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Open Data Visualization Tool Challenges Traditional GIS

Reader Comments

December 12, 2014View for printing

Data can and should change everyone's approach to project management

Government has a data problem.

by Colin Wood

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Reader Comments:

I know Luis and was working with him in Seattle prior to my move back to Montana. It's a compelling tool and, as far as challenging traditional GIS, I think the proof is in the pudding as they say. People love this tool and are adopting it. In other words, it serves a need (intutive access to a treasure trove of location data) that isn't being met by more "traditional" GIS vendors. Quote of note for me, "City lawyers were also worried about their relationship with existing vendors like Esri and Microsoft, he said." Not surprising, Esri requires their ELA customers to name their platform "the standard" and this tool is built on Google Earth. I don't know the Microsoft side of that one.

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