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So biased and politically motivated. "Trust Us" they say. I live in the University
Neighborhood of Missoula and can only get 12 MPBS download max from Century Link. Just
unbelievable! Thanks to Arnie for helping us see the real story line of this corporate
ripoff in the making. Thank you Gov. Bullock for leading Montana and showing other states how
to combat this.
— Russ

Referring to article: Very informative conversation with President Trump's advisor on Net Neutrality, Dr. Roslyn Layton. Well worth a listen. (Feb 16th, 2018)

Are you a successful Montana entrepreneur who would like to be considered to speak or participate on
a panel at this conference? How could your experience benefit entrepreneurs and businesses in
coal country communities? contact Thanks,
— Russ

Referring to article: Strengthening Economies In Montana - A Forum For Coal-Reliant Communities - 4/18-19 - Billings, Montana (Feb 13th, 2018)

So much worse than Fox. Not even the pretrension of fair and balanced. Unbelievably bad for the
future of the U.S.
— Russ

Referring to article: Sinclair Broadcast Group solicits its news directors for its political fundraising efforts (Feb 10th, 2018)

This is wrong on so many levels and DOES NOT have the support of Montana's people. The
recreation and tourism economies are among the biggest in Montana and this legislation sends a
message to those interested in visiting Montana that we're taking away potential areas that remain
untouched by man for them to visit. This legislation should be removed from consideration
immediately before even more damage is done. It's our future.
— Russ

Referring to article: Daines touts bill to release wilderness study areas in Senate hearing (Feb 8th, 2018)

Dubai is home to engineers and technicians from all over the world. Today there are various
different [online engineering degree in
UAE]( and these foreign engineers are
enrolled in them to further improve their skills and to add new degrees to their CV. Surely this is
a great new phenomenon in the economy of UAE.
— Sheila Ogden

Referring to article: Montana campuses commit to improving outcomes for students (Oct 26th, 2017)

I'm sure there's someone or some group that wants to have the opportunity to keep this iconic
landmark and viable business going in downtown Missoula, especially as it's next door to the biggest
new tourist development project that Missoula has seen in downtown in many years. Call today
(406) 542-2449 if you'd like to see this historic business continue.
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula's Uptown Diner closing its doors (Feb 5th, 2018)

Unfortunately, this article ignores a major development that will probably preclude this string of
events. Autonomous cars will make it less and less attractive to personally own a car.
Subscription services will manage fleets of widely located vehicles that are available for use by
its members. These companies will develop their own systems for charging their fleets.
Conductive charging from solar collecting roads will eventually replace the grid as we know it.
These may be built by car subscription companies. These will be augmented by micro grid projects
that will generate power for small groups of consumers to reduce the requirement for extended
transmission systems. These may be augmented by subscription service locations that not only
generate power for their vehicles but also provide excess energy to the local grid when required.
Bottom line, Car Subscription companies may become a key element in our power needs beyond just
that needed for the vehicles they provide to subscribers.
— Russ

Referring to article: Electric Cars Could Destroy the Electric Grid--or Fix It Forever (Feb 4th, 2018)

Missoula County Commissioners did not debate the merits of Daines? bill, but, rather, decided to
focus our efforts on legislation that has a direct impact on Missoula County. Moreover, both the
Montana Wilderness Association and The Wilderness Society recommended that we NOT sign the letter in
question. We?ll be drafting our own letter supporting the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act
and talking about the importance of public process more generally, which applies to the WSA bill,
too. Best, Dave Dave Strohmaier Missoula County Commissioner 406.529.5580
— Dave Strohmaier

Referring to article: Missoula County to sign letter supporting Tester’s Blackfoot-Clearwater bill (Feb 2nd, 2018)

Grateful thanks to Rick Nash for preserving this building for its historic architecture that makes
downtown Missoula such an attractive place for business owners, Missoulians and those who want to
visit a town with real character. He could have easily made it look modern but by preserving it
he's ensured a historic view that is sadly disappearing in so many communities. Just wish other
historic as well as new buildings could emulate this architecture so that Missoula continues to be a
place people visit just for the history. Missoula thanks you Rick. Everytime I visit I can hear
history passing by in those historic vehicles in the shop.
— Russ

Referring to article: Zip Auto - Restoring a Missoula, Montana Auto Shop with a One-Track Mind (Jan 31st, 2018)

Might have been even more successful if all participants would have had mindfulness training
including a deep understanding of their own emotional intelligence. Podcast - Daniel Goleman:
Mindfulness, the Dalai Lama, and How You Can Be a Force for Good Eight VCs Explain How (And Why) They Assess Founders'
Emotional Intelligence Why Mindfulness Is Your New Secret
Weapon These Are The 4 Emotional-Intelligence Job Skills
You'll Need In The Future Mindfulness Coaching: Start
with Your Own Journey Emotional Intelligence - Tech's
Damaging Myth of the Loner Genius Nerd How to Tell if a
Potential Hire Has Emotional Intelligence Why Google,
Target, and General Mills Are Investing in Mindfulness The Emotional Intelligence Deficit -- How It Stifles
— Russ

Referring to article: How 'Teaming' Saved 33 Lives in the Chilean Mining Disaster - Real World Example of the Concepts of the UM Western Experience 1 Program (Jan 31st, 2018)

Icelanders put bankers in jail for tanking their economy. The only country to do so, I believe.
Seemed pretty creative to me!
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: Icelanders are super creative. Here's why (Jan 30th, 2018)

We spend a lot of money encouraging people to visit Montana. They are driving electric or hybrid
cars now and more will be driving them each day. Where is there a single map of all charging
stations in Montana that can be updated by anyone? Obviously new entries must be verified but
keeping an up to date map is crucial.
— Russ

Referring to article: Gov. Jerry Brown Calls for Five Million ZEVs on California Roads by 2030 (Jan 30th, 2018)

This has been an exceptionally successful Governor sponsored program for Wisconsin for years.
Montana should explore emulating this program to raise the level of excellence and the number of
high quality startups. We have so many successful Angel and VC investors who have homes here and
love the state but have never been asked "to play" in our entrepreneurial pool. Huge opportunity to
invite them to contribute to the future success of Montana. Not all will participate but enough
will to provide the sage advice and possible additional funding that is so crucial to a startup.
Huge opportunity!
— Russ

Referring to article: Count 'em down: Top 10 reasons to enter statewide B iz Plan Contest by Jan. 31 (Jan 30th, 2018)

For Missoula Jessica Morris has recommended It shows Gibson
Mansion Missoula Nissan Park Place Parking Garage Tesla Supercharger Are there others in
Missoula? It includes the entire world so please check your community to see if it's a complete
— Russ

Referring to article: Is there a map of all car charging stations in Montana more accurate than Plugshare or Tesla Supercharger ? (Jan 25th, 2018)

I count the first time I heard his voice from across the room as one of those memorable events that
you remember forever. Actually knowing him only made it better. I'd grown up in Colorado
devouring his films and loving the sport of skiing that he promoted to the level that it is today.
Many would have never attached two sticks to their feet to go hurtling down a mountain if not for
his incredible films with that voice adding a level of humor and wit that few can match. It was
always that voice that I heard in my head as I rode the chairlifts or glided through the pow pow.
Tonight we'll raise a glass and toast to a life well lived - hurtling from one near disaster to
another. Rest in Peace Warren. Thank you for stories and memories that will live long after the
snow melts.
— Russ

Referring to article: Warren Miller - 1924-2018 He spent his life lurching from one near disaster to another... - Montana now says goodbye to a great friend. (Jan 25th, 2018)

Coffee us usually drunk earlier in the day with beer later. Why not combine both in a single
business especially if you already have a brewery? Much better use of the physical facility and a
full time customer base.
— Russ

Referring to article: This new Boise coffee shop will feel like a beer brewery: 'We're marrying two worlds' (Jan 15th, 2018)

Now this is a true community discussion as opposed to phone call in events. I hope our other
legislators will emulate Sen. Tester's example of true community discussion with a wide range of
questions from a diverse group. Open invitation to all citizens with no editing or pre examining
of their questions. It's the only way we can have a true and open democracy.
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana Senator Jon Tester fields questions from Kalispell High School students as part of his "Montennial" tour (Jan 6th, 2018)

Congratulations to the staff of the Governor's Office of Economic Development. Given the tight
budgets and staffing constraints, they've provided an excellent record of Montana's economic success
in 2017. All Montanan's should be proud of this report and strive to make 2018 even better.
— Russ

Referring to article: 2017 Montana Economic Development Report (Jan 5th, 2018)

This is indeed a sad event for the future of Missoula and Montana. Wolf has been an outstanding
community leader who's professional efforts and winning personality have had a significant impact on
the success of our community. I can only hope that Wolf applies his skills and knowledge to a
worth effort so that his legacy of excellence can continue. All the best Wolf. Dinner is on me
when we next get together. Russ
— Russ

Referring to article: Federal funding cuts cost Missoula Job Service office manager Wolf Ametsbichler his job (Jan 5th, 2018)

I'm sure these rankings would change dramatically if we had roundabouts on Reserve St in Missoula (4
of the 5 worst intersections in Montana). The state should be putting its resources into
infrastructure that will encourage and accelerate the implementation of autonomous vehicles
throughout the state.
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana drivers are the worst in the nation, study shows (Dec 27th, 2017)

So, will it be just an office or will people be able to sweat there, too?
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: International fitness company ClassPass to open third North American office in Missoula, Montana (Dec 27th, 2017)

Go Chelsea - Go!
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana ranked #1 Hulu streaming state (Dec 20th, 2017)

Mr. Friess mentions "The Obama-era FCC imposed net neutrality rules in 2015 based on hypothetical
speculation. The result has hindered investment and innovation." It would prove helpful to know
specifically which investments were hindered due to net neutrality rules. The hindered investments
seem to be as hypothetical as the bugaboos. While it seems to be common sense that the rules
should be applied equally across the board, some of Mr. Feiss's reasoning appears circular. He
seems to be saying that we need it and yet we should not demand it because it is hindering
something. Montana's telecom businesses do not engage in discrimination, but could that be because
we have rules against it? Surely Mr. Feiss is not suggesting that the internet of today is the same
business environment that it was when it was created. That would be like comparing the Wild West of
Montana's frontier years to the Missoula of today. ~Kim Morisaki
— Kim Morisaki

Referring to article: Attention Concerned Montana Businesses - Your opportunity to add your name to this Net Neutrality letter from The Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development. (Dec 15th, 2017)

On behalf of Montana's rural telecom providers, who invest nearly $100 million a year in deploying
advanced broadband infrastructure in one of the highest cost, least densely populated regions in the
nation, I urge you NOT to join Mr. Fichtler's crusade to re-impose heavy-handed, ex ante,
discriminatory regulations based on imaginary bugaboos. The Internet came to be, as did a host of
innovative broadband products and services, WITHOUT any "net neutrality" rules. The Obama-era FCC
imposed net neutrality rules in 2015 based on hypothetical speculation. The result has hindered
investment and innovation. Ironically, while Montana's rural telecom providers have not and do not
discriminate, violate customer privacy or engage in anticompetitive behavior, the proponents of net
neutrality rules--"edge" providers like Google, Facebook, Amazon et al.--regularly engage in the
very practices they rail against. (Google was fined $2Billion in Europe for anticompetitive
practices.) We need regulatory parity--rules that apply equitably to all players in the Internet
ecosystem. We cannot afford to have the government pick winners and losers--consumers are the
ultimate losers in that game. As the Obama-era chairman of the Federal Trade Commission wrote in
the Wall St. Jrnl., "Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now expressing interest in pursuing
net-neutrality legislation. If they can get beyond partisanship and focus on practical solutions,
Congress could cement a meaningful and permanent resolution to an issue that should have been
resolved a long time ago. In the meantime though, the sky isn't falling. Consumers will remain
protected, and the internet will continue to thrive." I would have appreciated a call from the
Governor's Chief "Development" officer prior to his jumping on a bandwagon that embraces a 1930's
regulatory framework and would restrict innovation and competition in Montana--presumably activities
that a chief development officer would embrace rather than oppose.
— Geoff Feiss

