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May 2018

Wednesday, May 9
Open Public Meeting - A Call To Action: Public Lands & Waterways - 5/9 - Billings, Montana
9:00 AM
Billings Public Library
An Open Forum to Discuss Montana's Public Lands & the Management Decisions Necessary to Maintain Our Western Way of Life

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 12:00 noon

Billings Public Library

510 North Broadway, Billings, Montana

Sack Lunch Will Be Provided (please RSVP)

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Mark Azure: Former President of the Fort Belknap Indian

Community, Fort Belknap Agency

Ali Knapp: President, Wisetail LMS, Livingston

Justin Schaaf: Hunter & Angler, Fort Peck

Andrew McKean: Journalist, Glasgow

Tony Bynum: Outdoor Photographer, East Glacier

Erica Lightsizer: Professional Conservationist, Mediator, Bozeman

Event Host & Moderator: John Heenan

This event is an open public policy meeting that will collect guidance and feedback from people from many perspectives regarding proposed legislation to alter the existing laws protecting access to public lands and waterways in the State of Montana. Testimony will be recorded and documented and provided to members of the Montana Congressional Delegation, to the Governor of Montana and to members of the Montana State Legislature.

Panel participants in this event are not involved in the campaign or endorsing John Heenan as a candidate for the U.S. Congress.

A Statement Regarding This Event From John Heenan:

Open and honest dialog is critical to public land management. That means sitting down with Montanans of all stripes to discuss how to manage our shared landscapes and the uses that go along with them. Too often, decisions around public lands are made without the input of Montanans. Instead, legislation written by lobbyists and special interests with no stake in Montana's future are central to the decisions made that affect us all.

That needs to change. This public policy forum is focused on collecting information and informed perspective regarding public lands and their multitude of uses. Public lands belong to all Americans, regardless of income or resources. These lands are our summer grazing pastures, our hunting and hiking grounds and our energy reserves. Montanans deserve to have a say in how these lands are managed for all of us. That's what we want to do with this event - give Montanans the say on how public lands should be managed without the politics or special interests driving the process.
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