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Parking lots: Why autonomous cars could save acres of space

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March 29, 2018View for printing

Autonomous cars could prove to be splendid news for parking, according to new research from the University of Toronto.

Because self-driving cars can park themselves, you can get out beforehand. Since you don't need to open the door once parked you can cram many more cars in. But according to the researchers, if autonomous cars work together, even more space can be saved - though perhaps not surprisingly there's a trade-off to think about too...

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Reader Comments:

Unfortunately the author fails to see that we will not own individual cars in the very near future.

We will subscribe to a service which will be accessible through our phone to call a car. It won't be an individual car but the closest one. This will remove the problem of stacking and increased traffic that the author sees with calling a specific car.

The end of "carcatecture" is near and our city planners need to start re-designing our transportation infrastructure now.

Carmakers consider subscriptions instead of ownership

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