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January 2018

Tuesday, January 9
Missoula's Water Utility: Where Are We Now? - 1/9 - Missoula, Montana
7:00 PM
140 W Pine St, Missoula, MT
The battle over Missoula's water utility is finally over and the City of Missoula has owned the utility for the past 6 months. While the idea of a city-owned water utility seemed strange to some, in fact not owning the water utility was unusual. All of the other incorporated cities in Montana own and operate their own water utility. Missoula's former mayor John Toole said that not owning the water utility was the biggest mistake Missoula ever made back in its early days.

Tuesday, January 9 at 7 PM - 8:30 PM

What improvements will be made in the future?

How will these improvements be paid for?

Now that all the expenses of the purchase are in, how much did it end up costing? Is tax money paying for the water utility? What happened to the employees of Mountain Water?

These questions, and others, will be the subject of a free public forum "Missoula's Water Utility: Where are we now?" sponsored by the League of Women Voters Missoula Tuesday, January 9, at 7:00 pm in the City Council Chambers at 140 West Pine Street.

The City of Missoula is co-sponsoring this public meeting. Mayor Engen and several other city officials involved in the purchase and operation of Missoula's water utility will be present to give an update on the final purchase, current and future operations of the water utility and answer questions from the audience.

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