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October 2017

Friday, October 20
AERO Expo And Annual Meeting 2017 Expo & Annual Meeting: Ready, Set, Lead - 10/20-22-Butte
8:45 AM
Now, perhaps more than ever, strong community leaders are central to Montanans' resiliency and sustainability. With that need in mind, we've claimed our intention to specifically focus on supporting the expansion and networking of community leadership around the state with our 2017 Expo & Annual Meeting theme: Ready, Set, Lead.

One of AERO's many gifts is its membership of individuals who hold a vision for resiliency and sustainability in their own lives, particularly through clean energy, healthy food, and sustainable agriculture practices that protect, sustain, and restore our natural resources. That makes each of us leaders. We support each other in our communities to bring our personal visions to fruition, and that makes our communities leaders. We reach out to each other across our state through our community efforts, and that makes our state a leader. That network, that crucial relationship between our individual visions and our community and state visions, is what we'll be celebrating and elevating at this year's meeting.

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