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Cop Slaps GM Cruise Self-Driving Car With Ticket

Reader Comments

April 3, 2018View for printing

Even self-driving cars are not immune from the long arm of the law.

In San Francisco this week, a city police officer issued a ticket to an autonomous GM Cruise vehicle for failure to yield to a pedestrian. Specifically, the self-driving vehicle got too close to a person walking in a crosswalk before it stopped, according to a local CBS news report.

Cruise is disputing the ticket.

by Scott Ferguson ... _id=741896&

Reader Comments:

I just spent a few weeks living in downtown San Francisco where I used to live 20 years ago. I witnessed large numbers of homeless people roaming the streets in the Market/Mission area running from the bay to well into the heart of the city.

I saw small groups of people selling drugs and others sitting in small groups around the BART station entrances openly cooking drugs and shooting up within feet of police officers standing around.

Beyond that I saw traffic violations by many many vehicles that have to try to navigate the sea of humanity crossing the streets both in walkways and outside of them.

This doesn't even count the accepted way of starting to cross an intersection when there was a red hand in the traffic signal indicating that the light was going to change in a few seconds and holding up cars trying to turn until cars from the other direction were also in the intersection thus creating unnecessary congestion, honking horns and frustration.

I believe the San Francisco police have a duty to its citizens to help make the downtown a much safer and cleaner place.

Ticketing an autonomous vehicle for a highly questionable infraction is not what the people of San Francisco deserve.

Get your act together San Francisco!

The joy and beauty that is the City by the Bay is becoming a much less attractive place for people to live and visit.

Here's an editorial from 2016 in the Chronicle:

A civic disgrace

The reduction of homelessness to the extent humanly possible must be San Francisco?s No. 1 priority.

EDITORIAL ... c-disgrace/


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