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January 2018

Thursday, January 11
The Impact Of Disruptive/Transformational Technologies In Transportation -Workplace And Workforce - 1/11 - Washington DC
8:00 AM
Convention Center 204B

Where: TRB 97th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.; Convention Center 204B

When: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Sponsored by the TRB Standing Committee on Transportation Education and Training

Workshop Description: The pressures of technological advancement within the personal and freight mobility spaces has created unprecedented challenges for employers and workforce development practitioners. How can the skillsets of current and future transportation sector workers be developed to address the rapid pace of innovation and new technologies in an increasingly dynamic and demanding workplace?

To address this challenge, the Federal Highway Administration Center for Transportation Workforce Development funded an initiative to identify the education, curriculum, training, and experiential learning required for post-secondary institutions to effectively deliver skilled and technically competent transportation workers for the next 15 years. Known as the National Transportation Career Pathways Initiative, this effort brings together academic and industry leadership to identify future workforce needs and how education and training at the technical school, community college, and university levels can be best designed to address those for the long term. As these discipline leaders work to create a framework to test implementation strategies at the post-secondary level, how can we design pathways that will succeed in supporting a future positive path for the transportation sector? This workshop will set the context for the project and invite in depth opportunities for practitioners and educators to provide their insights, feedback and perspectives on this effort.

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