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Let's Improve Missoula's Reserve Street

October 4, 2018View for printing

We have 66 co-signers so far in just over a day for the following email going to Missoula Development Services on Monday. Today, please provide any additional names of supporters (neighbors, family, friends, and colleagues) to be included as co-signers: ... 31669550067

--- 10/8/18

Dear Missoula Development Services, In response to your September 28th email (regarding an additional City annexation), and your request for comment, please consider this important input from many citizens as co-signed below. We realize the City of Missoula is seeking to annex various sections around Missoula. We also are interested in seeing Missoula continue to grow in desirable ways. As such, please provide us with an overview of improvements planned for transportation infrastructure related to projected development.

We're specifically interested in seeing major improvements planned for Reserve St. to accommodate (the anticipated) additional traffic flows associated with regional growth. We're excited to see new projects like the one you've outlined below which help fuel Missoula's economic growth.

However, it's critical that our transportation infrastructure keeps pace with development. Planned projects spanning from the Scott St. bridge west to the airport and south to Linda Vista will likely be feeding additional traffic to Reserve St., Missoula's busiest (and most dangerous, to many) arterial. Many of us long-time Missoula City and County citizens have written and voiced to Montana Department of Transportation and others for the need of a long-range plan for the Reserve St. corridor.

We are concerned, as most of you are, about the disconcerting crash data (high crash rates and crash counts), along with excessive congestion, we see on Reserve St. year after year. Unfortunately, we still don't see a plan to address our overburdened Reserve St. and we're eager to assist in this effort. Thank you for considering this input from many of us as co-signed below, and we look forward to a response and a plan soon.

Respectfully yours,

Kevin Davis Admin. for Facebook Page "Let's Improve Missoula's Reserve St."


Mae Nan Ellingson

Kim Birck

Wendell Beardsley

Karen Sippy

Will Johnson

Larry Stayner

Kristin Stayner

Grace Stayner

Brooke Stayner

Katie Stayner

Jared Losing

Burt Caldwell

Dan Ermatinger

David Cotner

Carolyn Davis

Emma Davis

Parker Davis

Darren Bayer

Jim Gray

Art Hightower

Tom Wozniak

Pam Cooper

Kevin Noland

Burke Tyree

Cal Fuss

Russ Fletcher

Heidi MacDonald

Tabitha Larsen

Tyler Gernant

Shannon Flanagan

Caleb Colwell

William "Joe" Maesar

Regina Maesar

Pari LeCoure

Barney Jette

Kristy Tripp

Ben Tripp

Gayanna Magcosta

Chris McEnaney

Rob Fleming

Tom Winter

Carla Anderson

Joe Hertig

Chris Bosshardt

Ryan Palma

William H. Clarke

Constance Gelvin

Clark Tower

Chris Siegler

Andy Shirtliff

Larry Vervick

Geoff Birnbaum

Jason Suchecki

Marcy Allen

Andy Morris

Julie Lynch

Michael Lynch

Scot Colwell

Shelly Colwell

Elisa Colwell

Rebecca Colwell

Kathy Usher

Linda Shakespeare

Marcy Allen

Jayme Branson

Nick McKethen ... 31669550067
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