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Working at Home: In Most Places, the Big Alternative to Big Cities for Montana Residents

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May 30, 2015View for printing

With continuing improvements in technology, and higher acceptance among companies and government agencies, working at home seems likely to continue its growth in the coming decades.

Working at home, much of it telecommuting, has replaced transit as the principal commuting alternative to the automobile in the United States outside New York. In the balance of the nation, there are more than 1.25 commuters who work at home for each commuter using transit to travel to work, according to data in the American Community Survey for 2013 (one year). When the other six largest transit metropolitan areas are included (Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and San Francisco), twice as many people commute by working at home than by transit.

Overall, working at home leads transit in 37 of the 52 major metropolitan areas (over 1 million population in 2013).

by Wendell Cox

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Don't limit your career search to your community. Telecommuting and working for companies with offices in other communities is becoming easier and much more accepted.

Just search for terms like working remote and telecommuting.

You can easily live in Montana and still have a challenging and rewarding career with a major company.

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