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Lots of Lobbies and Zero Zombies: How Self-Driving Cars Will Reshape Cities

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May 21, 2018View for printing

You don't look for the essence of a city in its monuments or its museums. You look for it in its streets, where the covenant at the core of urban life--the sharing of space--plays out.

For the past century, the personal car has dominated that arena, shaping the streets and environments around it. Roads are straight and wide for faster travel; intersections are regulated to protect distracted humans; businesses are located near open spaces for better parking. But as cars start to drive themselves, we have some ideas for how urban planners of the future might reimagine those outdated layouts--and transform the city into a joyful mess of throughways and byways optimized not for cars but for people.

Aarian Marshall and Alex Davies

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Keep swinging,friend. The article talks about "urban planners of the future" but as the Firesign Theater reminded us, "the future is NOW!" The planners of today need to plan to plan for the future. Starting this conversation is one way...

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