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What Will Montana Do? Let's Be Blunt, Internet Sales Taxes Are Economy-Sapping Domestic Tariffs

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July 23, 2018View for printing

Just curious, but if a Washington, D.C. resident buys a pack of cigarettes in Arlington, VA, should this person pay a sales tax to the District of Columbia? Figure that cigarettes cost roughly $5.25/pack in Virginia versus $7.99 in D.C. Arlington retailers have a significant tax advantage over merchants in the District, so to "level the playing field" shouldn't D.C. residents hand over the difference in taxes? The tax will ensure that Washington residents don't cross the bridge in order to get a better deal, and in the process imperil Capitol-based businesses.

It all sounds right, doesn't it? If businesses in low-tax areas exploit the tax difference, Washington's retailers could be in a world of hurt, as will be its tax base.

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Op-ed: The scary consequences of collecting internet sales tax

Small entrepreneurs like me are disappointed and nervous after a Supreme Court ruling struck down a long-standing tax principle, which leaves a lot of uncertainty that could pose a danger to my business and to my employees.

By Mac Griffiths ... es-tax.html


Law to stall internet sales tax

States or other taxing entities trying to collect sales taxes for internet purchases through New Hampshire will have a tough time, pending adoption of the proposed law up for consideration at Wednesday's special legislative session.

"We're going to make it as difficult as hell for any entity to force us to collect taxes on their behalf," said state Rep. Richard Hinch, R-Merrimack.

Damien Fisher ... -sales-tax/


A Supreme Court Ruling on Internet Sales Tax Is 'Absolutely Hair Raising' for Small Businesses


Gov. Unveils Plan to Fight Tax Ruling

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What are your thoughts on this tax issue for Montana?

Please contact Gov. Bullock and your local representatives and let them know.


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