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Why the U.S. Needs to Embrace Private Sector Involvement in Infrastructure

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June 12, 2018View for printing

The United States could learn a great deal about infrastructure finance from Australia, which has paved the way for public-private partnerships in that domain, writes Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett in this opinion piece. ... astructure/

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The advent of subscription alternative energy autonomous vehicles including flying versions, energy generating roadways to replace the grid, IOT, decreased travel due to VR, online shopping and 3-D printing options are all going to massively change the environment we live in.

Government bureaucracy takes 10-15 years to get a project started. The need to quick adoption of these technologies and the changes that will be available to our streets, buildings and communities must be much more responsive. We will spend billions on unnecessary projects and fail to realize the massive beneifts offered if the current process is continued.

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