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Oakland automated garage seeks to cut parking's environmental impact

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March 7, 2018View for printing

A garage billed as Northern California's first fully automated parking structure has opened in Oakland. People drive up, drop off the car and walk away. A machine lifts the car to one of the 39 spaces in the seven-level structure.

By Kate Galbraith ... =sfc_biztek

Reader Comments:

Looking simply at cost per space, this number is still a bit higher than what we would find in Missoula. However, there are other considerations. First, because it uses less space than a concrete structure, mechanical parking reserves developable space for the developer to make income from while satisfying parking demands. Second, the method of parking saves costs--the facility can be operated by electricity generated from solar panels. Third, when and if the structure becomes outmoded or no longer needed, it can be disassembled and re-used or recycled much more readily and more cheaply than a concrete structure. Fourth, cars are less likely to be damaged because once the driver leaves them, there is no chance of a collision, dent, scratch, break-in, car-jacking or other liabilities.

So, like most things, life cycle costs have to be considered when calculating benefits.

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