Referring to article: Attention Concerned Montana Businesses - Your opportunity to add your name to this Net Neutrality letter from The Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development. (Dec 15th, 2017)

Installing a chip in the brain and immediately being able to speak every language or play the piano
like Chopin can't be that far behind....?
— Russ

Referring to article: Scientists 'Inject' Information into Brains of Monkeys Using Electrical Currents (Dec 13th, 2017)

I was happy that the privy to our farmhouse wasn't that far out back. Times have certainly
changed as has the definition of "farmhouse".
— Russ

Referring to article: For Sale: Western Farmhouse in Montana's Scenic Bitterroot Valley (Dec 7th, 2017)

What crap. Just like the airlines. Will the next step be to charge drivers for the bags they put
into the car. What is it with U.S. businesses that are constantly trying to see how they can
nickel and dime their clients with stupid fees? It's a terrible way to do business.
— Russ

Referring to article: BEWARE - Car rental companies find a way to ding motorists for electronic tolling (Dec 2nd, 2017)

Possible Montana "petting zoo" to comfort while also keeping your staff on their toes: Bull
Elk Buffalo Mountain Lion Grizzly all fully grown.
— Russ

Referring to article: Petting zoos at the office are the latest perk for stressed-out employees (Dec 1st, 2017)

How is the inevitable implementation of autonomous travel going to impact this concept? No
longer will our living environment be controlled by our reliance on having individually owned
vehicles. Great changes are on the way that we need to plan for now.
— Russ

Referring to article: The Block Fallacy, or How Not to Build a Circulation System (Nov 29th, 2017)

I hope that Montana's middle schools will take advantage of this great opportunity to give our
future programming experts an unfair advantage as they compete for college classes as well as their
career opportunities. I can see no better collaboration than for our Montana middle schools to
work with the Big Sky Code Academy and Montana Code Girls to maximize the benefits of the Project Lead the Way and
Verizon program.
— Russ

Referring to article: Colorado colleges overflowing with huge wave of computer science students (Nov 29th, 2017)

This is a great opportunity to give our future computer experts an advantage by starting their
skills training early in their lives. This will not only give them an unfair advantage when
they apply for college but also give them practical experience that can only enhance their
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana middle schools can apply for grants to add computer science courses (Nov 29th, 2017)

I'm only getting 8 Mpbs in the University district of Missoula for $45 a month from Century Link and
it's obviously terrible. Anyone know of any better service I could get?
— Russ

Referring to article: Broadband bang per buck: How your country rates on speed versus cost (Nov 27th, 2017)

— Russ

Referring to article: Wave Broadband brings gigabit-speed internet to all customers in Washington, Oregon, California (Nov 16th, 2017)

Alas, the harm that the auto has wreaked upon the urban fabric may transform. Highways turned into
greenways, boulevards into retail centers, garages into ADUs. The auto industry is looking as soon
as ten years for the demise of the individually owned car. I'm wondering what happened to the
millions of autos that were trashed in the Houston storm? Can the frames, and salvaged parts be
converted into electric vehicles? This situation is tiny compared to quantity of obsolete vehicles
once driver-less cars dominate.
— Tim Skufca

Referring to article: The Great Transportation Wormhole: Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles? (Nov 8th, 2017)

"95% of U.S. car miles will be traveled in self-driving, electric, shared vehicles by 2030." How is Missoula preparing for the inevitable exceptional
opportunities that will come to the built environment with the tsunami of autonomous travel?
Things that will change: Many fewer vehicles Retail will be done online and automatically
- visiting a store will be either for entertainment or product comparison. This includes the many
many hours we spend each year grocery shopping. Traffic lights, stop signs, parking, 4 lane
roads, traffic cops, parking meters... the list goes on and on but the main one for the design
discussion will be the removal of our focus on carcatecture with buildings and traffic corridors
based on individually driven cars. Our opportunities are only limited by our ability to
creatively think about what the future of Missoula will look like.
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula inching forward with tools to manage design standards, guidelines (Nov 11th, 2017)

The State with the Best Education Wins!
— Russ

Referring to article: Public education rules Montana's economy (Nov 9th, 2017)

"As early as 2021, just over three years from now, traveling by a shared vehicle will be four to 10
times cheaper than buying a new car. Even if your vehicle is paid off, it will be two to four times
cheaper to summon a shared vehicle. Uber, Lyft, and other car sharing companies are just the
beginning. The tipping point will occur when private vehicle ownership is deemed unnecessarily by
the majority. According to the report this tipping point will occur soon. Because each shared
vehicle will satisfy the travel demands of multiple people each day, the total number of vehicles
needed is projected to drop dramatically. The report highlights that, "as demand for new vehicles
plummets, 70 percent fewer passenger cars and trucks will be manufactured each year. This could
result in total disruption of the car value chain, with car dealers, maintenance and insurance
companies suffering almost complete destruction." Beyond the many changes to the economy, social
disruption associated with dramatically reduced automobile ownership is another area that is
arguably far-reaching and difficult to predict." What will we do with unused home garages?
Parking garages? 4 lane freeways? Huge parking lots at stores, offices, venues etc.? The end
of carcatecture is coming much faster than any of us realize.
— Russ

Referring to article: The Great Transportation Wormhole: Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles? (Nov 8th, 2017)

I think the day of the self-driving vehicle will definitely come. The removal of the current
driver-operated inventory of vehicles is going to take quite some time. Those vehicles will have
residual presence because of their value to owners, the amount of infrastructure created for them,
the number of people employed in repairing and maintaining them. Lastly, the sheer physicality of
all those vehicles means there will be a need to dispose of or store millions of vehicles. This is
both a problem and an opportunity.
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: The Great Transportation Wormhole: Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles? (Nov 8th, 2017)

How will you and your family participate in your community next week?
— Russ

Referring to article: A New Generation Is Returning to Practice the Small-Town Art of Participation (Nov 4th, 2017)

Once again Rob and Terry Ryan have come through to support a very important element of the education
system of the Bitterroot. Their ongoing support of Bitterroot Literacy should be a standard by
which others use their resources to support this and similar organizations. Thanks to Rob and
Terry, the Bitterroot is an even richer and more fulfilling place to live, learn and succeed.
Thank you Rob and Terry.
— Russ

Referring to article: Literacy Bitterroot receives $200,000 grant from the Rob and Terry Ryan Foundation to help ease budget shortfall (Oct 31st, 2017)

The end of the individually owned car centered environment (carcatecture) is coming. Will your
community be ahead or behind the significant modifications that will be possible to fully benefit
from the transportation and design changes that will impact all of us in uncountable
ways? Here's what Missoula has done to prepare for this revolution. 2016 Missoula Long
Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Missoula Design Excellence
— Russ

Referring to article: Planning in the Face of Transportation Revolutions (Oct 30th, 2017)

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who made this possible!
— Jim Haynes from Dallas

Referring to article: PR pros from across the state team up to relaunch Montana Chapter of Public Relations Society of America (Oct 23rd, 2017)

Future elements not considered in this report: 1. People will not own nor drive cars - they will
subscribe to an oncall service. Driving your own car will have a sigma similar to walking into a
crowded bakery and lighting up a cigar with a flamethrower. 2. Car fleets will have their own
system for recharging. 3. Conductive charging will be incorporated to a complete re-build of our
travel corridors. These will also generate significant additional energy for consumption to replace
traditional generation sources. 4. The end of "Carcatecture" will have as great an impact on our
lives as did the introduction of the computer. No longer will just about everything we do revolve in
some way around our transportation and mechanical systems.
— Russ

Referring to article: The Future of the Nation's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (Oct 27th, 2017)

Janet Cornish is one of Montana's experts in TIF and was a great colleague. I wish I could attend
her workshop and contribute my thoughts to the use and future of TIF in Montana. Anyone who attends
this workshop is guaranteed to learn something from it!
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: Tax Increment Financing In Montana - 10/24 - Butte, Montana (Oct 16th, 2017)

It's all about saving your most precious commodity - TIME.
— Russ

Referring to article: Walmart wants to send people into your house to stock the fridge -- even when you're not home (Sep 24th, 2017)

It's no wonder that there is an opioid crisis in the U.S. I recently had shoulder surgery and
received 45 Oxycodone with a refill for 45 more. I'm sure they were following instructions but
everyone involved in the surgery urged me to "stay ahead of the pain" and take multiple pills every
4 hours. I was concerned about the pending pain so I took 2 upon returning home and went to bed.
I took 1 more the next morning just to be sure. I guess I was lucky because I never did
experience that much pain and stopped taking them completely. I still felt weird the next
day. When I told a friend who's very involved in healthcare investing that I was going to have
surgery, his email consisted of "Don't get hooked." I didn't fully understand it at the time but I
do now. A physician friend of mine said that some people can get hooked in as little as 2
days. I can now see how that happens. We've got to do something about this now!
— Russ

Referring to article: Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers (Sep 18th, 2017)

Just received this from Arivale CMO Sean Bell: "You'll be happy to know, as of last week, the
Arivale program is now available nationwide with the exception of New York! Interested
individuals can sign up using the following link: You'll note
that we revised the price substantially. Regards, Sean"
— Russ

Referring to article: Video of Previous Presentation at the University of Montana- Missoula native Dr. Leroy Hood's "Determined Optimism" and P4 Medicine is going to revolutionize healthcare beyond your wildest imagination - (Dec 14th, 2016)

Just heard from Arivale CBO, Sean Bell: You'll be happy to know, as of last week, the Arivale
program is now available nationwide with the exception of New York! Interested individuals can
sign up using the following link: You'll note that we revised
the price substantially.
— Russ

Referring to article: City Club Missoula - Missoula hospital execs say city's health care industry remains strong (Sep 12th, 2017)

The education system provides a new learning system for everyone. Most of the students can?t
complete his/her study or work in a small company. But now education is upgraded and develop an
online portal for every student who wants to grow fast and get a valuable degree. Online education
is very useful and easy process to enroll in it, there are well-qualified teaching staff and
professional lecturers who gives a new knowledge and awareness.
— Julian

Referring to article: Gazette opinion: What Billings can learn from Missoula about education success (Feb 8th, 2016)

Impressive list of finalists. The U of M is going to be in great hands with any of these
outstanding educators.
— Russ

Referring to article: Four Finalists for UM Presidency to Visit Campus (Sep 6th, 2017)

This is outstanding news for Montana's future leaders. There are many examples of students running
computer repair organizations within their school and catering to the public as well. Not only does
it give them real world experience in the technology of hardware but it also gives them
entrepreneurial experience. There are even examples where the students have taken over major
segments of the total IT program within their school including both hardware and software management
on the enterprise level. Nothing better than experiential learning to prepare students for the
future. Congratulations to Devin and Keegan and all the best for this exciting relationship.
— Russ

Referring to article: Keegan Nicholson, founder of ReLaptops, has joined forces with the America Campaign - the company behind Big Sky Code Academy and Montana Code Girls - to grow the program into Laptops for Students. (Sep 6th, 2017)

So many great memories, new friends, happy meals, goats running rampant.... I only hope they
rebuild it as it was and not all fancied up.
— Russ

Referring to article: Glacier Park's Sperry Chalet burns down (Sep 1st, 2017)

Thank you Ethan. He was an inspiration to us all. His leadership, generosity and kindness will be
— Russ

