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Bill by Rep. Barry Usher would ban bicyclists from most 2-lane roads in Montana

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January 20, 2017View for printing

Bicyclists from around the state are rallying against a proposed bill that would ban bicyclists and pedestrians from using virtually every two-lane road in the state that doesn't have a paved shoulder.

Kristi Drake, director of Billings TrailNet, said her first thought was not to worry about the proposal because it seemed to have so little chance of passing.

After giving it more thought, however, she concluded, "Stranger things have happened with our Legislature. We'd better pay attention to it."

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By: Ed Kemmick

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Reader Comments:

This is so incredibly naive about Montana's economy.

"...bicycle tourism across the state had an economic impact of $377 million in 2014, as estimated by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research at the University of Montana."

?seems very ridiculous when you start thinking about it.? is a gentle way to describe this completely wrong proposal.

I hope everyone can let Rep. Usher know that there are many more important things that he and his fellow legislators should be considering.

Just amazing...and a terrible message sent to the thousands of tourists who come here to ride their bikes through Montana's beauty let alone those Montanan's who ride.

Bicycle riders have the same right to our public roadways as everyone else.

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