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David Rose: The Internet Of Things Sponsored By TicketRiver, 6/3, Bozeman, Montana

June 1, 2015View for printing

David will speak about the Internet of Things at the Emerson Ballroom in Bozeman on June 3 from 6pm - 8pm.

FREE Event, but seating is limited

First 50 guests will receive a free copy of David's book, Enchanted Objects

Wine and beer bar

About David

David Rose is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and instructor at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on making the physical environment an interface to digital information. David is the CEO at Ditto Labs an image-recognition software platform which scours social media photos to find brands and products. His new book, Enchanted Objects, focuses on the future of the internet of things, and how these technologies will impact the ways we live and work. Prior to Ditto, David founded and was CEO at Vitality, a company that reinvented medication packaging now distributed by CVS, Walgreens, and Express Scripts. He founded Ambient Devices, which pioneered glanceable technology: embedding internet information in everyday objects like lamps, mirrors, and umbrellas. David holds patents for photo sharing, interactive TV, ambient information displays, and medical devices. His work has been featured at the MoMA, covered in The New York Times, WIRED, The Economist, and parodied on the Colbert Report.

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Review of David Rose's book Enchanted Objects

I learned about MIT instructor and serial entrepreneur David Rose’s book Enchanted Objects when I saw the author interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last fall. Charismatic, scary smart and clearly enthusiastic about his subject, Rose presented a compelling case for a future where the Internet of Things is delivered on more media than just the growingly ubiquitous individual handheld device.

I ordered a copy of the book without delay the old fashioned way - through my local bookstore, but it sat on my "to read" pile for far too long.

I was a bit intimidated by the subject. You see, I am not known as an early adopter of technology. My adult children are openly embarrassed when I break out my flip phone in their presence and my co-workers would almost certainly put me near the bottom of the list when it comes to technological competence.

Still, I was inspired by Rose's enthusiasm and interested in the subject.

So I parked my insecurity, cracked open the book and hoped for the best. I am sure glad I did.

Rose is as compelling a writer as he was in his interview with Stewart. From the opening pages, Rose delivers a fascinating vision of a future filled with what he calls Enchanted Objects.

Rose manages to express in a cohesive way, for me, the concern that many of us share as we walk down the street, sit in a meeting or at a restaurant and watch what seems like too many people leaving a shared experience to have an individual experience with a handheld device. To Rose's credit, he does not bemoan the technology that makes that kind of interactional change possible, but suggests a redirection of technological implementation in a way that encourages shared experiences and uses technology to enhance our sense of community.

And he's put his money where his mouth is. The Enchanted Objects Rose describes in his book are not dreams of innovations that might someday be possible, but in most cases are items Rose and others have actually developed.

Full Review (You'll need to scroll down a bit to find Doug's review): ... nonfiction/

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