Referring to article: MAPS Video: Montana Afterschool programs across Montana and the difference they make for students, parents and the larger community. (Aug 24th, 2017)

Thank You to all who believed in my fathers vision and followed through to make it a reality. He
would (is) smiling in heaven. Blessings Always, Ethan Siegel
— Ethan Siegel

Referring to article: MAPS Video: Montana Afterschool programs across Montana and the difference they make for students, parents and the larger community. (Aug 24th, 2017)

A great loss to the University of Montana and Montana in general but hopefully he can find a more
influential platform to carry on his mission of saving us from ourselves. Carry on Steve and
Don't stay Calm!
— Russ

Referring to article: Set To Retire, University of Montana's Steve Running Talks Climate Wars, Activism And Nobel Prize Win (Aug 25th, 2017)

It is an honor and pleasure to have partnered with MT 21st CCLC programs since 2011. Through this
partnership not only did F1 In Schools begin, but AWIM (A World in Motion) took root. The
positive impact of students' lives has taken on a life of its own as shown through these
testimonials. My only regret is that Arne Siegel who began this quest years ago, is no longer
with us and will not be watching this amazing tribute to his legacy. Thank you, Mary Ellen
Earnhardt, 21st CCLC and the Montana Ambassadors who believed enough in this partnership to change
the world, one student at a time! Sincerely, Pat Schneider, RMAI Regional Consultant for SAE
— Pat Schneider

Referring to article: MAPS Video: Montana Afterschool programs across Montana and the difference they make for students, parents and the larger community. (Aug 24th, 2017)

This is a great loss for the University of Montana but I hope that it will give Dr. Running the
opportunity to have a much greater platform to inform and educate to the dangers of climate change
that he's championed for years. All the best to Steve. I hope we hear more from you on the
world stage. It's the future of the human race that you're trying to save.
— Russ

Referring to article: Lauded climate scientist Steve Running takes buyout from University of Montana (Aug 11th, 2017)

Completely agree Russ. He's confusing seed capital with revenue and ignoring the fact that they both
require an ability to create a compelling value proposition!
— Paul Gladen

Referring to article: Lack of seed money hinders new businesses in Montana (Aug 3rd, 2017)

I'm afraid Mr. Lovato is misinformed in his view that there is no seed capital in Montana for
startups with great models that solve big problems. His comment is TRUE for small services
businesses who have no differentiation or unique IP. But suggesting that there is a lack of seed
capital in MT in general isn?t even remotely true, and tends to psychologically drive entrepreneurs
of all stripes to seek investment outside the state when there are terrific options right
here. Frontier Angels alone will invest $10M or so over the next 3 years, and that's probably
only 25% of the total seed capital available. Homestake is also a great option for coompanies
like this. We need to start telling the positive side of the investment capital availability story
whenever someone wants to complain that they couldn?t get their business funded. There is capital
available but the idea needs to be able to compete on the global stage and become a world leading
company. Any company is competing for the same money as tomorrow's Google and Apple. It has to be
a big idea with a world class management team and either a significant interest from a number of
potential clients or actual sales. A dollar can be invested anywhere so entrepreneurs in Montana
are not competing for money that's solely destined for Montana. Montana's entrepreneurs need to
step up and show that they can compete on the world stage and understand how they can earn a
significant amount of money from a global customer base. If they do, the seed money as well as
multiple stages are there.
— Russ Fletcher

Referring to article: Lack of seed money hinders new businesses in Montana (Aug 3rd, 2017)

Every entrepreneur should remember that the single most important element to everyone is time.
Anything that can maximize the value of an individual's time could be a major success story. We
only have so many seconds in our life. Our goal should be to use each one as useful to
ourselves as possible.
— Russ

Referring to article: 'Buying Time' Can Provide a Path to Happiness (Jul 26th, 2017)

A key member of this effort must include the parents from the very earliest stages of the child's
life. No exceptions. Everyone, no matter if this is their first child or one of many, must have
the help of a community of experts who can help that child become the very best they can be.
— Russ

Referring to article: "Better Education Starts With Adults: Our treatment of educators and leaders is key to improving early childhood education." (Jul 26th, 2017)

WHY is this the norm? Unbelievable and certainly not sustainable.
— Russ

Referring to article: Major company CEOs made 271 times the typical U.S. worker in 2016 (Jul 24th, 2017)

Glad they're only using the residue. If it was the whiskey itself, I'd vote for walking and
drinking the whiskey. Exercise combined with enjoyment. Best of both worlds.
— Russ

Referring to article: Scotland is powering cars using whisky (Jul 7th, 2017)

Well that means we're screwed here in Montana with our huge herds of roos traveling the valleys of
Montana. Especially tough when you hit one with antlers.
— Russ

Referring to article: Self-driving cars can handle anything, except kangaroos (Jul 1st, 2017)

Well that means we're screwed here in Montana with our huge herds of roos traveling the valleys of
Montana. Especially tough when you hit one with antlers.
— Russ

Referring to article: Self-driving cars can handle anything, except kangaroos (Jul 1st, 2017)

Joanie and I attended the Innovation Symposium last year and enjoyed every aspect of it: excellent
speakers, plenty of interface with other participants, and good group discussions. We have
registered again this year - hope to see you there!
— Chuck Tooley

Referring to article: Great introduction video for the 2016 Montana Innovation Symposium in Billings, MT. All are encouraged to participate. It's our future! (Jun 3rd, 2017)

It's all about data that's available to everyone that they can analyze through interactive
dashboards every day to see how well the process is going and then share their observations with
others. Step 1 - Take an inventory of anything and everything that could have an impact on
success. Step 2 - Set short, medium and long term goals based on best paths to success indicated
by the inventory data. Step 3 - Monitor all elements on a daily basis and modify actions when
warranted to achieve success. Fail fast - fail often is the way to achieve success.
— Russ

Referring to article: 5 Best Practices for Economic Developers (May 19th, 2017)

Rep. Tschida and Rep. McConnell, Thank you for again exemplifying the ability to share "New Ideas
and a Free Exchange of Thought" by Montana's leaders. You truly set an example that I hope more
will emulate.
— Russ

Referring to article: Lawmakers discuss 2017 Legislature and stress bipartisanship at City Club Missoula luncheon (May 16th, 2017)

It's all about data that's available to everyone that they can analyze through interactive
dashboards every day to see how well the process is going and then share their observations with
others. Step 1 - Take an inventory of anything and everything that could have an impact on
success. Step 2 - Set short, medium and long term goals based on best paths to success indicated
by the inventory data. Step 3 - Monitor all elements on a daily basis and modify actions when
warranted to achieve success. Fail fast - fail often is the way to achieve success.
— Russ

Referring to article: 'Off the rails': How Bozeman, Montana's push to think big picture amid growth went astray (May 14th, 2017)

Much appreciated and continuing support for Montana's growing entrepreneurial community. Many
thanks Senator.
— Russ

Referring to article: Senator Tester Highlights Montana Small Businesses During Defense Hearing (May 3rd, 2017)

Let er buck!!!!
— Russ

Referring to article: They need your help - Helmville, Montana (est. pop. 250) scrambles to save iconic rodeo grandstand - "one of Montana's and the American West's most treasured traditional historic rodeos." (May 1st, 2017)

Wow - One of the great original ranch town rodeos in trouble. Needing donations to keep this
original going - in the valley with perhaps the most Land Conservation ranches. Help if you can.
Link in article. Thanks!
— Ray W.

Referring to article: They need your help - Helmville, Montana (est. pop. 250) scrambles to save iconic rodeo grandstand - "one of Montana's and the American West's most treasured traditional historic rodeos." (May 1st, 2017)

While it's wonderful that the Kauffman Foundation has explored the great entrepreneurial ecosystems
in Missoula and Bozeman, I'm afraid the research failed to acknowledge the significant leadership
that organizations such as the Montana Dept of Commerce, Montana Governor's Office of Economic
Development, The Montana Economic Developers Association, The Montana Ambassadors, The Montana
Associated Technology Roundtable and many others have contributed to this success. It also
fails to acknowledge the contributions of networking efforts including, 1 Million Cups,
City Club Missoula and others. It also fails to acknowledge those entrepreneurs who have built
the foundation for the success in Missoula, especially Steve Saroff and Glenn Kreisel. Here's
just one chapter of their outstanding success story: Three of Missoula's Best and Most
Successful Entrepreneurs Have you ever hung up on a caller three times before figuring out
it's a company that wants to buy your company? How about measuring the linear footage of books at
Barnes and Noble to figure out the focus of your new startup? Ever considered the real problems
you're opening your company to by getting a patent? How about the Missoula company with no debt,
no investors and only 5 employees making millions with an 85+% profit margin that is now part of
Dell? Full Story:
— Russ

Referring to article: Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - "A New frontier: Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana" (Apr 30th, 2017)

Russ, Thanks for being such a strong supporter of the clean economy! -Brad
— Bradley Layton

Referring to article: Today's Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal (Apr 25th, 2017)

A glass of wine at sunset on the porch watching the waves amble across the lake at The
Lodges.... Priceless
— Russ & Alexis

Referring to article: The Lodges on Seeley Lake - Montana at its best (Apr 23rd, 2017)

Enter the Matrix!
— Bradley Layton

Referring to article: Elon Musk's masterplan for humanity's future is beyond your wildest sci-fi dreams (Apr 21st, 2017)

Words cannot express my admiration for Peter's life and his dedication to the future leaders of
Montana. A fitting legacy will be to see his vision and passion grow throughout Montana so that
every school child can participate in the MAPS program. Truly a great Montana Ambassador.
— Russ

Referring to article: Peter Rosten, Founder of MAPS Passes Away (Apr 19th, 2017)

Let's do this in Rural Montana - give me a call if you have ideas.
— Anne Boothe

Referring to article: Video: Creative Placemaking: Economic Development for the Next Generation (Apr 18th, 2017)

Way to go Montana! Let's keep up the great momentum!
— Bradley Layton

Referring to article: Montana Ranks #1 in the The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship - Missoula ranked 9th and Bozeman 12th in their startup rate (Apr 17th, 2017)

Many many Japanese love Montana and the cachet of Big Sky Country. Many many Japanese love booze.
What a great combination!!!
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana brewers, distillers consider exporting to Japan (Apr 16th, 2017)

Sounds brilliant. Often all I need to work on fixing things is somebody to inspire me and back me
up if I get stuck.
— Alexis Volkerts

Referring to article: Inspiring America: Neighbors Help Each Other at "Repair Cafe" - Is there one in your community? (Apr 12th, 2017)

Best place to be an entrepreneur who can gain success while still living a fulfilling life that
includes the wilds of Montana right out your door.
— Russ

Referring to article: Happy #406 Day From Gov. Steve Bullock (Apr 6th, 2017)

City Club Missoula is fulfilling this challenge through its monthly
forums that have hosted and will continue to host community discussions on a wide range of topics
pertinent to our future. I would encourage every other community to contact CCM and learn more
about the process and the resulting community dialogue that continues well after the
gatherings. I would encourage everyone who has a suggestion for a community forum to contact
CCM: Call: 541-CITY Email: Mail: P.O. Box 9071,
Missoula, Montana 59807 Please join your fellow citizens at the next forum: City Club Missoula
Presents: The Enigma Of Growth In Missoula - 4/10 - Missoula, Montana You can read about the history of CCM here:
— Russ Fletcher

Referring to article: Local Media Know the Problems; How About Helping Communities Get to Solutions? (Mar 30th, 2017)

I can't wait for the time when this won't be a headline. It won't be long before it won't be
unusual for an all girls team to win. It will just be normal.
— Russ

Referring to article: All-girls robotics team wins international competition (Mar 30th, 2017)

