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Montana lawmakers look at consumer-data proposal

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March 13, 2013View for printing

A House panel heard a bill Tuesday that would require companies to divulge the personal information they glean from consumers and to which entities they sell the information.

House Bill 572 ... ENTY_ID_SEQ= would give consumers the option to request the personal information an entity has collected about them. Rep. Bryce Bennett, D- Missoula ... AWSID=13032 , told the House Business and Labor Committee the data collected by companies belongs to the consumers.

"The reality is ... there are these big companies that are doing this. They openly admit to doing this," Bennett said. "They are taking our data and selling it."

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Reader Comments:

It's not only large companies... It's also the State of Montana.

This is a statement that I found when I put in my request for hunting permits yesterday:

" Fish, Wildlife & Parks receives requests for mailing lists.

Do you want your name included on lists provided by FWP to requestors?

Please note: Even if you choose no, under state law the department is required to allow individuals who wish to compile their own mailing list access to department records including your name, address, gender, residency status, license type, district applied for and whether you were successful.

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