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LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a biotechnology company that uses proprietary technologies to develop a pipeline of therapeutic drugs and vaccines. Website >>

Signature Genomic Laboratories, LLC (Signature)'s mission is to provide outstanding genetic services using the latest diagnostic technologies. Website >>

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI) The mission of SBRI's nearly 200 staff members is to conduct targeted research leading to the prevention, diagnosis and cure of global infectious diseases. Website >>

Rocky Mountain Biologicals, Inc. (RMBI?O) is a life science company that is focused on providing the highest quality blood products to the to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as academic centers in the United States and abroad. Website >>

Montana Renewables makes non-toxic chemicals. Our goal is to reinvent the chemical industry with products designed for natural lifecycles. Made from renewable sources, our patented products biodegrade after use. Website >>

The Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association serves more than 450 companies, universities, academic institutions and others who represent the heart of Washington's life sciences community. Website >>
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