I attended the Houses Judiciary Committee hearing on SB 305, a bill to allow Montana Counties to
conduct the upcoming special election by mail in ballot. Supporters of the bill WAY out numbered the
opponents and supporters drove from as far away as Roosevelt County(400 miles). It became
clear that there were more people who wanted to get their views on the record so the Chair of the
committee ruled that there would be no more testimony. Then things got interesting. Ellie Hill
objected and asked that the citizens who traveled so far be given the courtesy of having been heard.
The chair, backed by the committee majority Republicans, shut that down. When a very nice and
feisty senior citizen on a fixed income from Helena stood up to say her piece, the Chair gaveled her
down and they cut her mic. THEN, the Chair ordered the Sergeant at arms to clear the hearing room.
After things settled down, people were allowed back in the hearing room and were allowed to
submit written testimony and give their names and community and affiliation on the record. Then we
heard the opponents. I felt their arguments were weak and not substantial. Don't know at this
point what was decided, but the optics were terrible for the Chair, in my opinion. Geoff
— Geoff

Referring to article: Video: Hearing on Montana vote-by-mail election gets rowdy, room has to be cleared (Mar 24th, 2017)

I attended the Houses Judiciary Committee hearing on SB 305, a bill to allow Montana Counties to
conduct the upcoming special election by mail in ballot. Supporters of the bill WAY out numbered the
opponents and supporters drove from as far away as Roosevelt County(400 miles). It became
clear that there were more people who wanted to get their views on the record so the Chair of the
committee ruled that there would be no more testimony. Then things got interesting. Ellie Hill
objected and asked that the citizens who traveled so far be given the courtesy of having been heard.
The chair, backed by the committee majority Republicans, shut that down. When a very nice and
feisty senior citizen on a fixed income from Helena stood up to say her piece, the Chair gaveled her
down and they cut her mic. THEN, the Chair ordered the Sergeant at arms to clear the hearing room.
After things settled down, people were allowed back in the hearing room and were allowed to
submit written testimony and give their names and community and affiliation on the record. Then we
heard the opponents. I felt their arguments were weak and not substantial. Don't know at this
point what was decided, but the optics were terrible for the Chair, in my opinion. Geoff
— Geoff

Referring to article: Video: Hearing on Montana vote-by-mail election gets rowdy, room has to be cleared (Mar 24th, 2017)

Outstanding organization with a globally attractive mission. I hope you can plan a trip to the
prairie to see how well this program is progressing. Wonderful for Montana!
— Russ

Referring to article: 'The Last Best Chance' to Restore an Ecosystem - Montana's American Prairie Preserve (Mar 22nd, 2017)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was staffed by retired artisans and makers working along side high
school students. The students could learn the key elements of business as well as the practical
experience and craftsmanship from the retirees. Wonderful community collaboration for the
good of all.
— Russ

Referring to article: Every Town Needs a Remakery (Mar 20th, 2017)

Big congrats to Evan Tipton and his team. They are well positioned to become yet another
Missoula success story on a grand scale ... hint to potential investors....
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula Tech Company, TOMIS, Wins SBDC 'Shark Tank' Competition at the Governor's Conference on Tourism and Recreation (Mar 14th, 2017)

Politicians are some of the most self-centered, rude people--always spending other peoples money and
forcing large amounts of debt upon the taxpayer and then confiscating a large part of their income
to repay these debts. You can vote them out of office, but they never stop spending. I would love to
buy more bicycles, but government takes such a large chunk out of my check while assuring me I am
free, which makes it harder to buy more cool bicycles.
— Clay

Referring to article: Montana Senate president Scott Sales calls cyclists 'rude,' 'self-centered' before safety bill dies (Mar 14th, 2017)

Staying healthy (and generally out of the healthcare system) is clearly a good idea for lots of
reasons. The sleep deprivation issue is a contributor but probably less important than other
factors such as communication process flaws and persistent hierarchical attitudes that endanger
patient care and safety. Although we docs are fallible as humans like everyone else, my view is
that doc brains can be trained to respond well under stressed conditions (e.g. being awakened in the
middle of the night to sort an emergent problem). If not in residency, when? It?s complicated.
Some think IBM?s Watson is the answer. I disagree. In Medicine algorithms are useful but no
substitute for decision making in the context of the whole person and their unique circumstances?the
?art? part. Thanks for noting this important conversation. Dr. Frank Reed
— Dr. Frank Reed

Referring to article: First-year doctors will be allowed to work 24-hour shifts starting in July (Mar 11th, 2017)

Halleleujah. great news for those of us with electric or hybrid cars. My Volt cannot charge at a
Tesla station so this is wonderful. I will look for the parking garage with the charging stations
now. Alexis
— Alexis

Referring to article: Missoula Teams Up with NorthWestern Energy on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (Mar 10th, 2017)

I'm really looking forward to this event. According to, when comparing the wages of
full time women to full time men, Montana ranks 45th in the nation.
— Thomas McGrath

Referring to article: "Gender Equality And You: A Conference To Create, Foster And Catalyze", 3/25, Bozeman, Montana (Feb 22nd, 2017)

Mr. Archuletta, please consider us here in Silver City=Grant County, NM, for an awesome location to
start up another business!!! We need you down here!!!
— Aletha J

Referring to article: The business of thinning (Jul 30th, 2002)

It's all about first taking an inventory. It must go beyond the "normal" items to also include
things like: Retired Execs now living in or near the community. Former residents who would be
interested in assisting. Talent that would be interested in moving to the community if there were
specific career opportunities. Much more beyond these...but the key is to then focus on the 4 or
5 key unique business niches that can set the community apart from others.
— Russ

Referring to article: How Smaller Communities Can Survive in an Age of Disruption (Mar 1st, 2017)

Sounds like a great opportunity. How come the job is still open?
— Theo Hubenet

Referring to article: Montana Career Opportunity - Web Front End Developer - Montana State University - Bozeman (Sep 23rd, 2016)

"Outstanding" doesn't do Pam justice. Her appointment is wonderful for Montana!
— Russ

Referring to article: Governor Bullock names Pam Haxby-Cote to run Commerce Department (Feb 23rd, 2017)

Missoula is indeed relatively small compared to major city centers but that's no reason that it
can't become an even more successful entrepreneurial center. They key is to figure out how it can
become that "red spotted zebra". By this I mean it needs to develop a unique economic cluster
identity. Broad based industry goals such as natural resources, health care or business services
are too broad and will only lead to a dilution of the possibilities of the community as a whole.
Other communities have faced the same challenge. They've thrived by first taking an
inventory of their assets and resources in all economic niches. For each type of business this
should include all of the normal measurements but also local data like retired scientists, retired C
suite execs, experts who don't live here but who have an interest in participating, potential
investors who have vacation homes, investors who regularly visit for recreation of cultural
pursuits, etc... The list is only limited by the imagination of the community. From this
analysis will come those industry niches that can be the focus of growth and innovation. A good
example of this is the optics/photonics economic cluster that has developed in Bozeman, Montana.
Montana Photonics Industry Alliance. There's much
more to this program but a community that realizes that it can't compete in all sectors but can
benefit all sectors by focusing on a single one will realize success well beyond its size. I hope
other Montana communities can find the will to embark on this most productive economic development
— Russ

Referring to article: Building Missoula's (and other Montana communities') entrepreneurial ecosystem (Jan 29th, 2017)

The Voice of America radio empire is now going to be broadcast in the U.S. for the first time. The
non-partisan board has been removed and Trump operatives are now in charge. This could become the
perfect "alternative facts" medium for Trump to "educate" his followers who believe anything he
says. It could be Fox news on steroids of the worst kind. Stay tuned and informed. *** Rachel
Maddow Details How Trump Is Turning Voice Of America Into His Personal Propaganda Outlet Maddow:
"No President Has Ever Been Able To Use The Resources Of The U.S. Government To Have Broadcasting
Resources" Like This, "But They've Done It Now"
— russ

Referring to article: Voice of America says it won't become Trump TV (Jan 26th, 2017)

This is so incredibly naive about Montana's economy. "...bicycle tourism across the state had
an economic impact of $377 million in 2014, as estimated by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation
Research at the University of Montana." ?seems very ridiculous when you start thinking about it.?
is a gentle way to describe this completely wrong proposal. I hope everyone can let Rep. Usher
know that there are many more important things that he and his fellow legislators should be
considering. Just amazing...and a terrible message sent to the thousands of tourists who come
here to ride their bikes through Montana's beauty let alone those Montanan's who ride. Bicycle
riders have the same right to our public roadways as everyone else.
— Russ

Referring to article: Bill by Rep. Barry Usher would ban bicyclists from most 2-lane roads in Montana (Jan 20th, 2017)

Other cities and states are further improving their early education programs while Montana is one of
a very few states that doesn't even have a program. It's time for Montana to catch up. This is
not only a necessity for a better education environment but also an economic benefit that will
encourage young families and professionals to bring their innovation and expertise to Montana.
Please support Early Edge Montana. It's our future.
— Russ

Referring to article: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Makes Historic Proposal for Pre-K (Jan 20th, 2017)

Why on God's green earth would anyone want to cut off a highly successful privately funded but govt.
operated program that has shown nothing but success? The commitment from the Washington Corp and
other supporters has been outstanding. Why add additional costs to fund a different program
when this one is working so well? I think this is a job for Indivisible!
— Russ

Referring to article: New schools chief Elsie Arntzen may end privately funded Graduation Matters program that boosted graduation rates throughout Montana just as Montana's Graduation Rate Reaches Record High (Jan 15th, 2017)

A further reinforcement of why we love Missoula. Thanks to all who serve to make Missoula an
even better place now and for future generations.
— Russ

Referring to article: Leading the change: Missoula's female-majority city council forges new paths (Jan 12th, 2017)

It's so frustrating that while Washington allows refills and almost every state allows "corkage"
which is the ability for patrons to bring their own bottles of wine to a restaurant, Montana has got
a convoluted ruling from the Dept of Revenue that corkage is not allowed. This is so frustrating
for the thousands of part time residents who have wine that they'd like to drink during a night at a
local Montana restaurant. They're used to being able to do this everywhere else. This terrible
ruling costs Montana restaurants (they charge a fee to open the client bottles) many patrons and
frustrates Montana residents who would like to take their wine to restaurants. Antiquated at best
and long overdue for overturn and clarification. Let's have Montana catch up with the rest of
the world.
— Russ

Referring to article: Washington state proposal seeks expansion of wine refill law (Jan 11th, 2017)

"It's a small world but I'd sure hate to paint it."
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: We all need a laugh - The Quotes of Steven Wright (Jan 10th, 2017)

When I click on this link, All Opportunities - I get
"page not found". please advise
— Pat Schneider

Referring to article: Montana Career Opportunities - Director of Accounting, Litigation Associate and more... - Crowley Fleck (Nov 22nd, 2016)

Congratulations to fellow Montana Ambassador Peter Rosten and his
amazing MAPS organization for helping Montana lead the nation in practical experiential learning for
over 13 years.
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana's MAPS (Media Arts in the Public Schools) program continues as one of top after school programs in the US (Jan 4th, 2017)

I've had the pleasure of knowing Evan for over a decade and he's definitely a true believer when it
comes to all things Montana. Evan - if our MAPS program can help in any way all you gotta do is let
us know. Happy New Year. Peter
— Peter Rosten

Referring to article: Time to invest in Montana's infrastructure - Evan Barrett (Dec 28th, 2016)

Amen to that, Russ. I live in Butte, and have had the good fortune to work with Evan for the past
20 years or so. Nothing ever gets him down, and he is always ready to lend anyone in Butte a
hand. Evan, thank you for what you have done for our company, and for me personally. Dan
Harrington Interactive Technology Group Butte.
— Dan

Referring to article: Time to invest in Montana's infrastructure - Evan Barrett (Dec 28th, 2016)

