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Beyond Meat Continues To Sizzle, Announces IPO:

Beyond Meat has received a lot of love and attention in the media since its founding in 2009, helped by backers that include Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, Tyson Foods, and Leonardo DiCaprio. ...

Seven brilliant inventions from the world's biggest student design show:

What does innovation look like without the pressures of commercial success? Design students operate in a space where their creations needn't answer to venture capitalists and Kickstarter crowds, making ...

Anti-aging compounds targeting Alzheimer's move closer to human trials:

Exciting research from a team at the Salk Institute is developing a new subclass of anti-aging compounds that are hoped to extend lifespan, reduce the molecular markers of aging, and slow the onset ...

10 Israeli Startups Shaping The Cities Of Tomorrow:

The 1939 "World of Tomorrow" fair in NYC presented an optimistic vision of the future which included robots, flights to outer space and automated freeway systems. A significant part of the fair was devoted ...

Computers Can't Read Minds Yet, but This Headset Developed by MIT Researchers Is Getting Close:

MIT researchers have designed a way to command computers and other devices, silently. The effect, they say, is like having the internet in your brain--or an AI bot on your shoulder. By Christine ...

Growing the future - High-tech farmers are using LED lights in ways that seem to border on science fiction:

Deep learning algorithm detects Alzheimer's up to six years before doctors:

A powerful new deep learning algorithm has been developed that can study PET scan images and effectively detect the onset of Alzheimer's disease up to six years earlier than current ...

Facebook and Google Sign on to Tim Berners-Lee's 'Contract for the Web':

Could llamas be the key to universal flu vaccine?:

A multinational team of antibody engineers thinks so. They've developed a new vaccine that protects against all strains of human flu, albeit only in mice so far, by leveraging an unusually small ...

This Startup Might Help You Recover From Heart Attacks and Strokes--for Less Than the Price of a New Car:

I wanted to hate San Francisco's new Amazon Go store. I loved it.:

Anti-aging drug cocktail teases significant lifespan extension in early experiments:

New research has found that a novel drug cocktail almost doubled the lifespan of a microscopic worm, the largest drug-induced lifespan extension in an animal ever reported. The study suggests that pharmacological ...

Google launches new search engine to help scientists find the datasets they need:

Rubber robot can detect leaks in pipes:

Exclusive: Lisa Strausfeld is developing a new kind of data viz:

'Swipe right to sue': DoNotPay - Now you can file lawsuits the same way you find hookups on Tinder:

Exorbitant legal fees, seemingly endless bureaucracy and an uncertain time investment mean that the decision to pursue legal action against a company or an individual is often fraught with hesitation. But ...

Can We Become Immortal? The Quest to Live Forever Through Technology:

Graphene May be The Key to Meeting All Future Bandwidth Demands:

Watch Boston Dynamics' Humanoid Robot Do Parkour:

Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot can do a lot of things I can't, including backflips and running through snow without falling on its face. Now add parkour to that list of feats. Yes, that parkour. ...

Undulating airport rides wave of timber construction:

Wooden construction is increasingly popular lately, and in the wake of innovative timber projects including towers, sports halls, and supertall skyscrapers, comes this recently-completed Philippine airport ...

Forget the Blood of Teens. This Pill Promises to Extend Life for a Nickel a Pop:

Richard Branson: Virgin Galactic will be in space within weeks:

New Research Might Mean the End of Flu Shots:

"Curing" death: Inside the conference dedicated to reversing human aging:

Let a 'Human Uber' Live Your Life So You Don't Have To:

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web:

When asked about this, Berners-Lee says flatly: “We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. ...

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web:

This man has helped shape Google search almost from the start:

Chemotherapy hydrogel could fight skin cancer from the outside:

Skin cancer might seem like the easiest cancer to deal with - after all, it's right there on the outside of the body, so removing it should be simple and safe, right? Unsurprisingly the reality is not ...

Retractable-spike winter boots give ice a kick in the rear:

Steel-spiked winter boots may be great on the ice, but on bare concrete or flooring - not so much. It was with this in mind that Canadian entrepreneur Darrell Bachmann created KickSpike boots ...

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