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Montana Senate Republicans: Finance roads with pre-school education dollars

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December 17, 2016View for printing

Montana Senate Republicans want to cut Gov. Steve Bullock's funding for early childhood education and divert the money to the Department of Transportation to help the department leverage federal dollars for road construction projects.

Lee Newspapers reported last week that the department is looking at delaying $144.5 million in road projects across the state. About $130 million of the money that would have paid for those projects comes from federal sources that would have matched $14.5 million in state funding.

Bullock's budget director on Friday pushed back, saying the fix won't work, and even if it did, it's a temporary solution to a long-term problem.

Holly Michels

({Please be sure to read the comments made to this article as an example of why education is so important to our future)

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Reader Comments:

I hope the extensive research that is provided in this post will be shared by all legislators who are discussing this terrible solution to the infrastructure funding challenge.

The question is whether we spend money for a short term solution to a problem that may not exist in a few years thanks to autonomous transportation (this is going to enable the most rapid change to our society ever imagined) ... p;cat_id=19 or provide the best education possible for the future generations of Montana.

We must not continue to rob Montana's future.

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