While I greatly admire entrepreneurial initiative, I'm afraid that this is similar to the battle
that was fought when a business owner tried to trademark "The Last Best Place". It took an act
of Congress and a lot of political power to stop it. I hope it doesn't take that to stop this
attempt. The "406" should be available to all.
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana Made: A Business Owner is Trademarking the 406 (Dec 20th, 2016)

I hope the extensive research that is provided in this post will be shared by all legislators who
are discussing this terrible solution to the infrastructure funding challenge. The question is
whether we spend money for a short term solution to a problem that may not exist in a few years
thanks to autonomous transportation (this is going to enable the most rapid change to our society
ever imagined) or provide
the best education possible for the future generations of Montana. We must not continue to rob
Montana's future.
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana Senate Republicans: Finance roads with pre-school education dollars (Dec 17th, 2016)

While I was reading this article, a window popped up with these words: " ... add us to your ad
blocker?s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED." Apparently, there are
some readers who add to their whitelist and still don't get access. I'm reluctant to
add an unconfirmed requester to my "whitelist" until I know the risks. Do you have any insight
about this?
— Chuck Tooley

Referring to article: The Bittersweet Sweepstakes to Build an AI That Destroys Fake News (Dec 16th, 2016)

Wanted to share the comments of one of Submittables earliest investors: "Much of my life I
have not had any money at all. In fact, I lived outside a lot in my 20?s, couch surfed at friends,
slept in back-yard tool-sheds and up on mount Sentinel in Missoula, ate at the Povorello (and other
soup kitchens), and was always edgy, often hungry, wet, cold and in need of a shower. But, like many
people who are alone, I spent a tremendous amount of time studying, reading about a book a day. So,
even though it was never planned in anyway, I got lucky with businesses. Now, in the past few years,
I have been helping various start-ups with advise and ideas and sometimes a bit of angel investment.
One of these start-ups, Submittable, really is zooming. Its brought new jobs to downtown Missoula.
Brought smart, great people. Submittable is changing the way words get from writers to readers. I
keep saying that Submittable is the salvation to the entire publishing industry. But I tend to think
like this, big. When you are starving and living alone outside and have nothing but your dreams, you
need to think big. And the best big dreams are the ones that can become real, and do become real.
Submittable is real. And right here in Missoula, Montana. Paying attention to Submittable, and to my
friend Michael A. FitzGerald could prove to be quite interesting." Steve Saroff
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula, Montana's Submittable Raises $1.3 Million to Improve Online Submissions (Dec 11th, 2016)

Many thanks to Montana's great Pat Williams for contributing to this excellent podcast.
Hopefully we can share with as many as possible to help reset the political dialogue and bring
our governing bodies back to a less partisan more reasonable and productive environment. Our
future depends on it.
— Russ

Referring to article: "The Man From Montana " - Decades later, Senator Mike Mansfield's thoughts on politics ring true (Dec 10th, 2016)

There was a time when most people were modest when they were uninformed. Now it seems some people
are positively giddy about holding demonstrably false ideas. Willful ignorance is now a thing. We
all need to talk about it because it is apparent many Americans are being exploited over it. Being
ignorant and displaying it doesn't make you pretty--it makes you pretty foolish.
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: PPP's newest national poll - Everyone can get fooled (Dec 9th, 2016)

Wow! Amazing! ___________________________
— Sagairt

Referring to article: 3D printing company Shapeways gets $30 million boost (Apr 25th, 2013)

The lack of critical analysis and reasoning skills by the American public is only getting worse.
Just watch Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News". America got
— Russ

Referring to article: Russian propaganda effort helped spread 'fake news' during election, experts say (Nov 25th, 2016)

I was also very impressed with the innovative programs that Tom Crady, VP for Enrollment, Student
Affairs and Mike Reid, VP for Administration and Finance are implementing to improve operations and
outreach at the U on many levels. It takes awhile to refine the course of an institution as big
as the U of M but I heard statements that there's a tidal shift in the works that includes a much
greater involvement with individuals in the Missoula community and their extensive technical,
marketing and financial expertise. Missoula and the U of M are linked in so many ways and Arthur
Ave. should not be a barrier to collaboration. How can you offer your expertise and support to
help guide a more inclusive and successful community?
— Russ

Referring to article: University of Montana tweeks student marketing strategy - UM's top administrators met with the Missoula City Council and Board of County Commissioners (Nov 23rd, 2016)

While I hope UM is successful in increasing student enrollment and I understand (to some extent)
alumni wanting more UM advertising at Griz games, I personally see that as wasted money. If a
minister only gives his message to those who attend church, he misses many conversion opportunities.
In other words, how many people not already interested in UM will see ads aired during Griz games?
This seems to be only marketing to UM graduates - not potential students. I do agree with many of
the other avenues outlined by Mario.
— Burt

Referring to article: University of Montana tweeks student marketing strategy - UM's top administrators met with the Missoula City Council and Board of County Commissioners (Nov 23rd, 2016)

We experienced this type of ordering recently while in Italy. Sorry but it was very frustrating
for us and others. When I went to pick up my order, I was not informed that they had run out of
coke. No explanation, just no drink and the price was the same. I finally got them to sell me a
beer for a price less the cost of coke. I witnessed at least two other arguments over what the
clients thought they had ordered and what they were given. There was no one delivering the food
in this McDonalds so hopefully this will improve the service but I see that as just a stepping stone
to even fewer employees and more self-service. There was one element that was enjoyable. They had
a full and separate desert counter with some very good selections. It took us 5 minutes to find
them on the kiosk and finally had to go to the counter and order them directly. They were very good
but then we were in Italy. Don't know what this could look like in other countries.
— Russ

Referring to article: Table service, touch-screen order kiosks coming to all U.S. McDonald's (Nov 18th, 2016)

Outstanding! Congratulations to all involved especially to Damon Adams for his scholarship
opportunity. You are an inspiration for Montana and the world. Must have been a treat to meet
Daniel and Max at Red Bull.
— Russ

Referring to article: Harlem, Montana United F-1 Team Is the Only U.S. Team to Win a World Award. Design Engineer Damon Adams offered Full Scholarship (Oct 28th, 2016)

My wife and I just took a stroll around the University area in Missoula to see one of nature's most
amazing shows. The leaves are incredible and will never be as gorgeous as they are now. So get out
there and enjoy one of Missoula's greatest treasures - our urban forest. And thanks to the City
of Missoula and it's urban forest program for taking such good care of this valuable resource.
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula named top 10 spot in US to see leaves (Oct 21st, 2016)

Welll.,,,It's about time!
— Russ

Referring to article: Tesla announces fully self-driving cars (Oct 19th, 2016)

Fiber may have expanded within Montana, but boy, do they have the door shut to other providers. Do
you know the state considers Fiber optic a non utility and will not allow longitude installation
along their DOT corridors? Look up what Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Utah have done with the DOT
ROW allowing fiber providers to utilize the corridors. Major statewide systems, multiple providers,
middle mile competition is bursting at the seams Montana has some of the oldest Long distance
routes connecting major urban areas Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis..and not many..2? The
internet is exactly as it sounds..Interconnection of networks..For speed, for pricing, for
redundancy, interconnection is important....Is Montana telecom association promoting connectivity or
just their members The last mile may be beautiful but lacking in Middle mile, Longhaul
connectivity...No IP peering locations. We can do better by the citizens of Montana and bring back
jobs by promoting connectivity...not restricting/monopolizing
— Fiber guy

Referring to article: Conquering Montana's Divide - Montana’s broadband network growing at unprecedented pace, transforming rural communities (Oct 18th, 2016)

One town is subsidizing commuters' Uber rides for $2 each instead of building a new parking lot
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula transportation plan envisions different travel modes - and costs (Oct 8th, 2016)

Many millennials don't care about or need to own a car, yet we are still planning our communities
and future as if they do.
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula transportation plan envisions different travel modes - and costs (Oct 8th, 2016)

My children work at companies where they're actively recruiting liberal arts, psychology, art etc.
majors who have participated in entrepreneur programs at their universities. They can teach them
code or other technical skills but they can't teach them creativity through experiential learning
like a university can. I hope that the Block One program from U M Western will be replicated at
other campuses throughout Montana. How can education in Montana be an even better "red spotted
zebra" that attracts a vibrant and inquisitive student body from the globe?
— Russ

Referring to article: It's Now Called STEAM - Colleges and Universities Using Arts Integration to Prepare for the New Economy (Oct 6th, 2016)

The Montana Infrastructure Coalition appreciates Mr. Trangmoe's concerns, but there appears to be
some misunderstanding. First, the Coalition was formed just this spring and played no role in
the infrastructure funding debate during the 2015 legislative session. As a broad-based
organization , we have individual members who may have
opposed certain aspects of the bonding bill last session, but the Coalition is prepared to support a
comprehensive infrastructure funding approach that directs more monies towards Montana's most
critical infrastructure needs without robbing from other defined needs and priorities across the
state. This means we need to explore efficiencies in existing programs as well as new revenue
streams, but continuing to divide an already-insufficient pool of money is not a sustainable
solution. Jason Rittal MT Infrastructure Coalition Board Member
— Jason Rittal

Referring to article: Montana Near Top in Construction Job Losses (Oct 4th, 2016)

While I wholeheartedly agree that infrastructure investment is important to the economy and the
future of the state I strongly disagree with the assertion of the MIC that we should divert
infrastructure money from our education system to fund cities and towns that don't have the
political will to raise taxes for their own improvements. Do the research! MIC will aggressively
lobby to cut education infrastructure from the bill again this session even though that investment
creates just as many jobs and has the additional benefits of preparing our kids to be good employees
and good people.
— Greg Trangmoe

Referring to article: Montana Near Top in Construction Job Losses (Oct 4th, 2016)

YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!! Their activities ruined a Montana institution along with the careers
of many fine people. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were used for their own personal use.
And the court is going to let him take a VACATION before sentencing him!?? This is not
right and only enforces the belief that those with money are getting special favors.
— Russ

Referring to article: Sentencing delayed for former Vann's CFO Paul Nisbet to allow vacation (Oct 4th, 2016)

I think they have the lane designations incorrect. It shouldn't be "Autonomous Car" and "Normal
Car". It should be "Safe Car" and "Dangerous Car". Driving a car manually will soon carry the
same danger concept as smoking.
— Russ

Referring to article: Proposed highway lane for self-driving cars would link Seattle and Vancouver (Oct 3rd, 2016)

Russ, Thanks again for being out there on the bleeding edge of technology. I would also like to
suggest that you add the Tweet and Share tags to your posts. It will allow us to reach a broader
audience. -BEL
— Bradley Layton

Referring to article: Solar Roadways to go live as the world watches (Sep 28th, 2016)

Probably later than I envision and sooner than you do... somewhere in the middle but it's coming
fast and communities need to start planning now, not building the same car focused things we always
have. The future will be radically different. Lyft president John Zimmer is right: Private car
ownership needs to die By and large, humans are terrible drivers. The sobering reality of the
1.3 million dead each year in automobile accidents is proof of that. "It may shock you, but
Americans spend more than $2 trillion every year on car ownership ? more money than we
spend on food. What?s even more staggering is that for all the money we spend on them, the 250
million cars in America are only occupied 4% of the time. That?s the equivalent of 240 million
of the 250 million cars being parked at all times. For the most part, your car isn?t actually a
driving machine at all. It?s a parking machine." According to his manifesto, there are 700
million parking spaces in the US. If each space was joined together, it would create an asphalt
landmass bigger than the state of Connecticut. by Matthew Hughes
— Russ

Referring to article: Lyft's John Zimmer shares his vision for autonomous transportation future (Sep 19th, 2016)

