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Missoula passes tougher cellphone ban while driving

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April 26, 2016View for printing

The Missoula City Council on Monday night expanded a standing ban on using cellphones while operating a motor vehicle, including motorcycles and bicycles.

While texting or talking on a phone while driving has been illegal in the city for the past four years, using a cellphone or electronic device in any capacity is now against the law unless it's hands free.


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Reader Comments:

While I totally agree with the law against texting while driving. It's the talking while driving I don't understand. What exactly is illegal about it? You're holding the phone with one hand, up to your ear, while driving with another hand and still looking ahead of you. This is no more distracting than eating in the car while driving, no more distracting than talking to friends while driving, no more distracting than dealing with children in the back seat. But yet, for some reason, because the state found it hard to even catch texters, they threw "talking while driving" in this law. There are so many other things that should be illegal while driving instead of "talking on the phone." Next time I see a cop, I'm going to hold my hand up to my head, and drive with one hand, as if I had a cell phone in my hand.

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