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In the future, college never really ends

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June 6, 2018View for printing

In the Future of Work, robots are supposed to wipe out tons of jobs, create a bunch of new ones or deliver some combination of both. Economists predict any of these scenarios will force the average worker to do practically the same thing throughout their careers: keep learning and learning and learning.

Some colleges in the United States are already preparing for this age of perpetual education, including the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. The Ann Arbor school launched a scholarship program that pays for graduates to take classes there forever, and the number of students is slowly growing.

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Reader Comments:

People ask me what the MATR motto - "The State with the Best Education" means.

It's what you would expect of a state that we have an outstanding K - 12 and college education system that provides the very best opportunities and challenges available to our future leaders.

But it goes way beyond this to include pre-natal to pre-K education that includes not only the primary child but also education of the parents and, by way of inclusion, their other children in the family.

It also includes a goal of life-long learning for everyone with a state supported focus on making this a cornerstone of our social and economic development programs. Technology is going to rapidly change our way of life including everything from transportation, energy, and communications to what we view and reward as work.

Montana can easily stand out from the other states by focusing on education as our future. All it takes is leadership and

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