Russ - No argument with what you said. However, many people will be still making payments on their
current vehicles, which is motivation to use them most times when transportation is needed.
Additionally, an automobile purchase (new or used late model) is the second largest investment of
their lives - unlike some of us. Taking a hit that large when (not if) resale values go down is a
huge emotional issue. Again, I only think the timing is off in the article, not the concept.
— Burt

Referring to article: Lyft's John Zimmer shares his vision for autonomous transportation future (Sep 19th, 2016)

What if the chances of dying on the roads goes down 99+% by having an autonomous car not to mention
the associated costs of owning a car that sits for 95% of the time? No parking. No traffic tickets.
No garage needed. No repair costs. No depreciation cost. There's also the fact that young
drivers don't want to bother with driving and older drivers won't be able to drive. Add in the
amount of time wasted driving when you could be doing other things like reading, sleeping etc....
I think the lost opportunity and safety cost of owing a car is going to make resale value a mute
issue as there will be little, if any resale value very quickly.
— Russ

Referring to article: Lyft's John Zimmer shares his vision for autonomous transportation future (Sep 19th, 2016)

While I agree and look forward to autonomous cars being a part of everyday life, I don't see it
radically changing the need for parking space in the next 20+ years. People have invested in their
current vehicles and as the market for personally driven vehicles declines, so will the value of
trade-ins or person-to-person sales. Therefore; I suggest that people will continue to drive what
they have until it is no longer practical due to functionality and/or cost of repair. I think Mr.
Zimmer is being extremely over optimistic - as he should be if he plans to eventually reach his
goal. I just think his timing is off and the future he sees doesn't take into account the
reluctance of people to take a loss in order to change lifestyles
— Burt

Referring to article: Lyft's John Zimmer shares his vision for autonomous transportation future (Sep 19th, 2016)

Many millennials, and younger, don't care about or need to own a car, yet we are still planning our
communities and future as if they do. 15 year-olds in cities no longer dream of getting their
driver's license. They dream of getting their first Uber card. The beginning of autonomous cars is
already here and their usage will grow exponentially which will have an impact on our lives that
will be revolutionary. We soon won't own cars but will subscribe to an on-call service. Isn't
promoting public transit a foundation of Missoula? "Carcatecture" (a term I've borrowed from
Missoula's green expert, Steve Loken) will quickly evolve into much better usage of our land and
public spaces. Building huge cement structures that will cost almost as much to remove as they do
to build is not the way of the future. As Wayne Gretsky said: "You've got to go to where the puck
will be." Wake up planners. Take a look at what other communities are doing. They're not building
to accommodate more cars. They're building to embrace a world where the car is no longer dominant
in our every day lives.
— Russ

Referring to article: Missoula Redevelopment Agency looks to purchase parking spots in new Front Street housing project (Sep 15th, 2016)

Another way to look at it is to ask, "where is the greatest demand for Downtown parking today?" and
"where is the greatest demand for Downtown parking likely to be in the future?" In this case, it
seems to be an opportunistic solution to address the developers' bottom line, that is, the
developers' project doesn't pencil out unless the public buys 150 spaces in the basement of the
developer's building. Would the MRA's investment in public parking made more sense if it was in the
proposed new library, a public building? We will never know because the question was never
entertained, nor was there a parking study undertaken that would indicate where parking should be
sited. It seems the question asked and answered was, "what can MRA do to make this project work for
the developer?" Remember, this project was proposed years ago but don't recall there was any mention
of there being 150 spaces of public parking beneath it. This is a rather recent development
suggesting SOMETHING involving the infusion of public investment was necessary or the project
wouldn't make sense and, hence, go forward. I have nothing against public/private partnerships,
and I realize they often emerge out of opportunity. In this case, I would have felt more confident
of the City's decision if the public's interest in parking had been studied more thoroughly
beforehand with a conclusion that indicated that the basement or sub-basement of a private building
was the best place to make this investment in structured parking. Finally, I must disclose that
I do not have any particular knowledge about specific discussions between the City of Missoula
Redevelopment Agency and the project developer. I worked for many years for MRA and I have a deep
and abiding respect for the Board and Staff, but in this case, the optics leave a lot to be desired.
It is even more the case since one of the project's principals is a member of the Missoula Parking
Commission. It is possible that he has dutifully recused himself on the record on all MPC votes
having to do with the inclusion of millions of dollars of public funds for public parking in his
projects. I will acknowledge that I could be completely wrong about what has happened, and how, and
if I am, I will gladly accept correction.
— Geoff

Referring to article: Missoula Redevelopment Agency looks to purchase parking spots in new Front Street housing project (Sep 15th, 2016)

Well worth reading. For a more in depth, researched and documented companion piece, I recommend
Hedrick Smith's "Who Stole the American Dream." Warning! The more I read of the book, the madder I
got. "We wuz robbed!"
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: How America became a 1% society - The United States now has a level of income inequality unprecedented in our history and so dramatic it's almost impossible to wrap one's mind around. (Sep 16th, 2016)

Thanks for posting this link. With 1000+ data variables on every single community in the U.S., has become the #1 national site selection portal for businesses seeking
locations. Free searches, community rankings, social sharing and more - it's an invaluable tool for
place marketing. We're pleased to see economic developers taking advantage of all this freely
available data. Check it out here:
— Alissa Sklar

Referring to article: Ranking communities on different consumer expenditures now easier than ever (Sep 2nd, 2016)

This is an amazing opportunity for Montana's future leaders. Please talk to your daughter and
explore the opportunities. Please share this information if you know someone who has a daughter
no matter where they live in Montana. It's for the future of Montana.
— Russ

Referring to article: Wanted: Montana Women (Age 9-19) Who'd Like to Learn to Code World Changing Apps and Build a Business Model - Montana Code Girls Launches Free State-wide Program (Sep 2nd, 2016)

I was flying back from Phoenix (Mesa)on Allegiant a few years ago and over the Grand Canyon, the
pilot announced a "problem with the aircraft" and returned to Mesa where we disembarked and waited
for a replacement plane. On the one hand I was grateful not to have fallen out of the sky, but
resentful that there was not a maintenance protocol in place to have caught the "problem with the
aircraft" before we left. One wonders if affordable flying is "traveler's roulette." It shouldn't
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: Allegiant Air, with ultra-low fares, draws FAA's attention over safety concerns (Sep 1st, 2016)

It's not the worst thing for Montana's graduates to leave the state and get their most expensive
education. The challenge is to build a system to help them Come Home when they reach their 30's and
40's and have a family they want to raise here They've learned the lessons of life and business so
they can fully utilize their skills and connections and receive the compensation they
deserve. How many of those who have stayed here are working at jobs that don't fully utilize the
education they received in college? How often do we purchase a cup of coffee from a barista who
has an MBA?
— Russ

Referring to article: Retaining college grads key to Missoula's economic growth (Aug 28th, 2016)

I tried to fill out this survey, but was just directed to the thank you page. Is that all they
wanted to survey; how many would click on the link to take the survey???
— Tom Spika

Referring to article: Governor Bullock's Innovate Symposium Survey (Aug 25th, 2016)

This is great news for Montana and for our state's ability to provide a great growth environment for
tech companies - way to go Centricient!
— Kim Scurry

Referring to article: Bozeman, Montana based Centricient snags $6.5 million for its customer service messaging management software and it's hiring (Aug 23rd, 2016)

I just bought my copy and I can't wait to see if it includes some of the great stories (parachute
cord never was so important to a startup) Warren has passed along about how he started his company
and grew it into the standard for the industry. As a part-time (winter) resident of Montana,
Warren has a deep love for the state and has contributed a great deal to its success. Order
your copy today if you have ever been thrilled listening to his so distinctive voice accompany a
fearless skier down a cliff face in a torrent of snow. Truly a memory for the ages. Thank you
Warren for finally getting this book out. Can't wait.
— Russ

Referring to article: Ski Movie Legend Warren Miller Bares His Soul in his award-winning autobiography, Freedom Found (Aug 19th, 2016)

I can't help but marvel at the simple logic of English and European traffic circles while being
continually disappointed at the over-engineered roundabouts in Missoula. Our traffic planners
apparently think that we are unable to comprehend what others have bee successfully using for many
many years. A roundabout in Europe could be as simple as a paper place placed in the
intersection and then painted white around the outline. But in Missoula and other places, we need
to build huge cement centers with unnecessarily divided and marked lanes to help those apparently
incapable of making decisions to not only blight the visual community but also waste much more land
than necessary. I spend 5 years living in England and never had a problem with a roundabout. I
would encourage everyone involved in planning these to spend some time learning how to do them
correctly and much more efficiently. If the British can use theirs, I'm sure Montana's drivers
are capable of driving through much simpler roundabouts than currently being built. We're not as
dumb as you apparently think we are.
— Russ

Referring to article: The Brilliant Sorcery of England's 7-Circle Magic Roundabout (Aug 3rd, 2016)

I was not excited by the pledge campaign. don't get me wrong as a woman, of course I support
closing the gender gap. The pledge campaign felt like here are ways you can help the "woman" when
we should be focused on gender equality. Recognize the women on your staff by giving them a raise
if they do the same work men do equally as well. Support their time off for family or aging
parents. I know many women who work full time, care for their children, run a household, volunteer
and tend to aging parents. Why don't men fill these same roles and then we would have gender
— Holly Ondrasek

Referring to article: Governor Bullock Takes More Steps to Support Equal Pay for Equal Work (Aug 2nd, 2016)

While I am grateful that MEP is attempting to focus on specific industry goals, I'm afraid that the
ones they've chosen could easily be the exact same goals as just about every other community of our
size. Broad industry goals are not unique goals. Business clusters such as drone research (North
Dakota), Photonics/Optics (Bozeman), Specialty foods (Brooklyn), Patient Care (Pittsburgh),
Aerospace (Tucson), Athletic sportswear (Portland) etc. are examples of how communities can find,
nurture and expand specific niches. Information technology and data, Biotech and life
sciences,Advanced manufacturing, Professional services, Business support services/back office,
Creative industries, Warehousing/distribution, and Finance and insurance are very generic and could
be the corpus of any economy. They are about as generic as possible so thus are incapable of
actually focusing Missoula on what it does best that can help it focus on to develop a unique
industry cluster that enables it to rise above the pack in that category. Other states and
communities have first conducted "resource and excellence inventory" evaluations to great
success. A local example is Bozeman and its Photonics cluster. There were few, if any,
companies in this segment in Bozeman just a few years ago but MSU was doing exceptionally innovative
research that it actively converted to commercial enterprises. Now it ranks among the top in the
world for research and commercialization in this niche. Here are just a few of the companies that
are helping to grow this niche The great thing about
clusters is that they allow the companies to grow as an industry much easier than an individual
company on its own in a community. It also provides a much needed incentive for those entrepreneurs
and industry specific talent who are considering moving to the community. What if the job doesn't
work out? Where else could I possibly work? Are there other companies in the community where I
could work? What companies do we have in each niche? What talent, both currently working and
retired, do we have to tap into? What research is currently underway or planned that could lead to
world class companies? What ancillary services do we have available to support specific industries?
These are only a few of the questions that we should know in order to develop a true list of the
potential of Missoula. How about more specific industry niches like GIS (We've got several companies
already in this area), immunomodulatory therapeutics (Inimmune), or ??? (It takes data to make the
best decisions.) I would like to challenge our economic leaders to reevaluate their choices and
instead, conduct a comprehensive inventory and data analysis of the strengths that Missoula
currently enjoys and try to pinpoint those and then publicize them to attract the talent that will
contribute to a more vibrant cluster. As a friend of mine says: "How can you be that red spotted
zebra" that stands out from the crowd? Russ Fletcher Montana Associated Technology
Roundtable "The State with the Best Education Wins!"
— Russ

