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Why journaling can boost your career (and startup) for 2016

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January 19, 2016View for printing

Journaling can be a great way to help grow your career by connecting your thoughts with actions. Most changes in life - especially the ones unexpected such as a job loss - can clutter your mind with decisions, and putting your thoughts down on paper can be a big breakthrough.

By Kim Thompson

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It's not good enough to say you're going to write in your journal every day. You need to set aside a specific time each day where you're going to spend 10 minutes writing down the major decisions you made and why you made them.

You'll start seeing patterns and tendencies that you may not be aware of. Those who fully embrace the process will see areas for improvement and areas where just a bit more attention will have positive results.

That being said, it's as important to regularly review the journal every couple of weeks. Just writing it down is only half of the process.

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