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Life-extending protein could keep us healthier for longer

January 30, 2018View for printing

Everybody wants to live longer, but really, what's the point of reaching your 120th birthday if your last 50 years will be spent in pain and too infirm to do much? Rather than focusing purely on a longer lifespan, it's a better use of scientists' time to improve our "healthspan" - the amount of time we can enjoy good health. A new study from Brown University has linked the protein Sirt4 with an extended healthy lifespan in fruit flies, and the find may carry across to humans.

Sirtuin proteins are involved in metabolic processes, and have been associated with aging and age-related diseases. To study their effect, and how they could be manipulated to grant longer and healthier lives, the Brown researchers turned to fruit flies, a common animal model for metabolism studies.

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