Referring to article: Economic goals to help Missoula grow in next 5 years (Jul 31st, 2016)

Congratulations to the outstanding team at PFL for a thought provoking and information laden
conference that brought great speakers to Montana's businesses and organizations. It's not
every day that you can hear from a true thought leader like keynote presenter Salesforce VP for
Strategic Research Peter Coffee. But it got even better when he joined in the Leadership Panel by
asking questions from the floor. You don't see that very often. I look forward to seeing the
videos of the presentations because I know I missed many of the insights, apps and resources that
the speakers provided. I can't wait to see what PFL CEO and Founder Andrew Field will host next
year. If this inaugural event is any indication, they're going to need a bigger venue. Thanks
again to everyone at PFL and the presenters for an enjoyable event.
— Russ

Referring to article: PFL Hosts 'Big Sky: Big Ideas' conference with outstanding speakers (Jul 29th, 2016)

Missoula owes itself every opportunity to investigate all options for public parking, especially if
it provides a way to modify it in the near future as people will probably not own their cars and
autonomous cars will not require structured parking facilities. We are leaving the
"carcatecture" era. No longer will our lives, architecture and travel be dominated by the
individually owned car which now sits idle for 90% of its life. We shouldn't put up another cement
monolith that will have a very short life span. Let's plan for the future for once...
— Russ

Referring to article: Parking issues, steel prices jeopardize Missoula's downtown student housing project - What about Robotic Parking?! (Jul 24th, 2016)

Anyone available to car pool from Missoula? Best way to travel is with a car full. Helps the
miles speed by faster and a great networking opportunity. Happy to drive or ride. 406-531-8119
— Russ

Referring to article: Limited Space for the Big Sky Big Ideas Technology Summit, July 28 in Bozeman, Montana (Jul 20th, 2016)

Thank you Russ and MATR for sharing this! The Montana Ambassadors greatly appreciate your
assistance in sharing the information on the Montana Business Opening... going to be an excellent
— Tracy McIntyre

Referring to article: Governor Steve Bullock Invites You the Montana Ambassadors' "Business Open" Golf Tournament at the beautiful Jack Nicklaus Signature Old Works course in Anaconda FRIDAY, AUGUST 12th. (Jul 18th, 2016)

Key #1 Include the signup link when you post an
event: Doug
— Doug McIsaac

Referring to article: Webinar: 5 Keys To Attracting The Best Clients, 07/19, Billings (Jul 15th, 2016)

We need to remember that about 95 people died in traffic accidents the day this happened. It's
not a perfect system yet and it may never be perfect but if it can lower the number in any way, it's
much better than what we have now. It will only get better.
— Russ

Referring to article: Tesla confirms "Autopilot" crash in Montana - Driver says he'd buy another Tesla (Jul 13th, 2016)

Thanks for the plug at the end, Russman.
— Peter Rosten

Referring to article: Montana after-school programs gain new support network thanks to 3 year grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (Oct 24th, 2014)

This article touches just the surface of what will happen as we abandon the "carcatecture"
environment. No longer will our homes, communities and country be based around the ownership and
use of the family car. In the not too distant future, people will no longer own cars. We
only use them about 10% of the time, at most, anyway. Why not belong to a system where you simply
call a car on your phone and it takes you wherever you need to go. Another car is called when you
want to go some place else. No need for garages. No need for road systems based on storage
of cars when not in use. How about huge concrete garages that take up so much of the city real
estate? Traffic lights and parking meters are gone as the cars communicate with each other and
are directed to whom ever needs them next. Solar roadways will replace the electric grid and
electric cars will be recharged as they drive. Car repair companies, car insurance, car parts
outlets, car rental as the first examples will disappear as the companies that own the cars do that
themselves. And the "Internet of Cars" will have sensors on everything so that every thing knows
where every thing else is will greatly reduce the accidents and number of fatalities. As 30,000
are killed each year in auto accidents, anything less than that is an improvement. We can't
begin to realize how this is going to change our lives and it's coming much faster than you think so
be prepared.
— Russ

Referring to article: Driverless cars could improve safety, but impact on jobs, transit questioned (Jul 4th, 2016)

10 things....more like 100 things make it the best!
— Becky

Referring to article: 10 Reasons Montana is the Most Beautiful Mountainous State in America (Jun 24th, 2016)

Missoula Federal Credit Union asked its members to decide which non-profits should benefit from the
60th Anniversary gift back to the Community. I have always appreciated the community focus of MFCU;
that's what happens when people are members, not just customers. Happy Birthday, Missoula Federal
Credit Union! Congratulations to all the volunteers and staff--past and present--who make it
Missoula's favorite financial institution.
— Geoff Badenoch

Referring to article: From food to mentors, Missoula Federal Credit Union grants have big impact on Missoula nonprofits (Jun 21st, 2016)

This is NOT what Montana needs to grow its economy and remain a state with a highly trained
— Russ

Referring to article: Las Vegas operator: Big opportunities in Montana to grow gaming (May 14th, 2016)

Great post. Very inspiring. Gives me hope. Thanks, Mac
— Mac

Referring to article: "...think of the cash in Breaking Bad, but all legal and no one dies..." A short story about one of Montana's most successful startups (May 6th, 2016)

While I totally agree with the law against texting while driving. It's the talking while driving I
don't understand. What exactly is illegal about it? You're holding the phone with one hand, up to
your ear, while driving with another hand and still looking ahead of you. This is no more
distracting than eating in the car while driving, no more distracting than talking to friends while
driving, no more distracting than dealing with children in the back seat. But yet, for some reason,
because the state found it hard to even catch texters, they threw "talking while driving" in this
law. There are so many other things that should be illegal while driving instead of "talking on the
phone." Next time I see a cop, I'm going to hold my hand up to my head, and drive with one hand, as
if I had a cell phone in my hand.
— Mike

Referring to article: Missoula passes tougher cellphone ban while driving (Apr 26th, 2016)

It is Page Goode, and she is president of Preserve Historic Missoula. Save the Merc is a
subcommittee of PHM.
— Jennifer Anthony

Referring to article: City Club Missoula - Downtown Redevelopment And Preservation: A Balancing Act, 5/9, Missoula (Apr 25th, 2016)

Im glad to see some much needed improvements to Caldwell
— Shirley

Referring to article: Caldwell, Idaho's biggest planned business development, Sky Ranch Business Center, attracts California companies (Jun 15th, 2006)

Are there any Montana schools that have received 3-D printers and the invite to attend FabSlam?
— Russ

Referring to article: Stem Action Center gives 3D printers to 15 Idaho schools to attend FabSLAM (Apr 13th, 2016)

A big Red Ant Happy Birthday to Sarah and her great crew on 10 years of innovation and success.
You're a great credit to Montana's entrepreneurial spirit.
— Russ

Referring to article: Red Ants Pants of White Sulphur Springs, Montana celebrates 10 years of making work wear for women (Apr 12th, 2016)

These are great!
— Joe Carbonari

Referring to article: 50 Wild Places: Celebrating Montana's Outdoors (Mar 26th, 2016)

Dear Montana, It's time to invest in clean energy. Let's keep our precious coal, natural gas, and
oil in the ground for future generations. We have the natural resources of wind, sun and
geothermal to keep ourselves under the photosynthetic ceiling indefinitely. Solutions such as
the Gordon Butte pumped storage facility to store wind power, high enthalpy geothermal, residential
geothermal, as well as solar thermal, and solar PV can move us away from the carbon economy. To
begin your career in renewable energy, please visit our
website: Bradley Layton PhD
PE Associate Professor Director, Energy Technology Program
— Bradley Layton

Referring to article: Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries (Mar 24th, 2016)

Maybe we should agree on what we mean by ?the soul of Missoula? and ask ourselves whether this
current downtown eyesore is the defining characteristic. Maybe the Merc building is a part of
our soul, but then again, I would certainly hope that there are many other features that define our
soul more adequately than the memory and preservation of a structure that has little remaining
artistic character. --Roger Shuy
— Roger

Referring to article: Missoula Mayor Engen backs proposal to demolish Mercantile building.. but at what cost to Missoula's architectural soul? (Mar 6th, 2016)

I concur completely. That design is horrible! It looks like a senior citizens center; nothing even
close to the gem it is / was. The developers tout that money is not the only focus, but this
design appears that way. Maybe the rendering doesn't do the proposal justice? Hopefully there's an
element to that. Tim Skufca
— Tim

Referring to article: Missoula Mayor Engen backs proposal to demolish Mercantile building.. but at what cost to Missoula's architectural soul? (Mar 6th, 2016)

Just in time for the Montana Ambassador's conference!
— Russ

Referring to article: The Sip 'n Dip Lounge in Great Falls, Montana re-introduces MerMEN to the pool. (Mar 1st, 2016)

This challenge is not limited to the medical profession. Anyone moving to a location more rural
that their current location will face two main questions: 1.- Trailing spouse. My spouse has a
great job here. What will they do in the new location. 2.- What if? What will I do if this job
doesn't work out? What other similar jobs are potentially available in the new location. Both
can be partially addressed by focusing on the development of industry clusters throughout a state
where there are several companies with support companies, education opportunities etc. in the local
economy to provide additional employment opportunities.
— Russ

Referring to article: Study: Physicians married to highly educated spouses less likely to work in rural areas (Mar 1st, 2016)

Truly innovative communities will start planning for and implementing the new community model for
autonomous cars now. The age of carchitecture (architecture based around the car) is rapidly
coming to a close.
— Russ

Referring to article: How Driverless Cars Can Reshape Our Cities (Feb 27th, 2016)

You should be here building your startup and spending more time with your family. Montana- Home
of the 2 song commute.
— Russ

Referring to article: How much of your life you're wasting on your commute (Feb 25th, 2016)

And we thought autonomous cars were amazing...
— Russ

Referring to article: Amazing Video - Next-Gen ATLAS Robot Won't Be Pushed Around By Humans (Feb 24th, 2016)

Another example of how vitally important it is for any economic development effort to first take an
inventory of everything that can have an impact on the outcome. What are the strengths of the
business community, clusters of industry, workforce concentrations, people and companies outside of
the community who may want to participate in some way etc. that can be maximized to improve the
economy. It's no longer efficient to shot gun economic development and try to embrace all
industries. Look for concentrations of industries that can be the focus of ED efforts to develop
clusters of excellence. It all starts with a careful and extensive inventory.
— Russ

Referring to article: The city of Fairfield, Idaho is creating a class to train citizens on 3D printers and to attract businesses to the area. (Feb 23rd, 2016)

Events like this are important for Montana's future leaders especially when you see headlines like
this: "Montana county takes stand against allowing in Syrian refugees" We must help people
understand that not everyone outside of our borders is bad nor are they all good. Did you know that
the second largest group of refugees from Syria are Christians? Complete vetting of refugees should
be followed by an open and welcoming community. We've seen this type of reaction before and it's
always proven to be wrong. How many of you have ancestors who had to fight to get into the
U.S.? Our best hope is with our children. Hopefully they will learn that the world is
connected much more than ever and we need the innovation, courage and love of America that people
from other lands can bring to Montana. Congratulations to the Montana World Affairs Council for
organizing events and speakers who can help us all better understand the world outside of our
borders. Now is your opportunity to join and add your voice to the discussions:
— Russ

Referring to article: Over 200 students from Montana's High Schools showing how much they know about the world beyond our borders - Montana World Affairs Council Academic WorldQuest, 2/23, Missoula, Montana (Feb 19th, 2016)

Mr. Running should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds him. The oil, gas and mineral
industry has long been a big funding source for the very institution which support him and many
others. Were it not for the minerals taxes in Montana, much of the infrastructure you see in local
communities would not exist, including those communities that are not in the coal, gas and oil
counties. It's easy to be idealistic until you have to pay the bills.
— James Klessens

