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April 2018

Wednesday, April 18
Resource Roundtable Workshop & Redevelopment Shark Tank - 4/18-19 - Lewistown, MT
8:00 AM

Have a site you're interested in redeveloping? Need some advice from national experts? Join us in Lewistown on April 18-19 for a "Similar to Shark Tank" Redevelopment and Resource Roundtable Workshop.

The workshop itself will provide each site sponsor time in front of an expert panel to explain their site, the specific issues and their needs to move the site forward to redevelopment.

This form will have been reviewed ahead of time by the panel, so the more complete the form is, the better and more specific the suggestions from the panel can be. All site sponsors are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. Each site sponsor will be assigned a specific time (likely 1 hour) for their presentation and the panel's reaction.

Please be aware of the short turnaround time on these forms as we will need to reach out to our partners to secure their participation in the workshop.

Please send any questions and return your completed form by January 26, 2018 to:

Mark Walker-

Blase Leven-

Jason Seyler-

Contact: Jason Seyler- or Blase Leven- or Mark Walker-

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