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This Man Makes Founders Cry

March 4, 2017View for printing

Jerry Colonna helps CEOs make money by making peace with their demons.

Jessi Hempel

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Many thanks to Brad Feld for bringing this article to our attention and for adding these comments:

There are many choice quotes in the article, but to give you a taste, here are a few.

"Jerry?" he responds. "That guy saved my life." - Bart Lorang, FullContact CEO

"There was this moment where you admitted to each other that you were working with him. It's not an official thing, but there is this almost secret society of people who've been coached by Jerry." - Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO

"Campbell had a testosterone-infused Silicon Valley kind of model. Jerry's model is more Buddhism and less football." - Fred Wilson, USV partner

"There are a lot of people you can go to who will teach you to be a better manager. Jerry understands the psychology of leadership." - Alexander Ljung, Soundcloud CEO

"Until we make the unconscious conscious, we will be dictated by it and call it fate." - Jerry quoting Jung

"The Reboot team possesses an otherworldly talent for coaxing authenticity and truth out of people. They can even coax truths out of people who, like myself, have been lying to themselves for years." - Jacob Chapman Gelt VC partner

"Life sucks and it's okay. Life is great, and it's okay. Life goes up and it's okay; life goes down and it's okay. If we can instill a sense of resilience in people, we mitigate suffering." - Jerry

Go read the entire article on Jerry. And, if you want more, go listen to the Reboot podcast

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