Referring to article: Nobel prize winning University of Montana climate professor Steve Running believes UM Foundation should divest its fossil fuel investments (Feb 17th, 2016)

These problems, and many more, are compounded many times in our tribal schools who are getting less
and less funding. Montana could benefit greatly if the state focused more efforts on improving
all elements of these schools. Success would raise the overall ratings for our education systems
to an even better economic advantage. "Without education, the economy can't work." former
Montana Senator Pat Williams
— Russ

Referring to article: Funding and Other Disparities Threaten Rural Schools (Feb 13th, 2016)

What an outstanding idea. Win-win-win for everyone and especially the community.
— Russ

Referring to article: Contest will choose best new Billings business plan, expansion (Feb 11th, 2016)

Couldn't agree more. By listening well deep relationships can be formed which lead to fostering
— Karl Jones

Referring to article: The One Leadership Skill That Impacts Overall Success (Feb 7th, 2016)

Congratulations to all, and particularly to Russ Fletcher for his Outreach Montana Ambassador of the
Year. Your recognition for "leadership in building business bridges to strengthen economic
development in Montana" is well deserved!!
— Jakki Mohr

Referring to article: Governor Bullock Announces Montana Ambassador Awards (Feb 5th, 2016)

A lady approached me about 10:00 at night near the restroom in a Glacier Park campground and said
she couldn't sleep because of the river sounds. "What time do they turn off the river so I can get
to sleep?"
— Russ

Referring to article: Visitors to Yellowstone Park ask some 'unique' questions - What's the best question you've heard? (Feb 7th, 2016)

I wonder why the local sand and gravel companies couldn't work out some mutually beneficial
arrangement with I.E. Recycling to offer the glass aggregate as an option to consumers. Too bad
Target couldn't have been a little more innovative and worked with the local sustainable community
organizations to have their members sort through the glass to make sure it was pure for recycling
instead of just hauling it to the dump. Not very smart Target and, while I appreciate your goal,
you've really fallen down on the execution.
— Russ

Referring to article: Target to cease glass recycling in Missoula, local company hopes to partially step in (Feb 7th, 2016)

Many thanks to Gov. Bullock and the Ambassadors Board. I'm deeply honored for being recognized for
my efforts to promote all that is great about Montana. I especially want to thank those
companies that have supported MATR over the years. It would not have been possible without
PrintingForLess Northwestern Energy Dorsey & Whitney iConnect Montana Montana
Department of Commerce Ticket Printing Montana Office of Tourism Skyly Great Falls
Development Authority Early Edge Montana Big Sky Economic Development
Authority Techlink Arrow Solutions Group Big Sky Commerce Spika Welding &
Manufacturing Montana Technology Innovation Partnership (MTIP) The MDT Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise (DBE) Program And a special thank you to John Masterson and Steven Sundheim who
built the MATR website 15 years ago... and it's still going strong.
— russ

Referring to article: Governor Bullock Announces Montana Ambassador Awards (Feb 5th, 2016)

Congratulations to all of the Award Winners. Montana Ambassadors had an unprecedented list of award
nominees; competition was tough. If you submitted a business or individual for an award and they
did not win this year, be sure to submit them for next year's awards!
— Gloria O'Rourke

Referring to article: Governor Bullock Announces Montana Ambassador Awards (Feb 5th, 2016)

Montana Access to Capital Surveys - Please take the 5 minute survey Please help us collect data
about access to capital in Montana by completing the appropriate 5 minute survey below. This data
will help us all better understand capital needs and availability.
— Russ

Referring to article: Senator Tester To Host 16th Small Business Opportunity Workshop, 2/16, Billings, Montana (Feb 3rd, 2016)

It would be nice if you could share this with others who've enjoyed the beauty of the Smith as well
as those who hope to some day. It can be saved if we work together. Happy drifting....
— Russ

Referring to article: Monte Dolack Celebrates the 75th anniversary of Montana State Parks with the beautiful "Smith River in June" (Jan 29th, 2016)

Liz is a remarkable woman. I know from personal experience that 'getting things done' is rural areas
(i.e. Montana) can be challenging. But clearly, for many years now, she has risen to the challenge
and exceeded it. GO LIZ!
— Peter Rosten

Referring to article: Liz Marchi - Attracting investors to 'Big Sky' and its entrepreneurs (Jan 28th, 2016)

This is an excellent example of "experiential learning" which is what most students want and need.
I've never walked into a meeting where we spent the first portion of the time talking about math
and then switching to a time to talk about marketing. All subjects are intertwined in everything we
do. I'm sure these students will benefit greatly from this effort as have the students at UM
Western. Unique and friendly with experiential learning: University of Montana Western draws
students, attention University of Montana Western -
'Experience One' - a more practical way to learn.
— Russ

Referring to article: Passion projects teach Bozeman students creative thinking (Jan 28th, 2016)

I had the pleasure of attending the luncheon and was very excited to hear of the many opportunities
there were to engage Israel based businesses and R&D as well as significant funding programs.
If you'd like to contact anyone in the delegation, please let me know.
— Russ Fletcher

Referring to article: Israel/Montana Business Partnerships - World Trade Center Assists With Israeli Consul General’s Montana Visit (Jan 23rd, 2016)

It's not good enough to say you're going to write in your journal every day. You need to set aside
a specific time each day where you're going to spend 10 minutes writing down the major decisions you
made and why you made them. You'll start seeing patterns and tendencies that you may not be
aware of. Those who fully embrace the process will see areas for improvement and areas where just a
bit more attention will have positive results. That being said, it's as important to regularly
review the journal every couple of weeks. Just writing it down is only half of the process.
— Russ

Referring to article: Why journaling can boost your career (and startup) for 2016 (Jan 19th, 2016)

Every community, state and government entity owes its citizens complete real time transparency.
— Russ

Referring to article: Boston Mayor to Unveil Data-Driven Performance Platform - "Complete transparency" (Jan 16th, 2016)

Outstanding! Montana is fortunate to be guided by Gov. Bullock and Lt. Gov. Cooney's
leadership. Montana is on the Move!
— Russ

Referring to article: Montana Governor Steve Bullock appoints Mike Cooney as new lieutenant governor (Dec 31st, 2015)

And yet we have another example how 'dark money' and the Citizen's United ruling are having undue
influence of our elections. Bad for Montana, bad for our country.
— Peter Rosten

Referring to article: Media mogul, broker donate to Montana dark-money group to influence Supreme Court race (Dec 22nd, 2015)

The University of Montana is an integral part of the Missoula community. A truly innovative cabinet
could be achieved by including strategic members of the business and civic community to provide
insight and guidance from their perspective. The potential participants should not only include
those from Missoula but also those who live elsewhere but have a strong interest in the University's
future. Building an even stronger bond with the world outside of the University can only help
both entities during these challenging times. I hope it goes without saying that Montana
businesses and non-profits could also benefit by including those associated with our Universities -
administration, faculty and especially students - on their advisory boards.
— Russ

Referring to article: University of Montana president expands Cabinet to include staff, faculty, student representatives (Dec 20th, 2015)

If you know of other shared work spaces in Montana please list them here so others will
know. Posting articles and events is a great way to promote your company or organization. MATR
welcomes articles, events, job openings, resumes, comments and company listings from registered
members (also free) After you've registered at , just go to the
upper right hand side of the home page to "My Account".
— Russ

Referring to article: Shared work spaces a growing trend in Bozeman, Montana (Dec 18th, 2015)

I am so sorry that Montana has lost Cooper. What an amazing inspirational friend and colleague. My
heart goes out to his family and friends.
— Gloria O'Rourke

Referring to article: Cooper Livingston Burchenal 1964-2015 - He was a Montana gentleman in the truest sense of the word. (Dec 15th, 2015)

California just made history by passing legislation to increase the amount of renewable resources
powering that state to 50% by 2030. So why is NorthWestern Energy?s CEO Bob Rowe lamenting that
America?s (EPA) Clean Power Plan is a ?steep cliff?? It requires Montana to reduce CO2 levels from
fossil fuel power generation 47% by 2030. NorthWestern already produces ?nearly 60 percent? of its
power from ?carbon free? wind and hydroelectric generators. Therefore, it shouldn?t be difficult to
reduce the remaining 40% of fossil fuel generated power by half. It would only require a 20%
increase in fossil fuel free electric generation over the next 15 years. Since NorthWestern recently
increased the amount of wind generated electrons on its system by 15%, an additional 20% will only
require 3 to 5 Judith Gap sized windfarms. To contend otherwise, Rowe must ignore the fact that it
wasn?t difficult for Californians to install 4.3 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic electric generation
in 2014. That?s a whole lot more than the 2.3 gigawatts of existing coal-fired generation at
Colstrip. Power Plan compliance is only a ?steep cliff? for monopolies watching consumer-owned solar
systems shrink their share of the energy pie. is proposing a 2016 ballot initiative
requiring the power sold by investor-owned utilities to be 50% renewable by 2030 and 80% fossil fuel
free by 2050. It?s doable. Uruguay, with three times more people than Montana, added wind power
after 2005. Now renewable sources produce 94.5% of its electricity. It?s helped the economy there.
Rowe rightly praises the NorthWestern workforce. But NorthWestern?s resistance to change will not
shield those workers from the transition to renewable energy. Why? Because, clean electricity
production or requirements in California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, both Dakotas,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Kansas, Minnesota and 10 eastern states already exceed the 15% of renewable energy
produced in Montana. Therefore, in order to export coal-fired electrons from Colstrip, Hardin, and
Sidney, utilities are going to have to put many more green electrons in the mix. Demand for coal is
decreasing. LA and the State Utility of Nevada plan to be coal-free by 2025. Denver will decrease
its carbon footprint by 80% by 2050. That will decrease Montana?s fossil fuel workforce. It?s why
the MTCARES ballot proposal makes transitioning to clean energy easier for workers affected by
decreased coal use. It provides training, pension, and enhanced unemployment benefits for those
displaced workers, improving their ability to get good jobs in the wind and solar economy. Rowe
brags NorthWestern invested more than $1 billion in clean energy. Well $870 million of it was to
buy-back dams that Montana consumers had already paid for before they were sold during deregulation.
Instead of being sold to benefit company insiders, the dams should have been kept as depreciated,
but still useful, assets providing mostly free electrons to utility consumers. The sale-buyback
means Montanans now have to pay for those dams yet again, hardly something to celebrate. The
transactions did not introduce any clean electrons to the generation mix that were not already being
produced for a century. They just meant the utility scheme of selling property back and forth in
order to inflate the rate base had just seen another round of monopoly manipulation. The
conservation Mr. Rowe celebrates? Not enough. For years we?ve urged NorthWestern to install energy
efficient LEDs to halve the energy component of its street lighting bill for Montana?s communities.
It wasn?t difficult for LA to install 140,000 LEDs -- saving $8.5 million a year. Apparently it?s a
?steep cliff? for NorthWestern to reduce energy used for nighttime lighting by 50%. Russ Doty A
Montana native who is licensed to practice law here, Mr. Doty has written a book, Poles Apart, on
Montana utility regulation and was an Assistant Attorney General representing the Montana Public
Service Commission. He lives in Greeley, Colorado.
— Russ Doty

Referring to article: NorthWestern Energy acts to inform and protect customers (Nov 29th, 2015)

I feel so privileged to have known Cooper and benefit from his friendship,wisdom and kindness.
Not mentioned in the above is the fact that he was also a very successful businessman as
Co-Founder and CEO of Omnibar , a wonderful Ambassador for
Montana and a strong supporter of the best of Montana. He will be missed.
— Russ

Referring to article: Cooper Livingston Burchenal 1964-2015 - He was a Montana gentleman in the truest sense of the word. (Dec 15th, 2015)

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