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What Happens If Parking Structures Become Obsolete? Design parking garages so they can easily become housing

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August 6, 2018View for printing

As a future where there are vastly fewer cars becomes possible, we should consider future-proofing new parking lots to make sure they can easily transition into other uses once they're no longer needed.

By Megan Ridgeway ... ome-housing

Reader Comments:

There are so many other considerations that need to be taken into account such as services needed for housing, particularly plumbing (water and sewer), etc. Rather than build these concrete structures, it would make more sense to build robotic parking which is less harmful to the environment, preserves the architect's design flexibility for a housing conversion (because the parking can be disassembled and leave a developable lot) and creates more convenience to the user.

Conventional parking structures are still going to embody concrete ramps that will wastefully consume space and building materials. Flat floor plates is low-hanging fruit on a dying tree.

Geoff Badenoch

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