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February 2017

Monday, February 20
Full Time Web Development Boot Camp - Helena, 02/20, Helena, MT
9:00 AM
Are you looking to make a change in your career? To have more earning potential and be in the driver's seat of your future? Then look no further than a career in web development.

But where do you start? That's easy -- with us.

Kick off 2017 by joining the Big Sky Code Academy ( during its 3 month full time coding boot camp in Helena.

Mark your calendar: our 2017 Helena full time boot camp starts on February 20th and ends on May 19th. Classes are Monday -- Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

The boot camp covers everything you need to know to be job ready for a career in web development.

The training includes: wireframing, HTML5, CSS3, SaSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Express, SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, networks, and Git.

By the end of the boot camp, you will not only be able to build a project using all of the technologies learned, but we'll help ensure that you're ready to pitch and interview with potential employers (in Montana or elsewhere).

Our curriculum moves quickly and changes rapidly so that you are always learning what is current in the ever-changing computer sciences industry.

We focus on the most cutting-edge languages and technologies, like React.js and Node.js, meanwhile also focusing on languages and frameworks popular with Montana employers, such as PHP and ASP.NET -- all this to help ensure you're job ready.

Big Sky Code Academy combines instructor-led lectures with hands-on learning. You'll be programming before the end of the first week of classes.

Over the course of your class, you'll learn how to collaborate as part of a technical team while you produce high-quality software and work to develop, maintain, and change an application.

During your class, you will also work one-on-one with a career coach to practice talking about your resume and code portfolio (your examples of completed web development work) with a prospective employer.

Whether it's with our network of Montana employers or our exclusive network of global employers, Big Sky Code Academy does more than simply teach you to code. We help you get ready to build the career, future, and life you want for yourself.

Say "yes" to your future and apply today.


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