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Nasty Microsoft Word 'Booby Trap' Loaded PCs With Malware

April 16, 2017View for printing

It feels like all weeks in security news are overstuffed lately, and this one's no exception. It started with a bang, or more of a blare, as all of Dallas's dozens of tornado sirens were hacked to sound off at once. And it ended with a boom, as the US dropped the Moab ('Mother of All Bombs,' colloquially), a 22,600 pound bomb, for the first time. And plenty happened in between, too!

The FBI took down a Russian spam king and his massive botnet, so your inbox might have felt a little lighter this week. We talked to one of the best car hackers in the world about how hard it is (very) to secure autonomous taxis. We took a look at the bleak world of content moderation training. And just when you thought the Shadow Brokers were done, they dropped a mess of NSA secrets that show Microsoft vulnerabilities and the hacking of Middle Eastern bank systems.

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