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Our goal is to use science to create conditions by which ecosystems heal themselves. Website >>

Natural Meats Montana is a vertically integrated producer, processor, and marketer of drug-free, premium beef based in Roscoe Website >>

Meyer Natural Angus. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No Kidding. Website >>

Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery is a family owned farm, processing and bakery enterprise, located in the headwaters area of Southwestern Montana. Website >>

Big Sky Tea-We are committed to producing the finest herbal tea blends available on the market for the discerning consumer...and invite you to savor a taste of the Big Sky! Website >>

Kamut Association of North America - Although the Kamut brand wheat is thousands of years old, it is a new addition to North American grain production. Website >>

Glacier Gourmet Garlic- Organically grown garlic for gourmet cooking and gardening seed. Website >>

Our mission at Land EKG, Inc. is to help farmers, ranchers and land managers to optimize profit from sunlight by creating healthy soil systems and diverse plant and animal communities. Website >>

Our Montana Specialty Forest Products Exchange provides buyers and sellers of forestry products and services with an online marketplace. Website >>

Painted Rocks Winery makes the finest Mead (Mead is a wine made from honey, water and yeast) in the land. Website >>

WELCOME to Montana's Mission Mountain market, northwest Montana's marketplace for the best and freshest local foods produced by our family farms and cottage industries.

Montana Specialty Mills, LLC (MSM) is an agricultural based company that contracts to grow, handle and store specialty crops. Website >>

Timeless Seeds- Worldwide suppliers of high quality certified organic legumes, specialty grains and edible seeds. Website >>

The taste of Montana Valley Hams just can't be copied. Website >>

The national Joint Fire Sciences Program (JFSP) was created in 1998 to promote research aimed at reducing hazard and mitigating wildfire impacts. Website >>

Cream of the West Cereals- Roasted Wheat, Roasted 7-Grain, Roasted Ranch Oats and Montana Crunch

Montina Amazing Grains- Gluten free grain and flour Website >>

The nonprofit Intermountain Roundwood Association represents the economic and educational interests of producers and marketers of roundwood and associated products in the Western United States. Website >>

The Montana MarketManager provides Montana grain producers with the tools and information necessary to maximize profits from wheat and barley markets. Website >>

North Dakota Ag Links- Everything Ag in North Dakota Website >>

Western Plant Breeders is a premier research and development company for cereal grains in the North America. Website >>

Idaho Wineries and Vineyards Website >>

Montana Range Brandâ„¢ Piedmontese Beef is exactly what consumers are looking for! Website >>

Agritourism World is the Internet Directory for Agritourism. Website >>

Cook Center - to increase the economic viability of farms and ranches, thereby enhancing the health of the land, open space and sustainable rural communities. Website >>

Lifeline Farm - Pure Organic Montana Raised Beef and Dairy. Website >>

Plum Creek - Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse private landowner in the nation. Website >>
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