Your Local University Can Benefit Your Startup:

Most aspiring entrepreneurs look to their alma mater, or any university, as a source of classes that can help them, but neglect to think outside the box or take advantage of all the other resources to ...

9 Revenue Models That Can Keep Your Business Thriving:

Every new business quickly realizes that revenue coming in every period on a committed basis is the Holy Grail to survival and growth. Based on traditional research, getting new customers is five to ten ...

GDPR in the USA: What's Next?:

GDPR-mania has arrived. With the new European Union (EU) law taking effect on May 25, 2018, the Internet will never be quite the same. Opinions on GDPR are all over the map, and lawsuits have already ...

Google admits those infamous brainteasers were completely useless for hiring:

How to Write Your First Killer Business Presentation:

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